Magic: the Gathering - Deck Box

Doctor Who Tardis Themed Deck Box for MTG Sleeved Cards Perfect for EDH Decks, constructed from polyurethane casting resin.  Available from Leifkicker Custom Deck Boxes and Gaming Accessories on Etsy for about $68.

It’s about 6.5 inches tall and 4 inches wide, with a weight of about 1 lb.
It has two compartments, both of which are subtley discreet.

The largest (bottom) of the two hidden compartments has plenty of room to hold a 100 card EDH deck in sleeves, with room to spare for sideboard/tokens, or a large handful of your favorite valuables. The smaller of the two compartments (up top) is perfect for dice or small accessories.

Comparing the current generation of Ultra Pro Satin Tower deckbox to the original style, circa 2003-2004. Both holding 2 full sleeved 60 card decks with sideboards and tokens, and the purple tower is still significantly lighter— even with a loaded dice compartment. The finish on the purple is softer and more matte, and seems like it would hold up better. However, it doesn’t seem to have anywhere near the durability and protection of the original, which is insane. The purple has a lot of room, I could reasonable fit an EDH deck with tokens in it. All in all, these new towers are an awesome product and probably more useful. I just miss the old bricks; this sucker weighs well over a pound. #ultrapro #deckboxes #deckbox #satintower #mtg #magicthegathering #tcg #magicswag #gamergear


Magic: the Gathering - Wooden Deck Boxes

Beautiful Magic the Gathering deck boxes carved by ‘Ales the Woodcarver ’ (aka Ales Janosik, fellow Canadian).  Ales is essentially self-taught and started carving in 2010.  You can check out his other works here -


Every time you reblog that picture my soul dies a little more inside

I can hear them sitting from the corner of my room, in a deckbox.

Laughing at me

taunting me


Magic: the Gathering - Decked Out

Recently accomplished KickStarter Project for Game Timber / Dog Might Games, owned by Mike Cameron / Michael Konas. These ‘no two the same’ unique deckboxes look great and most importantly, completely tailored to suit your taste.

You can use the Builder to create a one of a kind custom box. From wood, to hardware, to decoration, your box will then be built specifically for you. (Note that PREMIUM BOX parts have a medal icon in the builder).  Deck boxes hold 125 regular cards or 100 sleeved cards or 75 double sleeved cards.

phyrexianroosevelt said:

3, 4, 12, 24

3 - Favorite MTG terminology

I really like the word Jank and I probably say it too much tbh. I also love cards with nicknames, like Bob for Dark Confidant and Gary for Grey Merchant. 

4 - Last Deck you played with

Online, it was what I call Dimir Nope which focuses on milling and denial. In Physical it was Dimir Zombies which focused on grimgrin/rooftop storm/gravecrawler infinite combo :P 

12 - What would you be spending on if not MTG?

Wow.. food.. a car… a house.. the possibilities are endless..

But most likely, comic books. I stopped collecting them right around the time MTG came into my life

24 - Do you own any MTG related paraphernalia

I do not :( I literally have a Liliana Deckbox (the m15 one) and that’s it. I would love more merch ugh

It took me the whole afternoon to put these all in, but I’ve finally sorted out the rares and mythic rares that I have.  I guess that I was lucky that I was playing when Zendikar was in Standard since I have a few of the fetchlands.  I only bothered listing the rares and the stuff I’m currently running because typing out everything else would be terrible.  If you see anything you want feel free to message me.

(60 cards, 20 distinct) - Prophet of Kruphix, Kiora’s Follower, Hero of Leina Tower, Flitterstep Eidolon, Voyaging Satyr, Gainsay, Springleaf Drum

So, daddygmr and I played some MtG Thursday after I built a new deck. He lost, and I think it runs rather well. Click the link if you are curious.

He’s at FNM while I’m home with the Little King. Rose Pop is at grandma’s house for a visit as Summer starts to wind down.

Too bad it feels like it\s already Fall, we haven’t had a very warm Summer here.