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The Look of Love Pt. 2
  • The Look of Love Pt. 2
  • J-88 / Slum Village
  • Best Kept Secret

J-88 - The Look Of Love Pt. 2 (Best Kept Secret, 2000)

It’s like girl, I mean goodness gracious. 
Thinkin’ bout taking you back to my place and.. 
Thinkin’ bout doin some things, like relations
Where we just do it, do it, and keep doin’ it…

So lady, what’s up? Just tell me if you’re cool with this. 
I could do things you never dreamed with your clitoris. 
Lights, camera, action. Handle my business.
Don’t try to front. And what love got to do with this?

Can’t two adults have a mutual agreement?
Can’t a couple not be in love and be intimate?
I told you before, that I ain’t no gentlemen.
Don’t care what you say girl, I just ain’t settlin’.


that must have taken so much heart…
to stab your brother like that

i. hozier — angel of small death & the codeine scene  ||  ii. nancy sinatra — bang bang (my baby shot me down)  ||  iii. beyoncé (feat. andre 3000) — back to black  ||  iv. lana del ray — off to the races  ||  v. natalia kills — problem  ||  vi. amy winehouse — you know i’m no good  ||  vii. filter — happy together  ||  viii. phildel — the wolf  ||  ix. kyla la grange — vampire smile ||  x. yeah yeah yeahs — black tongue

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The Elements being far from their accustomed places, the homogeneous parts are dislocated, and this a man learns by experiment, for it is along the straight lines that they return naturally and effectively to these same places. Therefore, it will not be absurd to represent the mystery of the four Elements, in which it is possible to resolve each one into elementary form, by four straight lines running in four contrary directions from one common and indivisible point. Here you will notice particularly that the geometricians teach that a line is produced by the displacement of a point: we give notice that it must be the same here, and for a similar reason, because our elementary lines are produced by a continual cascade of droplets as a flux in the mechanism of our magic.


-          Dr. John Dee, Monas Hieroglyphica (The Hieroglyphic Monad), 1564

*lies on the ground*

*moans theatrically*

It’s going to get better, I know it is. But right now it’s incredibly draining, and I feel like a huge noob about everything. Everything is a damned trial. Even just getting lunch. I feel like my IQ dropped by fifty points in the last few months.

The good: the dude sitting next to me recognized by N7 hoodie, and we commiserated over our mutual hatred of the ending of ME3. Yay, gamers! I also spent a few minutes chatting with a guy who I worked with at the beginning of my career, way back at Buzz. He actually reassured me a lot… pointed out that a lot of the people there are way newer than us, and he said he was happy to see my name pop up in the new hires email, because he knows I know what I’m doing. In theory, I guess. I just have to figure out how to force my experience through the sieve of all these new procedures.

Just wanted to share my Senior year and VERY LAST Delta Zeta composite.

Delta Zeta has changed my life and helped me to grow so much as a woman and human being. I thank a higher power for blessing me with the opportunity to meet, befriend, and share a sisterhood with the gorgeous, courageous, STRONG women in my sorority. 

"When sisters stand shoulder to shoulder— who stands a chance against us?" -Pam Brown 

In the light of the flame,


Not sure what I’ll do with these yet, if I decide to at all, but I LOVE them. It started out as just a practice doodle of Dee Reynolds, but I colored it up and really liked how it looked.

I wanted to do an It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia mini portrait thing so I could make little circle designs for pins or stickers or postcards… so I’m not sure if it will be with this type of design or something else. But feedback on the matter is cool.

Anyway, drawing Dee is really fun—I just think she’s such a pretty subject. I kind of started making her look like Princess Peach here, then stopped because I don’t really know how that ties into anything.

Brooke Hernando, Dixxie Mae Graphics 2014.

Adventures in day two: holy shit this building is confusing (half floors), competing for microwaves with a dozen strangers, trying to figure out new microwaves without looking like a tool in front of same, thank goodness I found a fork, extra monitor still won’t work with Windows partition, and oh man my brain hurts.

Looped my key card on my belt so at least it goes where I do, brain farts notwithstanding.

Now to attempt to make the coffee machine give hot water.