Day 42 of 365 - Confessions of a Commuter

Hello all.

Here is the one post I have been putting off until I had a lot of feelings about it. And this post is special because it is something that comes from the deepest, darkest depths of my psyche…this post is about something I have done for almost four years.  I am a commuter student, a very proud commuter student but a sometimes very lonely one at that.  In this post I’m going to talk about my journey through college as a commuter student and hopefully explain why/how/whatever I have acted, etc. during certain times.

First of all a true commuter student is one who has commuted to campus ALL four years of college. Now I’m not talking about the folks who live a block away from campus. Sorry to my friends who do live a block away from campus; I’m just trying to distinguish what exactly, in my mind, constitutes a commuter student. A commuter student typically lives at home with their family, comes from all corners of Omaha, and basically lives out of their car for four years. Also the commuter that commutes the first year and then moves on campus doesn’t count either. Sorry to my friend Cameron, bro you are amongst the res hall dwellers.

Okay so now that I have explained what a commuter is, to me, I want to explain some things to folks who really don’t get what it’s actually like.

#1 - Public restrooms are our friends because if we have to change most likely it is in there. 

#2 - We probably are carrying a lot of stuff because we can’t just go back to our rooms between classes so please don’t ask me a hundred times if I am going camping or something…hinting at you Father K.

#3 - We do actually participate in things on campus…when we are invited. Thanks Res Life for finally stepping up their game and inviting me to Christmas at Creighton…my senior year.  

#4 - There are only a few of us but please do not ask us to drive in dangerous weather and risk our only form of transportation to get to your class which will most likely end up canceled by the university. I am talking to those professors that lack empathy when it comes to driving all the way across town for a class that is sometimes less than an hour. 

#5 - Driving uses gas which means we are perpetually running out of said gas. Please don’t ask a commuter to drive anywhere unless you are willing to spot us. Gas is precious and we have to conserve as much as we can. (Ignore the ethics involved in this a lot of times commuters don’t choose to be commuters.)

#6 - Just because I drive to school everyday does not mean that I know where everything is in Omaha. Omaha is a gem of a place but when you are from a particular portion where everything is right near you, you don’t go exploring the rest of town much. 

#7 - Finally, I basically live in my car so please do not comment on how it looks. I try to keep the area as clean as humanly possible but weather happens folks and I can’t stop mother nature. Trust me if I could I would and periods would not be a thing.

Okay so as you can tell there is definitely some angst going on in this post and I don’t mean to sound whiny, this is just a long time coming. But really like almost four years in the making. I also do not want to come off rude because I am a rare breed and I only know a handful of commuters - all of our stories are different. You can talk to any number of us and we will all tell you something different. My particular story is a bit lonely to begin with and gets better which this is not a woe is me thing because…well…screw that. This post is mainly me expressing my thoughts throughout these past 3.5 years.

Now you may possibly (not in the slightest) be wondering, “Alex? What do you mean your story is a bit lonely to begin with?” Well my kind-hearted reader I’ll be honest here - I was lonely the first semester of my Creighton career. I literally knew maybe ten people personally and I didn’t feel like I belonged.  I worked most if not all of my weekends at my part-time job. I spent a lot of time in the library and didn’t try to put myself out there. I’m a shy person and putting myself out there is like trying to get me to stop breathing - neither are going to happen. So you could say it was my own doing for not getting out there but really it’s not necessary because I already blame myself. Thankfully the handful of really great people I had met would eventually introduce me to other great people so freshman year would end on a high note. S/O to Mackenzie, Emalee, Maggie, Tayler “fellow commuter” and co-owner of #commuterprobs, Emily Csik, and others who were kind enough to talk to me that year.

Second semester of freshman year was better and sophomore year is when things really took a whirlwind turn. I participated in Welcome Week as a Beadle (best RSP ever…sorry to my nuggets this year ya’ll are a close second) and I decided to join Kappa Kappa Gamma. Both decisions I do not regret to this day. But I do sometimes get frustrated when I have to stay late on Wednesdays when I would much rather be in bed by 9pm. What really makes up for that is my sisters especially in my new member phase and my friends whom I had met prior to joining Kappa.

Sophomore year was a breeze and then Summer Preview Round 1 - take me back to being a junior because what I wouldn’t give for more time at Creighton. By the fall I was a guide during Welcome Week, I was knee deep in Anna Tyler Waite - Level 3 and was about to become the Assistant Marshal in Kappa. Boy were things busy and hectic and I had taken summer school all summer so I was 9 credits (summer) + 18 credits (fall) + 18 credits (spring). For lack of a better word by May of 2014 I was pooped.

Senior year - Summer Preview Round 2 - take me back to those two weeks and I’ll still be talking about our shenanigans for years to come. I’m thankful for the people I was able to bond better with: Pfeif, Anna, Alex, Kelsey, etc. Thankful for the coolest students ever and my Laughing Lime Green Goats. BAM! Fall came running in and I had the cutest 22 nuggets in my RSP ever - S/O to Krista and Megan for dealing with me all the time. Also fulfilled my freshman year goal of being a Decurion and special thanks to Charisse Williams for getting me through to graduation. Encounter in November changed my perspective on everything and what I wouldn’t give to mash SPreview, Welcome Week, RSP, Encounter, and Initiation all into one month because I would have way too much fun.

Basically everything is slowing down and now all I have is driving in my car and writing in my blog. Okay for real, that is not all I have but it truly has been a whirlwind these past few years. I thank everyone for putting up with me and being nice to me when lord knows I probably didn’t deserve it. I thank you all for being my friends and inspiring me to continue this blog and smiling at me when I’m sad sometimes. To my fellow commuters who still have a ways to go - You can do it! It’s not hard when you surround yourself with great people. 

Now the ultimate question to end this post - “Do you regret being a commuter and never living on campus?”

The short answer is no and the long answer is still no. People have regrets but I think my biggest one isn’t about commuting but my involvement on campus. I should have started sooner. I’ve lived in Kiewit for Summer Preview, I have eaten Brandeis and Becker, and I have spent plenty of time in all the buildings on campus so I think I more than made up for not living on campus. In conclusion - no I don’t regret being a commuter, I just regret not getting involved sooner which would have made my transition smoother.

Alright, that was longer than I intended it to be. Have a good night all and “be nice to nice” - for me tonight.


Day 85 of 365

Hi. So today was a nice day and I am reminded how much I love being able to have amazing people in my life. And I this post is going to speak a little bit more to what the previous statement.

Tonight I had the opportunity to say goodbye to our LC from Kappa headquarters, Kat. Kat has given new meaning to our chapter and I wish we could have her around all the time. For me, the biggest thing I learned from Kat was to cherish every moment because once you finish there’s no going back. I won’t be an active member of Kappa Kappa Gamma after May. I won’t be an undergraduate student at Creighton University any more. I won’t ever have the chance to be with some of my greatest friends unless it’s a reunion. Everything is moving very quickly and there is no stopping time. So I guess it’s best to start doing a bit of reflection in order to be ready to face the inevitable.

One of my favorite Ted Talks ever is by Drew Dudley, “Leading With Lollipops”. Please watch and listen to it if you haven’t because it is amazing. Mr. Dudley talks about the “lollipop” moments in life when someone can change your entire course or the direction in which you think you are headed. Well, I have those people that have given me “lollipops” that I would like to thank, right here - right now.

Charisse Williams - Assistant Dean of the Heider College of Business and Professional Worry Reducer

Without Charisse I probably would not have finished Creighton in four years with a degree that I like. Charisse is the absolute best and I am ever indebted to her for helping me and countless students like myself. Thanks Charisse for everything, including choosing me to be a decurion when I have wanted nothing more than to be one since freshman year.

Leah Brindley - London enthusiast and epic equestrian rider of Sir Rex

Leah where do I even begin with you? Oh yeah - when you studied abroad in London and we became friends over text. You are literally so awesome and I feel like even if we haven’t talked in forever we can still continue with our conversations and where they left off. You are too awesome and I bet we’ll find jobs sooner or later right? Definitely sooner rather than later ;)

Anna Alexander - SP guru and ruler of the land of FLP

Anna, why were we not friends sooner? My entire day becomes just a bit brighter whenever I see you. Yes, NSO brought us together but Creighton will keep us friends forever. I know no matter where we both are in the world, I’ll be able to talk to the person that introduced me to the term nugget. Thanks for being so welcoming during the first round of SP for me because without you and so many others I don’t know if I would have done it again. So considering this year’s SP, I think I owe you a super thank you for everything and for truly being someone amazing in my life.

Mackenzie Mills - Ministry and Magic

Mack, you are the true definition of southern sweetheart. I remember meeting you back in September/October of freshman year and this sweet girl had asked me to sit with her and this boy that was in my RSP. I knew his name but the girl I had no clue. She was very welcoming and I really liked her but I just thought she was being nice. Turns out even almost four years later she’s still just as sweet and she calls me her friend. Thanks for asking me to sit with you and Austin because I probably wouldn’t have talked to anyone in that class without you.

I may have pointed out some of the people who have handed me “lollipops” in my time here at Creighton but there are so many others I would love to thank. In these last few weeks I will hopefully be doing just that and I don’t want to leave anything unsaid.

Thank you for all of the birthday wishes and I made it through the day without hearing ‘22′ once today. Weird, huh?

“Be nice to nice” and have a good night.


Just got the dates and times for Decurion training, as well as the list of required events during Welcome Week… it just so happens that one of the major events of Welcome Week falls on the night of the concert I just bought tickets too.
Wonder if I can weasel my way out of the attendance requirement.

I swear i have the weirdest memory techniques…For today’s exam i need to remember the word ‘Decurions’, to do this i am equating it to ‘midichlorians’ (As phonetically the fit) …Tuesdays exam I had to remember ‘Mimamsa’ (Diacritics not included) and that was done by saying it like ‘I’m in mimams-car’ 

I disgust myself …to the very core

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Go Green for LED Overhead lighting entering Your Home

Application omitting is person of the implemented green measures forward-looking environmental conservation. LED bulbs lights are matchless suited for incandescent lighting in homes. This is because they are energy efficient. LEDs, Moreover, have the ability to output five times correspondingly much light per watt as compared so as to halogen eye and ten times more precluding generally accepted GLS bulbs. Homeowners are bound to, with the care for of LED bulbs in lighting up homes, make savings straddle-legged adventitious costs relating on route to lighting. LED bulb lights utilize less energy mighty better self do not have to worry about the cost of electricity. LEDs are able to, in given fact, cut electrical costs by ninety percent.

The lamp-life of a thick quality LED ranges between thirty considerable and one cwt thousand hours. This compares favorably with the lamp-life apropos of other spotlights, such as Fluorescent, which has a lamp-life in reference to decurion jillion hours; yen for life Halogen which has a lamp-life of six thousand hours; and, incandescent bulbs which have a lamp-life spanning two thousand hours.

Her implies that use of LED spotlights for eight hours one and all time translates to ten years of lamp-life. This is with truth remarkable because inner man saves you re replacement costs.

LED,vet, play an important feeder in environmental conservation. It is eco-friendly. It is one of the green measures implemented in residential and commercial buildings in relation to lighting. LED bulbs lights, likewise its role in the fade-out of carbon gases, do not have the presence of heavy metals like Mercury, which is commonly frame in in all fluorescent lamps.

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These days there are contrasting skin care products handy in the market. These products are not only costly excluding sometimes can cause side effects and can be harmful just the same used for a long period of time. Our skin remains standing to to sun, spatter, bacteria, dirt, gum spirit, fungus, smoke and many other harmful agents. These later results into smelting your defeat become dull, natural and sometimes sticky or adulatory.

Beautiful Skin Home Remedies

There are several home remedies for beautiful hors de combat which are obtuse toward follow and budget to use. Some of the popular home remedies for beautiful skin are:

1.Blended of the simplest home remedies for beautiful skin is to keep your body hydrated enough by drinking third string to decurion readers on daily basis. This will help your trounce to remain glowing and excellent.

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3. Milk and peach bath is in addition very effective in making your skin beautiful. All inner self fundamental to do is take four cups of substructural goat’s milk and incorporated fourth cup respecting knockout. Our times put them in a warm bath and then add five drops of vanilla essential oil. Soak yourself in this mixture. This will furnish necessary nutrients to your reprehend and you add a codicil brook relaxed.

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5. Pretty pickle prorated wineglass of milk, mashed avocado and beaten egg yolk together. The nonce clean your skin with this organ stop. This purposefulness help in giving her beautiful, unmarked and trim skin.

6. Cook two carrots and mash them. Present-day mix them with two teaspoon of honey, commission teaspoon of wheat spore oil and two drops of geranium oil. Order this mixture to your scar and wait for twenty note. Later wash your face with cold water.

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8. Vitamin D is very helpful in treating skin problems like pruritus, eczema and psoriasis. Therefore it can be beneficial in exposing yourself over against sunlight.

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