Indian sparrow 

The diminutive Indian sparrow (Passer domesticus), whose nests dotted almost every house in the neighborhood surviving on foodgrains and tiny worms, is now a disappearing species. The decline of house sparrows is a global phenomenon and the species is declining in most of its natural range. The decline is visible in countries like the UK where their decline rate was as high as 67% because of which its conservation status has been changed to a red listed species of high conservation concern.

Photo BY: Siddharth Setia

why “pick up line” is a thing 

and “pick up decline” is not?

like a guy comes up to you with cheezy pick up line and you decline him with witty “decline” (mostly referencing something)

guy: did it hurt when you fell from heaven?

you: no, but i did break my nail crawling out of hell.


guy: *tries to dance with you*

you: I will not succumb to you pelvic sorcery.


guy: I didn’t know angels could fly so low.

you: you know nothing, Jon Snow.

if he gets your references then you’ll know he’s worthy 

…an irreligious time which coincides exactly with the idea of the world-city — is a time of decline. True. But we have not chosen this time. We cannot help it if we are born as men of the early winter of full Civilization, instead of on the golden summit of a ripe Culture, in a Phidias or a Mozart time. Everything depends on our seeing our own position, our destiny, clearly, on our realizing that though we may lie to ourselves about it we cannot evade it. He who does not acknowledge this in his heart, ceases to be counted among the men of his generation, and remains either a simpleton, a charlatan, or a pedant.
—  Oswald Spengler - The Decline of the West