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Comparing the current generation of Ultra Pro Satin Tower deckbox to the original style, circa 2003-2004. Both holding 2 full sleeved 60 card decks with sideboards and tokens, and the purple tower is still significantly lighter– even with a loaded dice compartment. The finish on the purple is softer and more matte, and seems like it would hold up better. However, it doesn’t seem to have anywhere near the durability and protection of the original, which is insane. The purple has a lot of room, I could reasonable fit an EDH deck with tokens in it. All in all, these new towers are an awesome product and probably more useful. I just miss the old bricks; this sucker weighs well over a pound. #ultrapro #deckboxes #deckbox #satintower #mtg #magicthegathering #tcg #magicswag #gamergear

Quad-Deck MTG box by ryoshi-un

This was a birthday present comissioned last minute by a friend.
I had one day to shop for supplies and another to build it and, for the time I had, I think it turned out okay, though it lacks the level of detailing I usually like to add to my stuff.

This is actually the first time I’ve used half a glass bead for the eye, instead of resin, and I’m in love with the result, considering the lenticular effect has it following you around.


If you’re interested in comissioning a similar design, you can send me a message!

(But keep in mind this isn’t exactly cheap and quick work if you aren’t a childhood friend XD)

So I’m thinking that Dewalt case might not be too great for my purposes

See, yes the slots will hold sleeved cards, but I want to take care of my sleeves too. I need to be able to fit deckboxes in it!

So I’m gonna see what I can do about making a custom case

or I’ll just go full Kaiba and use a brief case and custom cut foam to hold deck boxes


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