Fashion is a bit different in the UK than in France, shocking. My art block wanted to try some and I indulged it a bit.


A Strong Woman With An Amazing Balance

With hard work and dedication, this woman reached perfect control of her body.


you workout day after day, weeks, months, and years pass by, everyday your body is making little changes that you can’t see right away. after a few weeks you start to notice those little changes. you start getting excited, you start getting addicted to the gym, it becomes your second home, your happy place. You have your nutrition in line, you tell friends you can’t go out because you have to go to the gym, you’re dedicated to your new lifestyle and you love it! People will tell you that you’re obsessed with working and that you are going over board by not going out to eat or going out drinking with the guys. BUT thats what dedication is, that’s what separates the average from the great! 

The steps I used to save this immobily exhausted fella from drowning in my dogs water bowl.

  1. Take them out of the water bowl.
  2. Put him on a dry surface (Outside).
  3. It was too cold outside for them to dry off, so I brought them inside and placed him on my counter top.
  4. Fed them some sugar water with a spoon.
  5. Helped blow on them to dry their wings off.
  6. Once dry, they flew away towards the light in my room.
  7. Finally, I trapped and release this cute fella right where I found them so they wouldn’t ‘bee’ lost.

I’m not sure if what I did was the right way to handle the situation, but they would currently be dead now without those steps. I hope what I did didn’t screw up their future too badly…

[apologies for the shitty graphic, happy!cas is a rarity it seems!]

a network for those who think cas deserves all the happiness in the world bc he is an absolute ray of sunshine uwu


i’m looking for

  • rad blogs that post supernatural
  • super friendly bloggers who post very little wank
  • people who have tagging systems
  • clean themes are a bonus!

if you get in

  • track the tag #happycasnet
  • you’ll get a spot on the network page
  • you’ll have a place to talk about supernatural and cas, share any edits etc, and just meet some other cool people!

i’ll announce the first members within the first two weeks of november! if you’ve got any questions just shoot me an ask uwu

anonymous said:

Daily Reminder #11: Put a notepad next to your bed today (or at least, near your bed), and every night before you go to bed write 3 good things that happened to you that day. The next morning when you wake up, pick up the list and read it. I'm telling you, it makes your day so much easier when you can take the time to look at the good that happened!


I really must do this, it sounds like such a perfect idea. In fact, I’m definitely going to do it. Thank you! <3