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I was reading about how your love of your cultures food helped you with your self love and I was wondering if you could expand on that, or if I could read more about that somewhere?

Well before I answer this, I don’t owe anyone any answers or explanation but I want to answer this. There’s a difference. But yeah I had an eating disorder and body dysmorphia issues for the longest time. And I felt that I would never ever be able to have a normal relationship with food, a relationship that wasn’t anxiety ridden and completely terrifying. But while seeking help and deconditioning my self hating I also explored Vietnamese food. It became more than just food and more than my anxiety and fear, it became a way to explore my identity as a Vietnamese gal and learning to really love and be proud of my Vietnamese heritage and then love and actually enjoy food. Not because I had to get better and I needed it to survive but because food was fun and beautiful and not terrifying anymore. Now I’m so in love and Vietnamese food is so so so important to me 💖 Yeah that’s what that portrait series was about, self love + healing through food

I trust that we’re all capable of decolonizing our minds. That it’s a form of activism and self-actualization. It takes different lengths of time, different revelations and moments of realization for many of us to make progress in sifting out kyriarchal conditioning and socialization. But no matter how much you resist it at first, no matter how difficult it may seem, it can be done.

"We have the technological power, the engineering skills to save our planet, to cure disease, to feed the hungry, to end war; but we lack intellectual vision—- the ability to change our minds." #decondition #perspective

Cosmetic Plague
  • Cosmetic Plague
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Being honest is no means of survival, avoid your inner-feelings like the plague,
This is what it takes to comply with the images this structure will accommodate,
But things aren’t what they seem when they’re partially hidden behind walls of pretense built for peace of mind.
The barriers between us are forever maintained by our acceptance of the roles others choose to define.

In a world of competition life’s portrayed as a contest where we’re forced to live by making gains at others expense,
But no-one’s really gaining when perpetual conflict’s the result of our relationships based on pretense,
We don’t need this cultural cosmetic division it upholds the self-interest on which the system feeds,
A deconditioned consciousness of mutual respect is the only way to cure this cosmetic disease.

It’s clearly a crisis of two things: Of consciousness and conditioning. We have the technological power, the engineering skills to save our planet, to cure disease, to feed the hungry, to end war; But we lack the intellectual vision, the ability to change our minds. We must decondition ourselves from 10,000 years of bad behavior. And, it’s not easy.
—  Terence McKenna

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How do you decondition yourself from thinking that theres something wrong with your reality as a woman if you're not hyperfeminine? Especially with genderists on this website? You're inspiring! Sending you fellow woman love and solidarity <3!

Be patient and persistent. It is a long process and it takes time. Mine’s not done yet, it’s pretty hard when you’re neck deep in a sea of misogyny. The most important thing is to be forgiving to yourself.

Ugh, super bummed out today. I feel like I’m slowly getting weaker and more deconditioned as I continue working. I’ve been shakier than usual lately, and am developing weird symptoms like super-dry eyes and a sound sensitivity.

It’s not like the working is too much, exactly—it’s more like it doesn’t give me the time I need to exercise as much as I need to to stay healthy, recover, and also live my life. 

I am very torn, because on the one hand I love my job and want to see where it takes me. I adore my coworkers and want them all in my life. I also kind of want to make it to the three-year mark for financial reasons, because I’ll go from being 50% to 75% vested in some very valuable company stock (so from a future-oriented perspective, it might be worth the trouble to ensure more money in savings). But at the same time, I’m starting to become convinced that this isn’t sustainable. Maybe it would be if I stuck to 30 hrs/wk, but I think the inevitable move to 40 hrs/wk isn’t going to work. 

The job I really want is a 20 hrs/wk job that I work every other day or so, with projects and flexibility that’ll allow me to work from home on occasion, work non-standard hours, or work more/less depending on where I am in terms of deadlines. I don’t need benefits yet, because I can fall back on my folks’ insurance (might even be able to stay on it after I turn 26, if I can prove disability), and the money isn’t a problem because of my disability insurance, so it seems like a good choice. Maybe if I were to start there and work up to it, I could over time find a full-time job with benefits that would work for my needs. 

Is that realistic, though? I know how hard it is to find work in this town, but at the same time I get the feeling that it might be easier to find a part-time, flexible job than a full-time, full-benefits job. I mean, basically, I want a soccer-mom job, and from a friend’s experience, those seem to be not-so-difficult to find. I have a really good resume, so I’d be a good candidate, and I can do all sorts of things.

Maybe I should start putting out feelers. I guess I’ve been thinking I have to decide on whether or not to keep my current job before looking for a new one, but I suppose I can start applying and try to make a smooth transition. 

This is so complicated and I don’t like it. When I’m at work I feel confident, and I don’t doubt that I can do the work itself—but thinking about my life outside of work, I don’t see this going in a good direction unless I quit. 

I like to pretend I’m not jealous or envious but I really am about certain things a lot and it’s really uncomfortable and annoying and if I could tell it to stop I would do that

Spiritual reparenting

For a child to feel belonging, he or she needs to feel understood and loved. We each feel a fundamental sense of connectedness when we are seen and when what is seen is held in love. We habitually relate to our inner life in the same way that others attended to us. When our parents (and the larger culture) don’t respond to our fears, are too preoccupied to really listen to our needs or send messages that we are falling short, we then adopt similar ways of relating to our own being. We disconnect and banish parts of our inner life.

Meditation practices are a form of spiritual reparenting. We are transforming these deeply rooted patterns of inner relating by learning to bring mindfulness and compassion to our life. An open and accepting attention is radical because it flies in the face of our conditioning to assess what is happening as wrong. We are deconditioning the habit of turning against ourselves, discovering that in this moment’s experience nothing is missing or wrong.

- Tara Brach

Terence McKenna On Cannabis

Terence McKenna On Cannabis

23 Things Terence McKenna Said Best, From DMT Sex To Telepathic Octopi –

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on December 16, 2014


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“Cannabis is anathema to the dominator culture because it deconditions or decouples users from accepted values. Because of its subliminally psychedelic effect, cannabis, when pursued as a lifestyle, places a person in…

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aw yeah. took a well deserved hot bath, scrubbed my hair really hard and washed my face. used product in my hair for once (!!!!!) to make it nice and smooth. now im in my jimjams relaxing and feeling.. pretty good. ouo

Nathan emailed me to let me know he found a lab that does a testing panel for all 6 types of EDS.. and while I’m excited, I’m also kind of terrified. what if I do the test and it comes back negative across the board like everything else? it’d validate that this is somehow all in my head.. what if the other rude doctor was right and it’s entirely because of deconditioning??

I’m absolutely terrified to get it done. Part of me would rather just stick with what the doc said and roll with it and try being positive as I can.. Is that wrong of me after so many years of this bullshit?

Personal empowerment means deconditioning yourself from the values and the programs of society and putting your own values and programs in place-Terrance McKenna #travelingdeep #CultureIsNotYourFriend #CreateYourOwnCulture #reclaimyourmind #SayNoToSocialEngineers #theleastcapable #theleastnoble #theleastvisionary #theleastcreative #theMOSTviolent #masshallucination #stepout #explorenewideas #imagine #create #explore #unite #nightynight