I already did a translation of this but decided to scan and typeset it since i felt like scanning today. I also changed the wording of some of the translations in my original post, so it could flow better.

I originally made a post like this last year, but I decided to update it. I’ve removed/changed some broken links and added a few more must-sees.

Obviously there are tons more interviews and Monkee-related stuff out there (particularly from the 80s-present), but these are some of my favourites!

Feel free to let me know of anything I’ve missed from the list!


Hey Hey We’re The Monkees, 1997

Behind The Music, 1998 (?)

We Love The Monkees, 2012


The Monkees on KDWB-AM, 1967.
Not an interview as such, but here is audio of when the boys took over a radio station on their summer tour. (courtesy of psychojello​ )

Pop Chronicals, 1967 [audio only]
Great interview with Mike, who talks (among other things) about the hurt of not being respected.

The Hy Lit Show, 1968
Promoting ‘Head’.

‘Walking in New York’, 1969
Brief interview with Micky and Davy.

Australian Interview with Davy Jones, 1971(?)
Davy at his home with Talia.

Jane Pauley Interview, 1986
Noteable for Micky literally falling to the floor in laughter after being asked about the 'New Monkees’.

Mike and Micky 'After The Greek’, 1986
Micky looking at Mike adoringly and Mike giving Micky a big kiss on the cheek. Need I say more?

Mini Peter Tork Documentary, 2015
A short but sweet documentary about Peter, by his son Ivan.

Press and News Footage:

UK Newsreel Footage / Press Conference, 1967

WKBW Radio, 1967

Australian Newsreel Footage / Press Conference, 1968

Australian Press Conference, 1968 [audio only]
Great interview which also includes a hysterical fan gate-crashing the press conference!!

Live footage with Monkee Talk dubbed over, 1968


Salt Lake City Concert, 1968
Silent behind the scenes footage and outtakes of The Monkees concert for 'Head’.

The Johnny Cash Show, 1969
Nine Times Blue.

The Glen Campbell Good Time Hour, 1969
Medley (Last Train To Clarksville, I’m a Believer, Salesman) and 'Teardrop City’. Especially worth watching for the hilariously random sketch!

Christmas Medley, 1986
Monkees with extra cheese but seriously WORTH IT. Also features some of the Monkees kids. But can you spot Mike..?

Through The Looking Glass, 1989.
Micky in drag for no apparent reason…


Davy Jones as the Artful Dodger, 1964.
Davy performing I’d Do Anything with the cast of Oliver! on The Ed Sullivan Show the same night as the Beatles made their US debut.

Monkees Screen Tests, 1965.
All the Monkees auditions and screen tests for the show.

Monkees Romp - Behind The Scenes, 1967.
Rare silent footage of the Monkees on the beach, set to 'Saturday’s Child’. Very cute!

The Emmy Awards, 1967.
Footage of The Monkees scooping two awards. The boys themselves don’t collect the awards, but worth watching for their lovely reactions!

Happening '69, 1969
The Monkees appear now and then throughout the whole show, but mainly from 20 minutes in. Listen out for what’s said about Piscean men and keep an eye on Micky’s reaction…

Laugh In, 1969
Clips from when the Monkees appeared on the show in October '69.

'Junkyard Movie’, 1969 (?)
Silent footage of Micky messing around a junkyard which includes him having a wee. The description says it’s from 1967 but I think it’s from later than that, maybe 1969 or even 1970.

Monkees Commercials, 1966-1970
Compliation of all The Monkees commercials.

The No No Song, 1975
Ringo Star performing the “No No Song’ on Hoyt Axton’s “Boogie Woogie, Gospel, Rock and Roll Show”, which features Micky drunk dancing and singing along.

Dolenz, Jones, Boyce and Hart TV Special, 1976. Part One / Part Two
Features Micky’s infamous glam-rock performance of 'Steppin’ Stone’.

The Ben Stiller Show, 1992
Spoof of The Monkees called 'The Grungies’ (co-written by Judd Apatow!). Cameo appearance by Micky.

'Peter and Davy Come to Blows’, 2009
Davy and Peter talk about the bust-ups between the boys back in the day, including the famous fight between the pair.

The Monkees induction into the Pop Music Hall of Fame, 2014.
At the 2014 Monkees Convention.

Need Couch-Chicago, IL


My name is Colton. My fiancee and I are really needing a place in Chicago, IL. I posted before but I decided to deactivate my old Tumblr, (getyrownblog) for personal reasons. Things have changed from my previous post.

About our situation: My fiancee and I are both trans and currently live in Atlanta, GA. I am not originally from here and we had to move back to Atlanta, GA from Pennsylvania because  of some really bad car trouble. Our car broke down in the middle of nowhere and we were stranded on the street. I basically had to beg my parents to help us get to a safe place(they live in Metro Atlanta). We moved originally from Atlanta, GA to Pennsylvania because there are more rights there for trans people that are not in Atlanta, currently and that was something that I was passionate about. I’m originally from Chicago, IL  and was forced to move to the South at a young age. I’ve lived in Atlanta for about 16 years but throughout that time frame, I always visited my family frequently in Chicago with plans of moving back to Chicago, IL when I was older. The time for that is now. I am 21 years old and my grandmother that lives in Chicago currently has Alzheimers. I am moving back to Chicago to help take care of her. I am over a year on testosterone and my mom has told her that I am her grandson, but I haven’t really seen my grandma since I have transitioned. It is very important to me and my family that I am able to take care of my grandma. I have other family in Chicago but they have unfortunately become too busy with their own lives to help take care of her. My mom can’t afford to fly out there so frequently anymore so it is for the best that me and my fiancee do that. Not only am I going to Chicago to take care of her, but it’s a win win situation for my fiancee and me as well because there are a lot more trans rights and resources there than there is where I live now in the south, making it a much safer and happier place for us  to transition. 

I chose to post here instead of Craigslist because my fiancee and I don’t have the best credit scores yet and we want to be 110% sure that the person that we live with is trans friendly. I currently live in this place called The Green House which a trans supportive housing program. It’s a brand new program. Everyone knows my situation there and one of the people there has agreed to help me by driving me all the way from Atlanta to Chicago. The deal with him driving me up there is that I desperately need to have housing in place before I go there. I receive monthly SSI and will be able to pay rent and our own food that way. There are also supportive employment programs that I have been looking into for us. We are looking for something ASAP. If you don’t have a place, it would be mean a lot if you signal boosted this post so that we can eventually find a place.

You can contact me through:

                                                my phone number(you can call or text):770-364-9708

                                               My blog:


Decided to post this anyways.. if anyone was interested in it.. it’s a red/black mod of the Snowsuit.. which im sure theres more out there like it.. but here’s my version.. the pants have a reddish highlight and the popo head has red/yellow eyes. i also changed the popo a little. 

  • Download the GPK File Here
  • Download into: Mod Folder only, never alter original game files. location provided below. 
  • Credit is appreciated but not required. 
  • Find other mods by Kittieology Here  or Look them up on my blog Here

GPK File Destination:Tera/Cllient/S1Game/CookedPC/Art_Data/Packages/CH/_PC(or Other Mod folder)

Goodbye, Machine Chaser.

[originally posted 4.19.15]

Hey, this is Katono.

Finally, Kamen Rider Chaser was born on air.
If you ask me what I liked, it would be that that “transformation” was actually turning into Machine Chaser and then having the armor break apart to change into Kamen Rider Chaser. Like it’s the manifestation of Chase’s resolution.

Ah, but, wait? The Break Gunner is still going strong, so that that line of thought…
It’s not that. I really loved Machine Chaser, so I’m a little sad, but since he’s decided to become a protector of humanity this is how he’ll live.
Goodbye… Shinigami Machine Chaser.

And Heart-sama was really cool today, huh. Thinking of Chase as a friend until the very end. He surrendered to the decision made out of brainwashing, even though that led to their parting, he accepted it. A man among men. Perhaps a king. I fell for him. Brain showed off his supernatural ability for planning again. From here on out Brain will be playing a very active part, so it might be a good idea to pay attention to him.

Gou…. will he accept this, I wonder.
He’s got yet another thing to worry about. It’s my fault. If there comes a time at which we recognize each other, I wonder if he’ll call me “Cha-nii”.

Shinnosuke is both a rival and a good friend. He looks like he’d trust Chase to have his back in fights. It’s almost time for the old Drive to give way to the new united Drive front. But there’s still all the mystery surrounding his father… seems very dark.

So, that’s about where we’re at now. No matter what else, I love filming Drive. Let’s all have a nice drive up until the end.

I like this picture.
We look like family, right?

And so,

please continue watching Kamen Rider Drive.

With that.

I’ve decided (and I’m certain I’m not alone in this) that deleting the artist’s comments from a photo/photo-set or other post while reblogging is rather disrespectful to the original artist.

I’m not saying you can’t delete the comments I leave regarding the context of my scribbles and such, but nonetheless, whenever I see it being done (to my posts or to other people) I immediately think of the act as rude.

So maybe the commentary doesn’t fit your “blog aesthetic,” or you’ve got a thing against images with explanatory text. If I could choose between someone reblogging my posts while deleting my comments or simply not reblogging at all, I’d rather my post not be reblogged.

I can’t tell you what to do, but I can still say that I don’t care for it (and that it irks me, especially when links and relevant information is discarded.) So yeah. If you want to annoy me, do that. I’ll be rolling my eyes behind my computer screen.

pukakke replied to your post: anonymous asked:Does that sign me…

since when is his name bill? (not to interrogate i just didnt know)

naw, that’s a valid question ‘cause they haven’t actually ever said it in the show yet, you need to look at the credits and storyboard for “Cat Fingers”

its entirely possible that he was originally named Bill and then they decided to change it to Buck, because in every other episode he’s just credited as “Mayor Dewey” and not Bill, so despite this name being on official stuff it may no longer be correct. Time will tell I suppose


Hey yall !!! I’ve decided to start commissions to help out with food and school and stuff!

As of now I’m only keeping it at two slots because I am nearing finals, but that can/will most likely change in the summer.

OCs/original works are something I didnt mention in the thingy but I can definitely do those as well! Just be sure that when you have an OC commission you also have some means of description for your character, whether that be work of your own or text. The more descriptive the better! :^)

As for things I will not do, its pretty much any NSFW or gore/guro

Currently I only accept PayPal, but once I begin to look into it I’ll see what other forms of payment I can accept. I’ll give you directions to my paypal while negotiating commissions through email! If there are any more questions or you want to commission me, email me through

Thank you for any help in advance!! Hope you have a lovely day  ヽ(´∀`●)

anonymous asked:

Klayley College AU TA and student please 😃

a/n: I’m changing this to a Professor/Student au because I have a headcanon that Klaus was once an Art History Professor. setting: au/ah


She’s at some bar, a line of shots presented in front of her as she marvels at them. Hayley Marshall had just decided to give up on her post-secondary education. And, before one jumps to conclusions about some man who broke her heart, let us observe the events prior to that.

Number one, she hated school, she always did. The only reason why she thought going to university was a good idea was because she was convinced that she needed a degree in order to survive in today’s job market.

Number two, Hayley had absolutely no clue what she wanted to do with her life. Going to school was just going to buy her some time. She’d take some bird classes, get a couple of mediocre grades here and there, maybe have an affair with her hot Art History professor—

“Hello Hayley.”

—Or bump in to him at some unpopular bar in the corner of campus.

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anonymous asked:

Ms. E-vay, I hope you don't mind me asking, while looking through old art of Aurora, I saw that she used to be purple and blue, and it left me wondering, what made you decide to change her color scheme to her current pink?

The first time I ever colored her, she was originally pink (this is that Sailor Moon looking drawing. She looked very very different back then, but unfortunately I can only find that one drawing that I posted). I didn’t color my drawings a lot back then though, so I wasn’t entirely sure what color I pictured her when I redesigned her. I just tried experimenting with the colors, trying out a purple (since pink and blue make purple anyway) but I didn’t like how straight-forward that was. For some reason whenever I think of a sonamy kid, I’m drawn to light blue, which is why I tried making Aurora light blue for a bit but it just didn’t suit her either. Eventually I went back to pink, and it just felt right.

Whenever you’re coming up with a character it’s good to test out a few things before you decide on the final look (you can always redesign later too). I even ended up taking a character design class in college, and my instructor would make us go through 3-5 iterations before submitting the final draft. It’s a good practice to get in to :)

Hey Everybody!! :)

As some of you may have seen already, I’m going to no longer be the pale themed blog that I’ve had for 4-5 months. I’ve made a lot of changes to this blog over the almost one year of having it, the pale being it’s second theme. I’ve also made a name change that I’ve gotten nothing but positive comments on so thank you. I’ve decided now that I’m going to start posting a lot of original content, that being my own photography. That doesn’t mean I won’t like or reblog your posts anymore, I just want to make this more of an ‘original’ blog if you know what I mean, with original content. Yeah I may lose some followers again for changing my theme and that’s okay, that’s not why I even have this blog. It doesn’t matter how many or little followers I have. I have this account as a personal space where I can gain and share artistic and creative ideas with people and it’s amazing to even see people like you follow me and appreciate these ideas. I created an Instagram a few months ago and posted stuff before but deleted them all because I’ve known for a little while now I wanted to do this. Basically the Instagram account will be all 100% my photography which I’ll also share here it’s just another outlet to share on. It’s the same name icphosphene. Well if you’ve actually read this far thank you and ✌️

This is Zaia! She started off as and Engineer Femshep from Mass Effect and have since been putting her in personal head stories including an all girl cover band which Junko is also a part of. I love her interacting with Junko so I think I’m going to give her a Digimon also <: Her look has changed a lot from her original femshep, especially when I draw her younger. I haven’t decided on her clothing style yet so she’s in Junko’s stuff at the moment. I’m thinking it might be similar though idk. Here’s where I post OC and Fan Character stuff c:

anonymous asked:

What do those names mean? how'd you come up with them? How do you know each other? And why two blogs?

Well these are either or real names or made up names. Some of chose our real names and some chose fake. I’m not going to say who because people we know irl are going to see this and yeah…

(if we kept our real name we changed our last name)

The names don’t mean anything really. For some of us our name was chosen because either 1) It sounded good 2) it was just an alternative word for our real name. For those of us who didn’t change our names, you should ask our parents why they chose them.

We know each other from school, we met there and became friends and etc etc.

And two blogs because casualpeanutexperts is for REBLOGGING and Formalpeanutexperts is for ordinary mostly original posts. We decided to have it like this because then the reblogs won’t drown out our actual content.


                       ❝ IT IS ABOUT TIME that I find 
                           myself in front of you at this
                           moment, S K Y W A L K E R.
                           You are very hard to track
                           yet your sudden FAME has
                           granted me the upper hand.
                           The Emperor will be pleased
                           to hear that you are now in
                           my  C U S T O D Y .❞

I think the thing that aggravates me the most about tumblr changes is that they ALWAYS completely unnecessarily swap buttons around, like the post & close button & the search button, & it’s like WHAT IS THE POINT?? WHAT DOES IT MATTER WHICH SIDE THIS SHIT IS ON YOU’RE JUST SCREWING UP MY HABITS & MAKING ME CLICK BUTTONS I DIDN’T MEAN TO CLICK BECAUSE YOU SUDDENLY FUCKING DECIDED THAT THE SEARCH BUTTON WOULD LOOK NICER ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE PAGE.

ok but in scowlingbat and i’s au, originally tommy had a broken arm and ribs, but then as we kept writing we both kept fORGETTING THAT HIS ARM WAS BROKEN, so we changed it to be:

bruce thought tommy’s arm was broken because it was in a sling. he didn’t look over the medical clipboard very hard or figure out what was going on because he was in such a rush to take tommy home after surgery. tommy just listened at first without questioning it because he was HIGH AS HELL on post-surgery drugs, but what happened was: he had internal bleeding, got surgery done on that, also has broken ribs (can’t really do much for that), and his arm was sprained and bruised and (initially, although it was fixed asap) dislocated. so his arm just hurts a lot, but he can use it (and he does because he’s stubborn).

now think of how PISSED OFF tommy was tho in this version. he thought his arm was broken, but as he gets sober, he realizes?? what the fuck? no it’s not broken wtf bruce are you stupid? think about how often tommy tells everyone around him about this. think about tommy being so obnoxious and telling everyone about how bruce made him think his arm was broken. “BECKY CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS. HE DIDN’T EVEN CARE TO GET THE FACTS ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED TO ME IN THE HOSPITAL. FOR ALL I KNOW THEY COULD HAVE PUT A FUCKING BOMB IN ME WHILE I WAS UNDER. HE’S SO TERRIBLE. YOU KNOW I BET HE DID IT ON PURPOSE BECAUSE HE’S GASLIGHTING ME INTO BEING SUBMISSIVE AND DEPENDENT OF HIM. IM A DOCTOR I WON’T FALL FOR HIS TRICKS.”

anonymous asked:

because of your AAVE post a while back, what do you think of this? anarchists-for-big-government. tumblr. com/post/98923688159/i-think-game-strong-is-aave-so-dont (remove the spaces ofc). it made me a bit wary because I don't know if they are black and all the tags are basically white people taking this like "I'm glad someone finally said it!!!" when iunno, I've seen a lot of posts saying otherwise? I understand the sentiment but I don't know if it's up to non-black people to decide...

I’ll say this much: language does change over time because it’s influenced by the innovations we make to it. They are correct about AAVE not being truly established or defined until a certain period and that some words do come from AAVE because of the mainstreaming of black music and culture (they bring up rock and roll which was originally black music); hence the problem with the comodifying of culture in general.

But, that still doesn’t excuse how non-black people do in fact take aspects of our culture and use it for their own benefit which simultaneously furthers anti-blackness. It’s not up to non-black people to decide how and when our language is used, no matter how ingrained it is in popular culture; thankfully AAVE is ever changing and ever evolving for it can’t be completely taken away, though parts of it are being bought and sold for mass consumption.

TL;DR: while AAVE has been absorbed into popular culture to an extent, it still was made and crafted by black people and is still often used against us to further anti-blackness. It’s a twisted web because nothing we make for ourselves can we truly keep it since once we make it everybody wants a piece of it.