drunkflower asked:


the pineapple smoothie, cold in my hands, tasted sweet like summer. my feet were buried deep within the sand, and i fell in love with every other person i saw. the girl with the dragon tattoo, the guy who smiled every time he looked at the ocean, the person who took pictures of the empty, blue sky. i couldn’t help myself, to do anything but love strangers and drink my sweet pineapple smoothie. i sat there till the sun set, always too shy to tell anyone how deeply i admired their existence, and soon the beach was empty. the waves crashed softer, only now & then did i see a person walk past, and they were always silent, always distant, always a ghost. and i realized, then, that all along i had been in love with not those beautiful people, not the deep blue ocean waves or bright blue empty sky, but with life itself. and everything that came with it.

Your Waves Around Me

Waves of the sea I have watched you from afar,
I have hunted along your lines,
watching you rise,
watching you fall.
I have stood in your tides,
tempting your pull.
I am no ship, no buoy, no silly happy fucking floating girl-

I am an anchor in anticipation,
awaiting my fate
in the depths of your world.

Waves of the sea, you carry me in swells.
I am not afraid of drowning,
I am afraid of the shore.
Some days you are crystal clear, and I can see whats beneath.
Some days you are colder than cold,
dark choppy blues,
deeper than deep.

Waves of the sea, you carry me in your reach.
Your icy fingers my home,
your sparkling surface my dreams.

—  everything