Hey all! I know, I know. I keep promising that I’ll try to update more frequently but well life gets in the way sometimes - unfortunately. So for this post I’m kinda breaking my own rules again. I want to feature an entire album [well and EP anyways]. Now before you judge me, yes I am posting Kesha’s Deconstructed EP and no this is not a mistake. I am not a huge pop fan by any means, but I really do like Kesha. She gets so much hate in the industry for being a recycled pop party princess, but I don’t think she’s like that at all. She’s not afraid to be what she wants to be, and honestly she has talent, like this EP shows. This is probably my favourite thing Kesha has released - ever. So please, just listen to it. I assure you, you will probably be shocked. 

Here’s the link to a playlist of the album on Youtube [x]

Kesha - Deconstructed EP: Tracklist 

1. Old Flames Can’t Hold A Candle To You

2. Blow (Deconstructed)

3. The Harold Song (Acoustic)

4. Die Young (Acoustic)

5. Supernatural (Acoustic)

6. Goodbye (featured on the playlist but not the album) 

I miss your soft lips, I miss your white sheets, I miss the scratch of your unshaved face on my cheek
—  Kesha - The Harold Song (deconstructed mix)
Deconstructed EP Track-by-Track Review

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Ke$ha. If you have, in fact, taken residence inside a slab of granite, Ke$ha is a pop singer well known for her autotuned vocals and hard-drinking party girl image. What many people don’t realize is that Ke$ha is an extremely talented parody artist, and her Deconstructed EP is essentially a middle finger to the detractors who claim otherwise.

The Deconstructed EP takes four of her most popular songs (and one cover) and strips them down to the bare basics. Guitars and pianos replace synths and basses as beautiful, haunting songs are formed from the remnants of the originals.

A track-by-track review can be found below the cut.

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Ke$ha - Supernatural (Deconstructed EP)