The Pionen White Mountains bunker is located 100 feet below ground and shielded by 16-inch-thick metal doors, all within a few miles of Stockholm, Sweden. The bunker was used by Sweden’s Civil Defense in the 1970s but was decommissioned and converted into a data center in 2008 by Internet service provider Bahnhof. One company that also used this space as a data center HQ was WikiLeaks. It definitly looks like a villain’s lair. (Source)


Destruction of Chemical Weapons Complete

The U.S. Army Chemical Materials Agency (CMA) completed the destruction of the chemical weapons stockpile at Deseret Chemical Depot (DCD) in Utah. With the elimination of the Utah chemical weapons stockpile, CMA has safely destroyed nearly 90 percent of the Nation’s stockpile of chemical agent and has successfully completed its mission to destroy all chemical agent munitions and items declared at entry into force of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) and assigned to CMA for destruction. The CWC, an international treaty ratified by the United States in April 1997, required the complete destruction of the Nation’s chemical weapons stockpile by April 2007. The United States was granted a five-year extension to April 2012 as allowed by the treaty.

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Nathon King


Fuelled by analogue practices, avant-garde methodologies and an appreciation towards the British landscape the notion of how we inhabit, create and dream of the places around us has grown into a collective fascination. Decommissioned focuses on an ancient architectural landmark that is Fawley Power Station. Situated on the edge of Southampton and after operating for more than four decades this in-site project explores the final moments of this grand and dream landscape. The photographic journey combines documentary sensibilities that reflect the social, economic and political changes facing a human-altered landscape.