Deedlit WIP

Here’s a screenshot of an-almost-done-but-not-quote fanart piece of the most twee elf lady in Record of Loddoss War: Deedlit!  I just felt moved to paint her dancing in the sun in a sylvan glade <3  I’ll hopefully finish this tomorrow or sometime this weekend.


Yay, some new cosplay stuff. ^.^
My new Deedlit costume I’ve worn last weekend at Animuc 2014 in Fürstenfeldbruck, Bavaria, Germany.
You can also see my beautiful companion Isadora as a stunning Shiris. We will both wear these costumes again tomorrow at Hanami 2014 in Ludigshafen (Germany). ^.^ This will be great. Credits go to the following people:

Shiris: Isadora

Photos by: MissTakashi

Light (ninja) by: Sikard


Peguera - Mallorca


I’m back! *waves*

My one week of Mediterranean vacation is already over again. I could have easily stayed another couple of weeks, though (like every other time on vacation) :D

Most of the time the sis and I were just lazing about the beach, enjoying the sun and going for a swim. All in all we had a very good time and a super relaxing week.

I have a couple of days of leave left and then it’s back to work…

tbh tho if Dio has been alive for like 120-something years, I would not care if he sucked out every blood cell out of my body and left me as a shriveled-ass human raisin on the floor as long as I got that good dick experience bc that man is hot as fuck and that dick game has to be hella on point after all those years


@Pharrell for @gstarraw_official #rawforoceans event. #deedoes #nyfw #hyperlapse by whatdeesees