Protect your past and future investments from the evil Ganon with the help of the Hero of Time! Features cash pocket and 4 card pockets with enough wiggle room to fit more than one card per pocket.

Wallet dimensions: 8 inches wide

3 ½ inches tall

Available on Etsy for $10 

Legend of Zelda is owned by Nintendo, please support them by purchasing the game and other official merchandise.

Won’t be any knew designs for a little while as our printer has decided to clog itself up with ink. OTL We bought solution to try and fix it but so far nothing has worked. 

This really comes at a bad time because I was so close to finishing our Attack on Titan design. We’ll have to explore Copy Max and Kinkos as options but for now it’s going to be a little while before anything new goes up.

Once we can start rolling out new things though, we plan to start making eyeglass cases as well as the wallets with a “One True Pairing” theme where you’ll be able to pick from premade characters to decide who goes on which side. Still have to make a test product for that, but hopefully we’ll be able to provide those in the future.

Deekery will be on vacation from the 25th to the 30th in order to attend Anime Weekend Atlanta. I wish we had a booth to sell wallets during the convention but having all of our merchandise be fanart is against their rules. :P Maybe next year we’ll get some original pieces in their.

Once we return expect to see Attack on Titan wallets coming up relatively soon after that as well as Free! Iwatobi Swim Club! Oh yeah, and Majora’s Mask and Windwaker wallets are planned as well.

Feel free to purchase wallets up until the 25th!

No new designs just yet but we’re opening up options for a commission wallet with personalized art if anyone is interested.

* Please message before placing your order. Dependent on your preferences a higher/lower priced custom listing may be required*

This listing is for a custom 8 inch by 3 ½ inch duct tape wallet with one cash pocket and four card pockets. This commission offers custom images on the outside, inside cash pocket and two card pockets.
If wished, a combination of these pockets may be left blank and will lower the price a few dollars.

We are willing to draw fanart of books/movies/tv/anime/video game characters as well as original characters. It is preferred that reference materials (images/text descriptions) are offered in your message along with your ideas for the art. 

18+ artwork will be considered but we retain the right to refuse a request that makes us uncomfortable. 

Currently a black binding is the only available option. If you have a wish for another color please ask, though the price of your wallet must be raised a few dollars to offset the cost of purchasing further supplies.

Once your message has been received and ok'ed, and your order placed we will begin on the wallet.
You will be consulted upon each stage of the process (Sketch, Ink, Color, Assembly), and as needed as questions arise. We will not ship the item until we are sure that you are happy with the result.

This process is estimated at taking two weeks though times will vary. We will keep in contact to ensure you understand the cause for any delays.

One of the projects from our sneak peek awhile back. These are prototypes for drawstring pouches to be used for any number of things.

They’re just made from some leftover materials I had lying around, you certainly won’t get old shoelaces for string when it actually comes time to sell them, but one more prototype and I think they’ll be finalized for selling.

Any characters that you would like to see for these pouches?

Deekery New Years Resolution

Create a new wallet design every two weeks.

I’m serious here, this is what we want to do, please pester us if we don’t stick to it and please make any suggestions for wallets YOU would like to see in our Ask box. It would help to know what people are interested in so it’s not just stuff that we like. XD

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!