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“We have the technological power, the engineering skills to save our planet, to cure disease, to feed the hungry, to end war; but we lack intellectual vision— the ability to change our minds.” #decondition #perspective

Meditation Retreats In India Is Organized By The Z Meditation

India has a unique cultural history. Among the icons of this culture are meditation retreats in India. Meditation retreats in India are centers of learning where the art and practice of meditation are taught. Meditation has its roots in the ancient Buddhist religion, as well as with other religions from different backgrounds. There is virtually no established religion without its own form of meditation. Meditation retreats in India are run by dedicated teachers who have made the propagation of the practice of meditation their life’s work. Willing seekers are exposed to the benefits of meditation at meditation retreats in India. One of the more prominent meditation retreats in India is organized by the Z Meditation center, which has been in existence for over a decade now.

Z Meditation promotes the method of meditation which is known as Deep Deconditioning Inquiry. This systematic approach to meditation retreats in India suggests that we look deep within as a first step in digging up and rooting out the false beliefs and conditionings which predetermine the way in which we behave. Most geographical regions the world over have prescribed patterns of behavior, which we sometimes call culture. These have been held over several decades and passed down through the generations without recourse to changing times. Some of these strong beliefs are also religiously biased with absolute patterns of conduct expected. The focus of Deep Deconditioning Inquiry is to enable us to see ourselves as we truly are, and to be able to face the challenges of life with equanimity, not desiring or expecting.

Meditation retreats in India are non religious and open to anyone from whatever social, cultural or religious background. In teaching students, the leaders at meditation retreats in India will want you to have a sincere belief that you wish to experience peace. In addition, a certain minimum level of discipline is required of you. Finding peace and love is not all that difficult, but it requires dedication. Slowly, but surely, as you embrace the practice, you will see the unwanted layers peeled off, and the authentic you revealed. It has been seen with most students at the Z Meditation Center that positive change is observed within just a few days of the practice.

Meditation retreats in India have gradually become an alternative holiday destination for countless people from the western world. The interesting thing is that meditation retreats in India will cost you a fraction of what you might be expected to part with at other mainstream vacation destinations. Furthermore, the benefits of attending meditation retreats in India is a life changing and everlasting experience.

The proponents of meditation retreats in India have made it easy for intending visitors. There will always be comfortable accommodation, with the basic needs of students catered for. As such, you need not leave home with excessive baggage, reducing your travel costs. In addition, airport services are usually put in place whereby the visitor will not have the problems of local transportation and language barriers.

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“In summary, Intelligence Intensification is desirable, because there is not a single problem confronting humanity that is not either caused or considerably worsened by the prevailing stupidity (insensitivity) of the species: badly wired robots bumping into and maiming and killing each other.” ― Robert Anton Wilson, Prometheus Rising

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Let’s talk about the booty. Especially the strong, shapely, perky ones that’s been hogging much of the limelight! We’ve become obsessed with the booty! So much that songs were written about it and dance craze dedicated to it, yet the gluteal muscles that underpin the butt and help to give it shape rarely get the recognition they deserve.
There’s so much more benefits to having strong, well-trained glutes than a sexy, perky booty (whaaaat?!).😱😊😁 Many of us overlook that a strong glute is critical for doing any forward movement effectively - whether it’s walking, running or sprinting, and helps you move faster. It also helps to injury-proof the lower back.
Surprisingly, one cause of lower back pain and back injury is due to weak and deconditioned glutes. I have a friend who suffered from chronic back pain. She spent many months trying to rehabilitate her back and many appointments to the chiropractor, acupuncture, getting massages, only to find out later (after seeing a PT) that the root cause of her back pain was lack of glute muscles! Especially for those who has a desk job and sit for hours in a day staring at the screen, we are prone to “glute amnesia” aka lazy ass syndrome!
So get up, start activating those glute muscles and get your squats in!!! Here’s a #salutetotheglutes!

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I feel like I’m faking because my pots is always worse when I’m doing something out of the house, especially if it’s something I don’t like, but let’s look at this another way

I never get out of the house so I’m totally deconditioned to that kind of thing so it takes a lot of energy and more stress takes more energy and when I don’t have energy my pots gets worse