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A website glitch set us back a day, but here we are at last with our March issue update!

Kosen did an amazing cover for us to go with an equally fantastic new chapter of Windrose, we’ve got the second installment of our brand-new audio drama, The Cat Lover’s Circumstances, plus things get steamy with Tokyo Demons, Kalevia's revolution comes to the fore, and Lianne Sentar and fabulous artist dee Juusan from Grey Is… bring us an amazing short story, "Shut In, Shut Out"!

Hunker down to wait out the remains of winter as you snuggle up with some awesome stories from Sparkler!


The Sparkler Team

Grey is… not a color nor a feeling
Grey is… happiness
Grey is… a memory
Grey is.. a life
you… Black
& me… White

sooooo I started reading the webcomic Grey is… yesterday and finished it today so I just kinda had to make a fanart of it, yes good.


and the idea I had for this doesn’t really show in the finished version, I think jfhfjk they’re supposed to be merged together in the middle (by the arms) and err… make some grey happen. But well, I kinda like it anyway.

And I accidentally did some color on Black WOOPS. I don’t think he wears much colored clothes but I just… yeh. kjfhfj

Until we change


Since people often ask about the tools I use, I’ll try to list the tools I use for illustrations whenever possible, with links to where I got them from. I’ll start a Tool Used tag if you want to stay up to date.


PaperChase Notebook: Kraft Square Cream
Bought it from Borders Book store in Emirates Mall - Dubai

Copic Sketch Markers: C4 + BG45

PrismaColor Markers: PM-70 Sand 
Istiklal Bookshop in Swefieh - Amman

Nib Holders and Nibs
Online || Online

Pilot Drafting Black Ink

Pental Brush Pen

Kaimei Manga Pen White Ink

EberhardFaber Kneadable Eraser
Istiklal Bookshop in Swefieh - Amman

Colored Leads on 0.7 Mechanical Pencil: Yellow + Red
Jabel Bin Tareq Bookshop in Abdoun - Amman

Uni-ball Signo White Gel Pen

The ‘Grey Is…’ crew hopes that you’ve all stayed out of trouble this weekend!

(From L to R:  Ameer, Black, White, and Lana)

'Grey Is…' is an amazing and emotional slice-of-life webcomic/manga by dee Juusan.  It has definitely made an impact on my life and the lives of many others, and I encourage everyone to check it out!  It does deal with some pretty heavy themes, but that’s what makes it so important.  If you’re interested in learning more about ‘Grey Is…’, you can…

Check out dee’s Tumblr blog

Read ‘Grey Is…’ on Tapastic

Read ’Grey Is…’ on MangaMagazine

Read ’Grey Is…’ on deviantART

There is also a bunch of ‘Grey Is…’ related artwork on deviantART

OR you can go straight to the 'Grey Is…' website to check out the extra goodies there (and of course, you can read it too! ^_^)

But remember, Tapastic and MM pay the author for page views *hint hint wink wink*



Warm-up. "Grey is…" Black and White.

Yep, posting two sketches in same time because it’s just impossible to dissociate these two. ♥

Black (the cutie with bandaid, in white) and White (guess who… X’) ) belong to Dee Juusan and come from her Webcomic, « Grey is… »

I’m really bad with words so I’ll probably mess everything up but I really love this almost bittersweet but always cheering up comic.

Black and White are two TRUE friends (no Yaoï, alleluïa…!), struggling with life and supporting each other, each one on their own way. They have strenghts and weaknesses, qualities and defaults, and that’s why they’re so human and fascinating to follow in their interior fight.The author drops the elements about their lifes little by little, so any time you feel you’re going to get them, something new let you understand that the problem is even more deeper than you thought.

Go read ! Go ! Go ! Go ! X3

Betrayed by the ones he cherished most, and after graduating from high school with a series of heart-breaks; Black left his home and lived away with a friend of his dad’s. In the greyscale life he lived, he longed for nothing but the end of his life, until a a person from the past crashes out of nowhere to re-add the contrast Black needs.

Read Grey Is…, a series by newly promoted Premium author Dee Juusan.

Genres: Drama, Psychological, Slice of Life


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There are also milestones for your to reach and be rewards. Milestones for you go as follows: 

Example, if you decide support my stories with $1 per month, after 10 months, your total support will be $10, which is your first milestone, so you’ll get a PSD file of one of the pages of Grey is…

More Milestones will be added; ones with physical goods as well.

Current Milestone:


This was my christmas gift from my brother. It came today and you don’t understand how happy this makes me. You. Don’t. Understand.

Also, if you haven’t read it, you should. You really should. ( ) Grey is… is one of the few mangas I still read and oh man, the feels, the drawing…and, the most important for me (since I consider myself more a writer than an “artist”): the writting.

Dee is a really good writer. Her style makes my heart melt. It’s like a beautiful poetry; graceful, light, a butterfly flying on a greyish fall day. It’s fluttering irregular, slow, soft. Sometimes it stops in its place, hesitating, looking around at the grass, the sky, the world. And then it continues, with the same pace but now with new energies, new ideas in its head. It’s a little dance this butterfly does; still inmature, but is polished with each sigh and grows with every flutter of it’s wings. It’s a silent waltz, a silent, emotive, grey colored waltz.


Hi Sparkler Fans!

It’s our final update for March today, and we’ve got some extra fun stuff this time around! 

First off, Studio Kosen’s comedic fantasy adventure Lettera is now officially running in Sparkler Monthly! Originally released in Spanish, with only one chapter available in translation previously, we will now be serializing the rest of the series in Sparkler, with new pages going up on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays! The complete first chapter is now up on the site, with pages from chapter 2 starting this week. It’s a hoot, so check it out. :-) 

We’ve also got a new Cherry Bomb story up—and it’s a Tokyo Demons prequel, featuring Jo’s romantic (mis)adventures! It’s free for VIP members (just make sure you’re logged in), or you can get it in our shop a la carte. 

Last but not least, we released the final pages of our latest short story, the lovely “Shut In/Shut Out” for non-members today—and a variety of e-book editions are now available for purchase!