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lily trying to seduce james when he has a test to revise for/essay to finish

So I got this prompt like 3 months ago but a) I’ve never written something overly explicit and b) I’m forgetful af and c) today is the limes network’s battle and I thought I’d use this to contribute to the happy side. Hope you like it (it’s not very nsfw)!

The thingabout NEWT level Arithmancy was that it was hard. Really, really hard. James had been regretting his decision to carry on with the godforsaken subject ever since the beginning of the year, and with the additional pressure of being Head Boy, the fact that this was his last year to get the Quidditch Cup and the war brewing just outside Hogwarts’ doors, James really couldn’t be bothered with his homework.

And yet. His father – upon his deathbed, mind you – had made him promise to continue to work hard, not to lose hope just because one of two of his parents were gone. He has to set an example, doesn’t he? James needs these grades for a job.

So he struggles on, hoping against hope that the seemingly ever-growing pile of questions in front of him will diminish. It doesn’t, of course. Although a Vanishing Charm may be one flick of his wand away, he doesn’t reckon that would go over very well with his professor.

He’s been working through it methodically for a brief twenty minutes or so when Lily appears in the doorway.

The Heads’ office is a sort of safe haven for the two of them, away from the perpetual racket in the rest of the school. It’s a place for work, but also for the two of them to just be.

It’s supposed to be peaceful, anyway. Which is exactly why James is so surprised when Lily enters with the top two buttons of her white shirt undone, robes and jumper nowhere to be seen and skirt considerably shorter than usual. His eyes glance over the line that her thigh-high socks draw on her knees, skims up to the exposed skin at her neck and chest, and he wonders what exactly she’s up to.

“Who’ve you been snogging?” he teases, hand flying into his hair as it always does when he’s flirting with her, or trying to. Hers is wavier than usual, almost deliberately dishevelled, as if she knows exactly where the princess curls that rest on the tops of her breasts are sending his mind. (Straight down the gutter, if that wasn’t clear enough.)

She grins toothily; walks towards his place on the sofa. James swears that her hips are swaying more than usual. “No one but you, of course.”

“Good answer, Evans,” he says, staring at the way the dark eyeliner that rims her eyes makes them smoulder, before he catches sight of his quill. James groans.

“What?” she asks, perching beside him. He speculates idly over whether or not she’s deliberately brushing her leg against his.

“I’ve got a fucking mountain of –“

“Let me guess, Arithmancy?”

As James’ close friend of at least a year and girlfriend of five months, Lily is well aware of his unfortunate situation when it comes to the dreaded subject.

“How in Merlin’s name did you guess?” he deadpans, pulling slightly on his hair as if it will make him concentrate.

“Can I help?”

He shows her the question he’s stuck on, to which she winces. Having had the foresight not to take Arithmancy (it was apparently too similar to her least favourite subject at Muggle primary school, Maths), Lily can’t really offer any advice to him. “Sorry, James,” she says instead, tone sympathetic. He watches her fingers curl softly around his hand, and her thumb begins to knead circles into his palm.

Before he can say a word, she leans in, going straight for his lips and pecking them softly once before peppering a string of kisses down his jaw. He holds back a groan and protests weakly, “Lily, this is due in half an hour.”

“Half an hour? When did you get it?” she murmurs the question whilst kissing the shell of his ear, a move that renders James almost speechless.

He mumbles back a sheepish, “Last Friday,” before his lips are caught between hers once more. Against his better judgement, James’ hands move to her waist, fingers bending into the dip below her ribs. He feels her hands twist around his neck and slip down to his shoulders, and he lets out a little hum as she massages the knots there.

“Has anyone,” he mutters between kisses, “Ever told you that your hands are magical?”

She smirks against his mouth and pulls away for a second to smile at him and say, “Well, I have this boyfriend who says that a lot, actually. The thing is, he’s always busy because he’s very smart and popular – not that his ego needs anymore boosting –“ James kisses the sarcastic remark off her lips, “And he works. Too. Damn. Hard.” She punctuates each word with a kiss (on his cheek, his nose, his lips) and a dig of her index fingers into his stiff back.

“I don’t think I work hard enough, really,” he considers, revelling in the way his muscles seem to relax instantly at her touch, “I should have done this ages ago, but –“

“But it was the full moon and you are a better friend than student, I know,” she rolls her eyes, “James, your teacher isn’t going to murder you if you don’t do half of your homework for one week.”

“But –“

She bites down softly on his lower lip, transforming his objection into a sigh. His eyes flicker shut of their own accord, and he takes a deep breath before kissing her, hard. His tongue curls around hers and his hands are sliding up, away from her waist to undo her third button, and maybe their teeth bump once or twice, but James could not care less.

He has a beautiful girlfriend practically sitting in his lap; she is one of his favourite people in the world. And from the way her skirt is slowly slipping further up her thighs and his breathing is already increasing in pace, it doesn’t look like they’re stopping anytime soon.

And so they don’t. James waltzes into Arithmancy exactly thirty five minutes after (he’s vaguely aware of his lateness, but the amount of effort it takes to leave Lily is far too much), with a new spring in his step and his half-finished homework stuffed messily into his open bag. The teacher barely bats an eye. Instead, she tells him to sit down, do up his tie – he hadn’t even realised that it was draped around his shoulders – and get his books out.

The professor doesn’t even ask for his homework after all that, and as James collapses into the seat next to a smirking Sirius who passes him a note, – “I assume this is Evans’ doing?” – he cannot think of a half an hour he’s spent better in his entire life.


I am so excited for Isi Dawndancer I had to draw her… I will cry if she is produced with with human legs, I really hope her character is an ungulate!!
Since only a little snipped of her face and shoulders has been leaked I didn’t have much to go off of.