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((So, S as a lagomorph was originally only supposed to last a week. But the lago version of the character has proven to be more popular than the human, and honestly I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. So, I have decided to make it a permanent species change. The story will still be that S was originally a human who was changed magically, just that the spell was permanent rather then temporary. Anyway, I’ll be around to answer asks in or out of character for most of today, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask them.))

I originally made a post like this last year, but I decided to update it. I’ve removed/changed some broken links and added a few more must-sees.

Obviously there are tons more interviews and Monkee-related stuff out there (particularly from the 80s-present), but these are some of my favourites!

Feel free to let me know of anything I’ve missed from the list!


Hey Hey We’re The Monkees, 1997

Behind The Music, 1998 (?)

We Love The Monkees, 2012


The Monkees on KDWB-AM, 1967.
Not an interview as such, but here is audio of when the boys took over a radio station on their summer tour. (courtesy of psychojello​ )

Pop Chronicals, 1967 [audio only]
Great interview with Mike, who talks (among other things) about the hurt of not being respected.

The Hy Lit Show, 1968
Promoting ‘Head’.

‘Walking in New York’, 1969
Brief interview with Micky and Davy.

Australian Interview with Davy Jones, 1971(?)
Davy at his home with Talia.

Jane Pauley Interview, 1986
Noteable for Micky literally falling to the floor in laughter after being asked about the 'New Monkees’.

Mike and Micky 'After The Greek’, 1986
Micky looking at Mike adoringly and Mike giving Micky a big kiss on the cheek. Need I say more?

Mini Peter Tork Documentary, 2015
A short but sweet documentary about Peter, by his son Ivan.

Press and News Footage:

UK Newsreel Footage / Press Conference, 1967

WKBW Radio, 1967

Australian Newsreel Footage / Press Conference, 1968

Australian Press Conference, 1968 [audio only]
Great interview which also includes a hysterical fan gate-crashing the press conference!!

Live footage with Monkee Talk dubbed over, 1968


Salt Lake City Concert, 1968
Silent behind the scenes footage and outtakes of The Monkees concert for 'Head’.

The Johnny Cash Show, 1969
Nine Times Blue.

The Glen Campbell Good Time Hour, 1969
Medley (Last Train To Clarksville, I’m a Believer, Salesman) and 'Teardrop City’. Especially worth watching for the hilariously random sketch!

Christmas Medley, 1986
Monkees with extra cheese but seriously WORTH IT. Also features some of the Monkees kids. But can you spot Mike..?

Through The Looking Glass, 1989.
Micky in drag for no apparent reason…


Davy Jones as the Artful Dodger, 1964.
Davy performing I’d Do Anything with the cast of Oliver! on The Ed Sullivan Show the same night as the Beatles made their US debut.

Monkees Screen Tests, 1965.
All the Monkees auditions and screen tests for the show.

Monkees Romp - Behind The Scenes, 1967.
Rare silent footage of the Monkees on the beach, set to 'Saturday’s Child’. Very cute!

The Emmy Awards, 1967.
Footage of The Monkees scooping two awards. The boys themselves don’t collect the awards, but worth watching for their lovely reactions!

Happening '69, 1969
The Monkees appear now and then throughout the whole show, but mainly from 20 minutes in. Listen out for what’s said about Piscean men and keep an eye on Micky’s reaction…

Laugh In, 1969
Clips from when the Monkees appeared on the show in October '69.

'Junkyard Movie’, 1969 (?)
Silent footage of Micky messing around a junkyard which includes him having a wee. The description says it’s from 1967 but I think it’s from later than that, maybe 1969 or even 1970.

Monkees Commercials, 1966-1970
Compliation of all The Monkees commercials.

The No No Song, 1975
Ringo Star performing the “No No Song’ on Hoyt Axton’s “Boogie Woogie, Gospel, Rock and Roll Show”, which features Micky drunk dancing and singing along.

Dolenz, Jones, Boyce and Hart TV Special, 1976. Part One / Part Two
Features Micky’s infamous glam-rock performance of 'Steppin’ Stone’.

The Ben Stiller Show, 1992
Spoof of The Monkees called 'The Grungies’ (co-written by Judd Apatow!). Cameo appearance by Micky.

'Peter and Davy Come to Blows’, 2009
Davy and Peter talk about the bust-ups between the boys back in the day, including the famous fight between the pair.

The Monkees induction into the Pop Music Hall of Fame, 2014.
At the 2014 Monkees Convention.


Decided to post this anyways.. if anyone was interested in it.. it’s a red/black mod of the Snowsuit.. which im sure theres more out there like it.. but here’s my version.. the pants have a reddish highlight and the popo head has red/yellow eyes. i also changed the popo a little. 

  • Download the GPK File Here
  • Download into: Mod Folder only, never alter original game files. location provided below. 
  • Credit is appreciated but not required. 
  • Find other mods by Kittieology Here  or Look them up on my blog Here

GPK File Destination:Tera/Cllient/S1Game/CookedPC/Art_Data/Packages/CH/_PC(or Other Mod folder)

Goodbye, Machine Chaser.

[originally posted 4.19.15]

Hey, this is Katono.

Finally, Kamen Rider Chaser was born on air.
If you ask me what I liked, it would be that that “transformation” was actually turning into Machine Chaser and then having the armor break apart to change into Kamen Rider Chaser. Like it’s the manifestation of Chase’s resolution.

Ah, but, wait? The Break Gunner is still going strong, so that that line of thought…
It’s not that. I really loved Machine Chaser, so I’m a little sad, but since he’s decided to become a protector of humanity this is how he’ll live.
Goodbye… Shinigami Machine Chaser.

And Heart-sama was really cool today, huh. Thinking of Chase as a friend until the very end. He surrendered to the decision made out of brainwashing, even though that led to their parting, he accepted it. A man among men. Perhaps a king. I fell for him. Brain showed off his supernatural ability for planning again. From here on out Brain will be playing a very active part, so it might be a good idea to pay attention to him.

Gou…. will he accept this, I wonder.
He’s got yet another thing to worry about. It’s my fault. If there comes a time at which we recognize each other, I wonder if he’ll call me “Cha-nii”.

Shinnosuke is both a rival and a good friend. He looks like he’d trust Chase to have his back in fights. It’s almost time for the old Drive to give way to the new united Drive front. But there’s still all the mystery surrounding his father… seems very dark.

So, that’s about where we’re at now. No matter what else, I love filming Drive. Let’s all have a nice drive up until the end.

I like this picture.
We look like family, right?

And so,

please continue watching Kamen Rider Drive.

With that.

I’ve decided (and I’m certain I’m not alone in this) that deleting the artist’s comments from a photo/photo-set or other post while reblogging is rather disrespectful to the original artist.

I’m not saying you can’t delete the comments I leave regarding the context of my scribbles and such, but nonetheless, whenever I see it being done (to my posts or to other people) I immediately think of the act as rude.

So maybe the commentary doesn’t fit your “blog aesthetic,” or you’ve got a thing against images with explanatory text. If I could choose between someone reblogging my posts while deleting my comments or simply not reblogging at all, I’d rather my post not be reblogged.

I can’t tell you what to do, but I can still say that I don’t care for it (and that it irks me, especially when links and relevant information is discarded.) So yeah. If you want to annoy me, do that. I’ll be rolling my eyes behind my computer screen.


Hey yall !!! I’ve decided to start commissions to help out with food and school and stuff!

As of now I’m only keeping it at two slots because I am nearing finals, but that can/will most likely change in the summer.

OCs/original works are something I didnt mention in the thingy but I can definitely do those as well! Just be sure that when you have an OC commission you also have some means of description for your character, whether that be work of your own or text. The more descriptive the better! :^)

As for things I will not do, its pretty much any NSFW or gore/guro

Currently I only accept PayPal, but once I begin to look into it I’ll see what other forms of payment I can accept. I’ll give you directions to my paypal while negotiating commissions through email! If there are any more questions or you want to commission me, email me through

Thank you for any help in advance!! Hope you have a lovely day  ヽ(´∀`●)



In my original plot for FC it was gonna be much sadder and Michelada was originally gonna’ die but I’ve decided that they’re will be enough pain in this plot already without him dying, so I’ve changed up the plot a bit ; w ;

Anyway that said enjoy this no longer canon plot sketch comic thingy! ))

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Ms. E-vay, I hope you don't mind me asking, while looking through old art of Aurora, I saw that she used to be purple and blue, and it left me wondering, what made you decide to change her color scheme to her current pink?

The first time I ever colored her, she was originally pink (this is that Sailor Moon looking drawing. She looked very very different back then, but unfortunately I can only find that one drawing that I posted). I didn’t color my drawings a lot back then though, so I wasn’t entirely sure what color I pictured her when I redesigned her. I just tried experimenting with the colors, trying out a purple (since pink and blue make purple anyway) but I didn’t like how straight-forward that was. For some reason whenever I think of a sonamy kid, I’m drawn to light blue, which is why I tried making Aurora light blue for a bit but it just didn’t suit her either. Eventually I went back to pink, and it just felt right.

Whenever you’re coming up with a character it’s good to test out a few things before you decide on the final look (you can always redesign later too). I even ended up taking a character design class in college, and my instructor would make us go through 3-5 iterations before submitting the final draft. It’s a good practice to get in to :)

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Steve universe for the AU, pls?

  • All the official propaganda posters had USO-Tour Steve Rogers on them, which was very confusing for a lot of people whenever Buckeve showed up with the big blue coat hanging open over the stars-and-stripes uniform. There are also some very confusing vintage newsreels floating around. 
  • Buckeve is actually smaller than Steve, which is super-unusual for a fusion–he didn’t visibly change from his original form when they fused again post-serum, although he did get the pinnacle-of-the-human-condition boost. He also didn’t visibly change from his original form when they fused again post-Insight, except now he has the arm–it looks exactly like it does on Bucky, scar tissue and all, but the star’s white. 
  • Once Steve and Bucky fused again and decided to Ruby and Sapphire it, Buckeve updated the blue coat over the Cap uniform look for Avengers business and otherwise just chills out in workout clothes and pajamas and all the comfiest fucking shit he can find from formerly-just-Steve’s wardrobe. HE EARNED IT. BOTH OF HIM EARNED IT, GDI. 
  • Natasha and Sam don’t generally fuse together unless Buckeve is involved. The one time they formed Satasha without supervision she came back with an entire team of enemy operatives who she’d flipped and they’d all been crying. The mission report was perfectly written and yet still somehow mysteriously vague on what the fuck had actually happened. 
  • There is a mysterious lack of interest in where the hell the Winter Soldier went from the United States government, and it is largely related to the old SSR files they dug up about Buckeve and what they said. 
Readus Reviews: Avengers: Age of Ultron

Overall Rating: 8.1 out of 10 / B-

I originally planned to see this alone – I was gonna go to my local movie theater after work on Friday, get a good showtime so I could get a good seat, enjoy, write my review and post it on Saturday. That changed while I was at work the Friday of its release, when I decided at the spur of the moment that I go to the movies alone too frequently and wanted to go see it with friends this time. So instead of Friday, I saw it Sunday when my friends were available. And because I did this, I learned what the difference is in seeing a blockbuster alone versus seeing it with friends.

There is none.

So here’s my review of Age of Ultron.

S.H.I.E.L.D. is dead (thank God), and the Avengers have been tying up loose ends regarding the Hydra reveal in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The most important of these loose ends in question is retrieving Loki’s scepter from the first Avengers movie, which they locate. Afterwards, its revealed that Tony Stark has been working on a project codenamed “Ultron” with Bruce Banner, which was meant to be an Artificial Intelligence system that would counteract extra-terrestrial/extra-dimensional attacks on Earth like the one that lead to “The Battle of New York.” They succeed surprisingly, but it ends up going terribly awry – like, “Skynet With Legs” terribly awry. Assisted with the help of Pietro and Wanda Maximoff – twins that were experimented on by Hydra and gained superpowers in the process – It’s up to the Avengers to stop Ultron before he brings about the destruction of the entire human race.

The plot was pretty simple and easy to follow, looking at it just as a movie. If you never saw any of the other installments of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you could still follow along with what was going on, despite the mentioning of the “Fall of S.H.I.E.L.D.” Following the MCU since the beginning, I would say that there were limited to no continuity errors that I could catch. A few questionable decisions regarding Joss Whedon’s writing and sense of direction, yes – I’ll talk about those in a minute – but no real continuity errors. Out of the things I do have a problem with in this movie, the plot is definitely not one of them.

Character portrayals and screentime were a bit better in this installment than in the last Avengers, I believe. I’m glad we got a chance to see Steve Rogers be more of a leader than in the last one (and out of that ridiculous-ass un-padded cosplay suit). I’m also glad that Tony Stark didn’t hog up all the screen this time around; I originally felt that the decision to put Marvel’s cinematic moneymaker in the forefront to lure in ticket sales kept me from seeing the potential of other members of the Avengers; more specifically Thor. I am glad he got more screentime in this movie than the last one, and it was definitely interesting peeking through the keyhole of Black Widow’s past, along with seeing Hawkeye fleshed out a bit. Can’t say it helped me like the characters (I don’t really care for Natasha or Clint), but I always appreciate good character development and backstory.

That leads me to my first gripe I have with the film, and that would be the implied romance between Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff. The main reason why I had a problem with this is because BETTY ROSS IS STILL A THING THAT EXISTS IN THIS UNIVERSE. Seriously. Both Tony and Thor referenced Pepper Potts and Jane Foster as their significant others, despite neither of them being in the movie. And its not like they haven’t introduced Betty in the MCU. “The Incredible Hulk” actually happened; it was referenced in the first Avengers movie. However, she was not brought up even once, not even as a way for Banner to defend not being capable of being in a relationship (“If I couldn’t have this with Betty, how could I possibly have this with you?” would’ve been a perfect line). Also, the whole idea of a possible romance between the two I felt was just asinine and forced; I felt no chemistry between them at all. Those watching this movie who actually care about/like Black Widow would probably say that this idea Joss played around with would probably begin to eat away at what the character was trying to establish herself as since Iron Man 2. It just wasn’t a good decision.

Another bad decision I felt Whedon made was how he sometimes decided to depict Ultron. I say Joss Whedon specifically, because James Spader delivered an excellent performance with the material given to him. From the trailers and the TV Spots, I expected Ultron to be cold, menacing, incredibly intimidating and absolutely sociopathic. And whereas there were moments where that came across on screen, the moments where Ultron joked around and served as comedy relief always took me out of the moment. I understand that the wit and banter that he delivered throughout was a way of showing that he was created by Tony Stark in this version of him, and that the possibility this was added to his character was to help lighten the tone of the film. However, with both the strategy and the endgame he had, I expected Ultron’s tone advertised to us in the trailers to reflect throughout the movie. It’s like Joss Whedon only likes Ultron in concept, but felt he could make him work in his style of storytelling, which ended up being both a hit and a miss at the same time.

How am I so sure he felt that way regarding Ultron? Because the Vision was fucking perfect. There wasn’t that much of a detour from his comic book origin, and Joss wrote him close to – if not exactly – how he is in every form of media I’ve seen him in. This is also my favorite interpretation of Quicksilver, mostly because the way they portrayed his super speed is how I felt it should be portrayed. In Days of Future Past, it was as if he could control time. This was because he would stop moving to adjust things in the room, and both items and people looked to have been completely frozen. In Age of Ultron, time was still flowing even when we saw him move from his point of view – one scene in particular that I won’t spoil acts as a perfect example. People could argue that the DoFP version was just moving fast enough for him to pull that off, but I don’t believe Quicksilver is that fast. The Flash, definitely, but not Quicksilver. Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s portrayal of his personality was also more pleasant to me, whereas Evan Peter’s version just irritated me.

Also, Wanda’s officially my girl. I don’t think I need to explain why.

Overall, I would definitely recommend catching this in theaters while it’s there. I know that some scenes lots of people were looking forward to were cut out for time – including the one including Loki – so I’m sure they’ll be available on the DVD/Blu-Ray when its released. Those and the “behind-the-scenes” documentaries will be enough for me to justify a purchase of the latter, despite that I own Blu-Ray copies of every MCU movie so far. It sets up for a lot of what’s going to happen in throughout Phase 3, both in the upcoming solo/duo films and obviously the two-parter McGuffin War (Trinity War). You’ll definitely have fun watching this, because I had fun watching this, despite the things that I didn’t like. But more importantly, it’s worth paying a full admission price.

Which means a lot coming from me…

Hey Everybody!! :)

As some of you may have seen already, I’m going to no longer be the pale themed blog that I’ve had for 4-5 months. I’ve made a lot of changes to this blog over the almost one year of having it, the pale being it’s second theme. I’ve also made a name change that I’ve gotten nothing but positive comments on so thank you. I’ve decided now that I’m going to start posting a lot of original content, that being my own photography. That doesn’t mean I won’t like or reblog your posts anymore, I just want to make this more of an ‘original’ blog if you know what I mean, with original content. Yeah I may lose some followers again for changing my theme and that’s okay, that’s not why I even have this blog. It doesn’t matter how many or little followers I have. I have this account as a personal space where I can gain and share artistic and creative ideas with people and it’s amazing to even see people like you follow me and appreciate these ideas. I created an Instagram a few months ago and posted stuff before but deleted them all because I’ve known for a little while now I wanted to do this. Basically the Instagram account will be all 100% my photography which I’ll also share here it’s just another outlet to share on. It’s the same name icphosphene. Well if you’ve actually read this far thank you and ✌️


                       ❝ IT IS ABOUT TIME that I find 
                           myself in front of you at this
                           moment, S K Y W A L K E R.
                           You are very hard to track
                           yet your sudden FAME has
                           granted me the upper hand.
                           The Emperor will be pleased
                           to hear that you are now in
                           my  C U S T O D Y .❞

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You reblogged the ask I sent to queenofsebaciel saying something, that's why I sent you asks

You are damn right I did reblog that. Why? Because you were defending the fact that people wanted to send a letter to Yana telling her she needs to change her franchise. Then you come ranting to me because you got all butt hurt and start telling me people like me were reasons you left the fandom but that post you originally defended said stuff about changing advertizing that involves sebaciel and adressing Grell’s gender. like if that stuff is too much for you stop reading the manga all together because advertizing and Grell’s gender is not something the fandom decides. “You’re basically telling me to stop reading the manga because of how the fandom acts?” This is quoting you from your first ask. No I told you to stop reading the manga because you don’t like the advertizing, because you don’t like the way Grell’s gender is not adressed. Not because of the fandom which you claimed to not be a part of.

So its been a while since I have posted , I’ve been quite busy with my college work. But I’ve decided my blog needed a change and I want to draw more.

Well the inspiration behind this is from my pet budgie called Feathers mac PipPip as well as the old British uniform.

This is going to be my “persona” for my blog as well as a character I might use in the future.

I apologise for not posting , college work is pretty “boom” and I’ve been making sure to meet deadlines.

Thanks for all the support. You guys are the best

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because of your AAVE post a while back, what do you think of this? anarchists-for-big-government. tumblr. com/post/98923688159/i-think-game-strong-is-aave-so-dont (remove the spaces ofc). it made me a bit wary because I don't know if they are black and all the tags are basically white people taking this like "I'm glad someone finally said it!!!" when iunno, I've seen a lot of posts saying otherwise? I understand the sentiment but I don't know if it's up to non-black people to decide...

I’ll say this much: language does change over time because it’s influenced by the innovations we make to it. They are correct about AAVE not being truly established or defined until a certain period and that some words do come from AAVE because of the mainstreaming of black music and culture (they bring up rock and roll which was originally black music); hence the problem with the comodifying of culture in general.

But, that still doesn’t excuse how non-black people do in fact take aspects of our culture and use it for their own benefit which simultaneously furthers anti-blackness. It’s not up to non-black people to decide how and when our language is used, no matter how ingrained it is in popular culture; thankfully AAVE is ever changing and ever evolving for it can’t be completely taken away, though parts of it are being bought and sold for mass consumption.

TL;DR: while AAVE has been absorbed into popular culture to an extent, it still was made and crafted by black people and is still often used against us to further anti-blackness. It’s a twisted web because nothing we make for ourselves can we truly keep it since once we make it everybody wants a piece of it.


ok but in scowlingbat and i’s au, originally tommy had a broken arm and ribs, but then as we kept writing we both kept fORGETTING THAT HIS ARM WAS BROKEN, so we changed it to be:

bruce thought tommy’s arm was broken because it was in a sling. he didn’t look over the medical clipboard very hard or figure out what was going on because he was in such a rush to take tommy home after surgery. tommy just listened at first without questioning it because he was HIGH AS HELL on post-surgery drugs, but what happened was: he had internal bleeding, got surgery done on that, also has broken ribs (can’t really do much for that), and his arm was sprained and bruised and (initially, although it was fixed asap) dislocated. so his arm just hurts a lot, but he can use it (and he does because he’s stubborn).

now think of how PISSED OFF tommy was tho in this version. he thought his arm was broken, but as he gets sober, he realizes?? what the fuck? no it’s not broken wtf bruce are you stupid? think about how often tommy tells everyone around him about this. think about tommy being so obnoxious and telling everyone about how bruce made him think his arm was broken. “BECKY CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS. HE DIDN’T EVEN CARE TO GET THE FACTS ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED TO ME IN THE HOSPITAL. FOR ALL I KNOW THEY COULD HAVE PUT A FUCKING BOMB IN ME WHILE I WAS UNDER. HE’S SO TERRIBLE. YOU KNOW I BET HE DID IT ON PURPOSE BECAUSE HE’S GASLIGHTING ME INTO BEING SUBMISSIVE AND DEPENDENT OF HIM. IM A DOCTOR I WON’T FALL FOR HIS TRICKS.”

Comparison [Extended version]

originally posted on livejournal under my user name feait for the  100_roadtrips’s Challenge #295: Small Packages

Goku was excited. He had never been to an onsen and could not believe that the four of them were stopping at one.

When changing in the locker room, Goku noticed how … private the others acted. That left Goku puzzled.

Once in the spring, Goku decided to sit by the cool waterfall.

Gojyo was already there.

“Stop pushing. I was here first.”

“Doesn’t make it yours.”

Gojyo shoved Goku; Goku shoved back.

After a couple of shoves, a towel floated in the water. Goku looked down.

Not mine.

He looked at Gojyo.

“Wow, Gojyo, yours is not like mine.”

One of Gojyo’s hands quickly covered himself, while the other scrambled to grab the floating towel. “Quit staring, ya pervy monkey.”

“How did you get that big?” Goku checked himself then looked back at Gojyo. “What did you do? Do you think I can get that big?” His hand moved towards Gojyo’s groin.

Gojyo kicked Gojyo in the gut then wrapped himself. “Fuck off!” He got out of the hot spring and stormed off to the locker room.

“Jerk!” shouted Goku. He sat down between Sanzo and Hakkai. “What’s wrong with Gojyo?”

Both moved away from Goku.

Goku looked from one to the other. “Why’d you move?”

“Well, Goku, you’re …” Hakkai started.

Sanzo finished, “You’re a pervert.”

“Pervert? I’m not a pervert; Gojyo is.”

Sanzo moved to pound Goku’s head with his fist, but chose not to. He did not want to get close enough to Goku for him to mess with his towel.

“Goku, there is more than one way to be a pervert,” Hakkai said. “One of those ways is to stare at another man’s groin.”

“I wasn’t staring.”

“You weren’t able to look away from Gojyo, were you?”

“No. It’s so much bigger than me.”

“That proves you’re a pervert,” Sanzo roared then left the hot spring.

“What? Sanzo?”

“Goku, you couldn’t look away, which means you were staring. Purposely looking at another man’s groin is seen as something a pervert would do.”

That shocked Goku. “I’m not a pervert! It’s just that I’ve never seen anyone else’s, you know? I didn’t know they could come in different sizes.”

Hakkai took a moment to craft his response. “You do know people do not come in the same shape or size.”


“Then is it reasonable to say that if people come in all shapes and size that certain parts of their bodies will come in different shapes and sizes?”

Goku thought about this for a moment. “Yeah, I guess you’re right, Hakkai.”

Hakkai stood up and climbed out of the hot spring.

“Hakkai, where are you going?”

“I’ve stayed in the hot spring too long.”

Goku got out of the hot spring and followed Hakkai into the locker room.

While changing, Goku was lost in thought, busy struggling whether or not to ask Hakkai a question.

His curiosity won out.

“Uh, Hakkai?”Goku asked as they left the locker room for their room.

“Yes, Goku?”

“Do you think Sanzo has a big one or a small one?”


Aside from meat buns, the idea Sanzo could be smaller than him was the only thought in Goku’s head. But he could not figure out a way to learn if that was true.

Worse, Goku had no idea how to do this on his own. He did not want to ask Gojyo. Gojyo would not only call him a pervert again then blab to Sanzo.

Goku thought about asking Hakkai to help, but he had a feeling Hakkai would not help, not after the explanation he gave.

He went with the only approach he knew: the direct approach.

One night while Sanzo slept, Goku started pulling up Sanzo’s blanket.

“GOKU!” Sanzo kicked the monkey hard in the gut. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Goku had no answer.

Sanzo’s shout woke up Gojyo and Hakkai.

“What’s going on?” asked Gojyo.

Hakkai looked at Sanzo with his blanket asunder then Goku who was clutching his stomach.

“Sanzo,” Hakkai said, “I’m sure Goku will not do whatever he did ever again. Right, Goku?”

“Yes, Hakkai. Sorry, Sanzo.”

Hakkai walked over to Goku. “Let me see.”

Goku revealed a black and blue in the shape of a foot on his torso.

Hakkai called up his chi and began healing Goku. 

Gojyo looked at Hakkai. “You know what happened, don’t you?”

Hakkai gave Gojyo his patent “I’m not telling” smile. “All I know is that Sanzo kicked Goku in the stomach.


The following few days everyone noticed Goku avoided Sanzo. When Gojyo asked Goku about this, Goku replied, “I’m not avoiding Sanzo.”

Gojyo knew he was lying, but did not know why or what he could do about it.

Sanzo, however, knew there was something more to Hakkai’s little exchange with Goku.

He waited until they were in the next town and the first chance he was alone with Hakkai to ask about it.

Sanzo looked up from his newspaper. “All right, Hakkai, what’s going on?”

Hakkai looked up from the pack he was going through. “Going on? I’m checking to see if we’re low on supplies.”

“There are enough idiots on this trip. Don’t join their ranks.”  Sanzo put down his paper and lit a cigarette.

Hakkai sat down next to the pack on the floor. “You’re not going to like this. Remember the conversation Goku had with Gojyo at the hot springs?”

Sanzo grounded out his cigarette.

“Well,” Hakkai continued, “that led Goku to wonder if – ”

“If I was bigger than Gojyo.” Sanzo grounded the palm of his hand against his head.

“No, that wasn’t it. He wondered if you were smaller than him.”

Had Sanzo been drinking coffee at this moment he would have choked on it.

Instead his face turned red. “WHAT!” He stormed towards the door.

Hakkai interceded. “Now, Sanzo calm down.”

“Get out of my way, Hakkai. I am going to kill him.”

“Killing Goku won’t change the fact that he was curious.” Hakkai pushed Sanzo away from the door and into a chair. “Sanzo, breathe.”

Sanzo scowled at Hakkai. “Why shouldn’t I kill him?”

“He didn’t see anything, did he? The night was too dark; there was no moon.”

Sanzo knew Hakkai was right, but it did not change the fact that Goku thought he could be bigger. He returned to reading his newspaper.

A few moments passed, before a thought occurred to Sanzo.

“Hakkai, you know the answer to Goku’s question, don’t you?”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because … you’ve seen all of us due to some injury or another.”

Hakkai looked at Sanzo, arching an eyebrow. He wanted Sanzo to work for this information. “So, you think I would sneak a peek when all of you are lying in your briefs while I heal you?”

“Yes. I mean no, damn it.” Sanzo sat silently, struggled with the words. “Is he right?”



“Goku likes to walk around in his briefs after he showers. Why don’t you look at him the next he does that.”

“I’m not a pervert.”

“So I am?”


Hakkai decided to put Sanzo out of his misery.

“Due to various injuries, I have had the dubious honor of healing near that area, as you said. And no, Goku is not right.”

Hakkai sensed Sanzo wanted to ask another question, but Goku and Gojyo returned to the room before he could.  

The four of them went to dinner. The inn’s dining room was crowded. As they were led to their table, Hakkai took this opportunity to answer the unspoken question.

“You, but not by much,” Hakkai whispered.

“What?” Sanzo asked.

“You are bigger than Gojyo.”

Sanzo stared at Hakkai for a moment.


Hakkai chuckled. “So you weren’t worried about Gojyo being bigger than you?”

Okay guys I’ve decided I’m going to change my blog. I originally started out as a Jean ask blog but since then I’ve started uploading and posting a lot more different cosplays and shows. So it’s time to say goodbye to the strictly Jean blog and hello every single thing under the sun blog. This doesn’t mean I won’t be doing Jean asks anymore, it just means I’ll be doing asks for other characters as well :)

Also my girlfriend and I are interested in doing some character Q and A live streams and Asks. This means any character, any OTP (as long as we have something to fit the character and we know them) and just being total idiots.

So please send in requests for OTP’s and character for us! We will most likely have a new account so once that’s up I’ll post a link. But send me or erenjaeger-titanslayer some asks and characters for us to do tonight.

This has been a long post!