together is all we need

dangan ronpa
— hagakawa (hagakure yasuhiro & fukawa touko)
— rated g 
this is dedicated to fukawa touko & ultimateauthor
summary ; when her old classmates bring her to the beach for her birthday, she thinks that they are just using her, but hagakure more or less opens her eyes to how much happiness and love she deserves, and how much happiness can be shared among all of them together.

excerpt ;

 “th,they’re using m,my birthday a,as an e,excuse to visit th,the beach,” she says, looking out at everyone as they trample through the water. the asahina siblings with the help of komaru are pulling togami deep into the waves as celes and kirigiri stand underneath respective parasols and talk leisurely with big sunglasses hanging on their noses. vacationing for spring had been a smart move for all of them because they needed the break from all the cold, desolate weather. it brought them all back together after leaving hope’s peak.

next to her, but in the sunlight, hagakure laughs heartily. by now, she knows that he’s not laughing at her words or her worries, but she still bites down on her lip until he starts talking. “ya know that’s not true! komaru and makoto even baked ya a cake! sonia coordinated this whole thing! everyone is celebrating your existence,” he tips his head back and water runs down into the sand lazily, “the holy spirit knows that that’s reason enough for celebration.” his words are spoken to the sun in a whisper, but fukawa still catches them.

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