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I haven’t been active on TERA for a while, it started to lag so much I wasn’t able to even move at all and that kinda made it a drag to be online. Since I’m not using her much, for now at least, I decided to post her green eyes!

Details: The eyes have been edited to have a green-emerald-ish color, some detail and light has been added to cover what I never liked in the original face. Darker lashes. Changed color of brows. There’s also better and more even blush and slightly better shade on the nose. Then there’s a change in the lips as well, more plump and pinker. All in all, it’s a face mod.

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All you should know about Sasuke, Sakura’s feelings and SS: recopilation made by a non-shipper narufan.

I decided to post this because of the shitty people here on tumblr that can’t understand the manga. You can use this if you have to answer to a hater and you don’t want to write a lot. Here we go:

Sasuke was an innocent and happy child and as I am already tired to say, the way he behaved back then is the original 

but everything changed because of the Uchiha massacre. Taking into account everything he has gone through and the psychological pain he has suffered, I don’t think that right after the war he could have become like that again BUT It could be that he’s now a bit like that even if he is 27 (?) years old. This goes for those who said that a happy Sasuke with his new family would be unlogical and OOC. But it is not. If you were waiting for him to be embittered for the rest of his life, you were very wrong, but I will talk about this later.The clan massacre was the fact that changed completely Sasuke. It isn’t strange that a boy like him developed such hate taking into account that he lost EVERYTHING and saw the one who did it right after losing his family. He didn’t know anything about the reason behind why Itachi did that, so he suffered since that moment until he was 16 a continuous nightmare which started to ease when he joined team seven, the one he started considering as a family. Itachi ’s appearance made everything more complicated: Itachi caused him an enormous psychological pain in order to keep him away from the truth . Right after that moment, a scene which a lot of brainless people use to say that their relationship is wrong and toxic happens. 

If Sasuke had thrown the apple without a meaning it could be a right argument but hey, he never throwed the apple and the dish to her! If he did that it’s because he feels powerless after his encounter with his brother, who is the one that made him live this kind of life, and he wans’t in the mood to be eating fruits at that time. I suppose there is no need for me to explain what’s my point.

A few moments later after the battle at the roof, where Sasuke begins to understand that Naruto isn’t a moron as he thought and that he is approaching his level. Kakashi tells him to forget the idea of leaving the village for revenge and he almost get it. If the sound ninjas that send Orochimaru hadn’t presented everything would have turned out very different. I will skip all the things that happen after these scenes to go directly at the battle at the valley of the end. There is when we see that Naruto understand Sasuke quite well because he has always been alone … etc. The most important thing here is the fact that Sasuke couldn’t kill Naruto as he wanted to do at the beginning to achieve what his brother told him to do, which is actually the evidence that his bond with Naruto and the rest of team 7 can’t even be broken with hatred, as we discover later. Taking this fact into account, I find much more difficult to understand those who are saying that Sasuke is a piece of shit without comprehending the reason of why he did what he did and with not even bothering to appreciate the details like this one that have a very important significance. 

Then the “sasuhaters” say that he felt happy when he abandoned Konoha but wait.   

I see he’s dying of joy LOL 

.After the time skip we see a more powerful Sasuke thanks to his trainings with Orochimaru and he didn’t give him a chance to possess his body. When he is about to kill Orochimaru, Sasuke affirms to never have had the intention to offer him his body which make us understand that even being full of hatred he’s still rational, fact that demolishes all that nonsense about being insane that haters say. At this point, I can’t forget to mention team Taka. I can’t comprehend how can some silly people that they were more important for Sasuke than team seven. In one occasion he remembers team 7 while he was with taka but let’s remember Sasuke’s arrival in the war. After that moment Sasuke doesn’t have any more interaction with them for a while and you’ll say, what are you trying to say? Taka was only a tool for him only to achieve his first goal, and if someone doesn’t see this go and buy some glasses, really. He never had in mind to create a bond with any of them, he didn’t know anything about them like it is shown at the battle of kabuto and for gods sake, he didn’t even know that Karin was an Uzumaki 

 and in the same moment he saw his true team he forgot about them. Suigetsu and Juugo were at least treated more or less good even if he was only using them but Karin is the one he made clear that team taka was only a tool. Just look at the battle with Danzo where he literally said that is she wasn’t useful, it didn’t matter if something ever happened to her. Then the narusakutards along with the sasucrakin fanboys, say that he sincerely apologized to her but they don’t remember that those words were said in a very meaningless way for her to stop her from making a scene 

The first one has nothing to do VS the second one. He wasn’t saying sorry to Sakura to make her stop doing something, unlike he did with Karin.

I don’t forget about the face he makes when she approaches him and begins to touch him 

In regard of Karin’s character, let me remember to her fans: she was a character created as a comic relief due to her relationship with Suigetsu and Sasuke. There’s nothing more important about her than that, there is no development of her as a character (furthermore, in the end she’s ruined with that Sasuke licking and raping thing), and the chances for her to end up with Sasuke were quite small if we look at what happened in the manga. When I saw the fake interview that SK fans made which said that team taka was a reflection of team seven and Karin was like Sakura for him, the creator of such shit said that Sasuke acted differently with her. Well yes, you are right, he behaved in a different way with her. He never told to the other members of Taka how useless they were at their face, he never treated any other person as bad as he did with Karin. It’s your choice if you want to freak about that pairing, but let me tell something to those the Karin fans who say that she is a fighter and a superwoman and blah blah blah. I am surprised about the description about her that you usually give. It’s exactly the description for Sakura in the last chapters of the manga. Come on, you make me sick. You even dared to say that Karin could comprehend Sasuke, then: why didn’t she try to recue him during the months they were together in taka? She had to be attacked by him to understand that something was wrong with him. Conclussion: she’s a fangirl, just like Sakura was at the beggining of the manga.  

She never were conscious about his situation and only wanted to make him hers, this was stated in Databook 4 by Kishi himself. 

Sasuke is hurt but she only cares about he’s handsome o_O She even has some clothes of him soaked with sweat. Yeah, this is real love…

By the way, Sakura haters and some SK say Sakura is masochistic… It seems they don’t know the meaning of the word so here goes a friendly reminder: someone who feels pleasure or enjoys being mistreated. 

There’s no pannel like this where Sakura shows a feeling like that, so the only masochistic is Karin. Good luck next time, weeaboos ;)

The next i’m gonna talk about It’s the famous attacks on Sakura, those attacks that make a lot of weeaboos shout and cry like if these characters were real and their death was something so important in their lifes. Let’s see, in the manga we see several times that Sasuke was going to kill not only Sakura but Naruto and everyone in the village too, at first because he thought that his clan’s honour would be restored, another misinterpretation of the ones who don’t have any kind of reading comprehension. When Sasuke talked about reviving his clan, he wasn’t referring to having children.Well, secondly it’s about the bond that linked him to team seven, that was still there even when he wasn’t in the village, and he considered it a weakness that misleaded him from his goal to kill Itachi. The last reason was that he didn’t want to love anyone again and suffer another loose in the future, so he wanted to be like Itachi. Some people say that it’s not justifiable to kill only for that  but they forget that this is quite subjective, that this is fiction and that the manga is set  in a somewhat medieval age, where ninjas are ready even to kill his loved ones. The examples are Itachi, Yashamaru and Hashirama. The autor left his justification for his decisions that in the end, Sasuke didn’t culminate, and why? Because Kishimoto simply wanted to show a message quite clear (well, not for everyone) with this and it’s that even if Sasuke was fully obsessed of revenge and sunken into hatred, in the end he could survive and have a family again, another topic which I will talk about later. 

We must consider several things about this attacks of anger towards Sakura. When the encounter in Orochimaru ’s den happened, Sasuke tried to attack Sakura, but you should focus on what happens when Yamato arrives and gets in the way: Sasuke’s sword reaches his shoulder. If he hadn’t put in the way between he and Sakura, the hit would not reach her because she’s too short. The reason of this it’s the same as why he couldn’t kill Naruto at the valley of the end, because he was his best friend and the bonds that he wanted to destroy later didn’t let him finish it, he couldn’t kill Sakura for this same reason, and the prove of it is in the next encounter. A few seconds before, he pierced Karin sooner that Naruto finishes a bowl of ramen and in that encounter, Sakura ends up without a scratch. Sasuke grabs her neck but he takes a lot of time to grab the kunai and show intentions of wanting to injure her. With this it is evident what I said before. I’ll talk about this moment in the manga later too when we start talking about Sakura, but the idea is to confirm that Sasuke isn’t an asshole, like narusakutards and some crazy fangirls of Sakura say, that forget that when you attack someone it is usual to receive a comeback. There’s something about this that attracks my attention and it’s that if Sasuke didn’t worry about Sakura and didn’t care a shit for her, he would have never go to kill her to cut his bonds with her. I am saying this because I recently saw someone on tumblr that said that the bond he had with Sakura wasn’t worth broking. I suppose that person missed the part where Sasuke almost hits her with the Chidori. It’s your choice if you want to get crazy with fanfics and headcanons that only exist in your limited minds. After all this, the resurrection of Orochimaru and some things more, we are on the arc of the fourth ninja war. Sasuke arrives with the intentions of sending everyone to ‘la mierda o la chingada’ but the encounter with his brother makes him rethink everything and etc. he ends up reuniting with his old team partners and you already know the rest. Some things to remark: there’s some people saying that Sasuke didn’t care when Kakashi and Sakura almost fell into the lava 

Sasuke saw Kakashi had everything under control so he went to save Naruto. As he said, if one of them or the two dies, the world would be over. He proceeded fastly and none of them fell down.  

 when Madara pierces Sakura 

It’s unlogical and stupid that he would wanted to kill Sakura when she got stabbed by Madara, speacilly because when she was going to attack Madara, his face says everything. Also, he was going to attack Madara in the middle part of his body. The proof of this is the position of his sword. I couldn’t find the complete page in this computer so look for it for yourselves. His sword was first upwards. If he intented to kill her, his sword wouldn’t be down. Finally, if he was going to kill her he would be behind Naruto and Sakura, not next to them.

On the other hand, the haters say it’s arrogant for him to say that Kakashi and Sakura should stay out of the battle but he was right. They aren’t as strong as Sasuke and Naruto, and the only thing they were doing was getting in danger unnecessarily, another reason why he said that. If he considered them a nuisance, like weeaboos say, then he wouldn’t have warned or told them something. Use your brain for at least one time in your life.   

Now let’s talk about Sasuke wanting to become hokage. The important thing that angers a lot the haters is that it’s demonstrated that Sasuke isn’t bad. He pretended to bring peace into the world and be similar to itachi, controlling everything from behind the shadows. Everyone can think what they want, if they point of view was the right one because it accepts that hate will always be present in the world, or it was Naruto’s one that said the things couldn’t be done alone. This is subjective and personal so I don’t understand why so many people is arguing about who should have been Hokage and the other one should go kiss the floor and that nonsense from fanboys. I must say that I, as a fan of Sasuke, support naruto’s vision at 100%.One last thing before I forget about it: the subnormals, who are Ns tards but other subspecies of shit, are saying that Sasuke is a sadist. Seriously, how can they say something like that without shame of themselves? A sadist character kills and enjoys it at every single moment. The only moment where Sasuke is shown being happy about killing someone is when he kill Danzo, who is very much guilty of making Itachi suffer a lot. He wasn’t killing at every chance he got and remember when he went with Suigetsu to pick up Zabuza’s sword- He told him not to kill anyone. A sadist would never have said something like that. If you want to see a true sadist character look for Kamui Yato from Gintama and you will see the difference.To conclude: Sasuke is a character who suffered too much because of his own parents and the others who supported them on doing a coupe d’etat. He had to suffer a big psychological pain and a huge internal hell during most of the manga. Despite being sunken into darkness and all that stuff, he is not fooled by Orochimaru to give him his body, he always has his goals in his mind and he isn’t crazy at all. Learn the difference between being crazy and being in such pain as the one that Sasuke suffered. Someone mad would not be able to assimilate the reality that the system of the world was driving everything to war and would have tried to change the world for the better like he did at the end. It’s true that he did want to kill everyone in the village but the author gave his justification, and the funniest of all this is that in the end, he only killed two people, and one of them somewhat deserved it a bit. The fact about being an avenger that wanted to do such massacre is created to spread a message at the end of the story with the retraining of the character. If you can’t comprehend something as simple as that, it’s better if you don’t read any manga which is more complicated that Naruto because you’ll fill the other fandoms of cancer. Characters that do act with no reasons and are assholes are Griffith from Berserk 

 Johan Liebheart, 


 Michio Yuki 




Dr Roosevelt 


 Dio Brando 

and of course, Orochimaru. No one of them has any kind of similarity to Sasuke. Of ocurse, I know he was going to kill inocent people if he’d had crushed Konoha and this is bad, but that plan was justified by Kishimoto so…

The next I’m going to talk about is about ‘Sasuke never cared about Sakura’ stuff. Considering that Sasuke is cold, to assure he was in love with Sakura (in the genin period) it’s something a bit subjective because the details I’ll appoint right now are ambiguous at his own, but together they make a lot of sense. I’ll be brief: he saves her in the death forest when she’s attacked by the sound ninjas. In fact, she’s the reason why he goes crazy and his seal is activated. 

He saves her after she tried to protect him from Gaara and says he doesn’t want to see their loved ones die before his eyes.  

Before meeting Itachi he said he was going to buy some sweets and the only character I remember who like that food is Sakura because Sasuke hates them. 

He talks with her about his plans for revenge, and when he leaves the village he doesn’t just walk away and ignore her. By the way, in this moment in both manga and anime Sasuke bites his lips when he says thanks to Sakura 

 In the second databook comes the big bomb because Kishimoto reveals that Sakura filled his lonely existence with her love 

Original raw: ‘孤独だった自分の存在を愛情という想いで満たしてくれたのがサクラだった。だが、その想いに応えることはやはりできない。サスケは、ただ一言の感謝の言葉を、別れの言葉として告げることしかできなかったのだ。’ I highlight the importance of くれた and が, the ones who can speak Japanese know why ;)

In a spanish forum I saw some (NS) tards talking about this and they said Sasuke couldn’t answer Sakura because he didn’t have an interest on her. WTF? A kid like him couldn’t love unless he overcome all the pain the had. Even so, it’s very obvious he wasn’t indiferent to her. The important is there’s some stuff that shows he already had an interest on her and these are MANGA FACTS. Nobody can change them, no matter if you like them or not. Then some of you say ‘it’s my opinion blah blah blah’ because you don’t know the difference between opinion and reality. To say that Naruto loves his wife is a reality, something objective. To say that their relationship is interesting or, on the other hand, boring, is an opinion or something subjective. To say that Sakura is a doctor is objective. However, to say that Naruto doesn’t love Hinata or to say that Sakura isn’t a doctor is not objective nor subjective. It’s affirm something that goes agaisnt the manga facts or THE REALITY. Well then, this is what you do when you say NH or SS are ilogic, not knowing that these couples were made canon after a period of courtship, as we can see in that omake where Naruto and Hinata go out to eat. To say that Sakura or any other character is useless is another contradiction, specially if we talk about a character that has made a lot of things in the manga like Sakura. I think you can understan the concept, it isn’t difficult. More things: 

 I don’t know where this is from but it’s pretty interesting. I’ve never tought of it as a proof since in Naruto’s section it says “daisuki” referring to Sakura and he only had a crush on her (suki) but it’s very curious that ? towards Sakura. 

I’m going to look for the original raw of this chapter to be sure of the text but if the translation is correct, then I have nothing to say. A cast-away love. I don’t think it is the love for his fathers or his brother, specially because it’s referred to Team 7.  

When he tries to attack her those 2 times he takes too long to try to hurt her. It’s because the same reason he couldn’t kill Naruto: he’s unable to cut bonds. Before he uses genjutsu on her, she says she loves him for the second time. Let’s have a look at this  

ピタ。This is the proof that her confession had an effect on him and he wasn’t indifferent about it.

About genjutsu: it’s only a fucking illusion techniche. He does it to prevent that Sakura comes between him and Naruto like she did one time. 

‘He called her annoying ñañaña’ I’ve found a good post about it so I won’t explain anything  By they way, in the japanese raw he said うざい。This word is also manipulated in many fansubs.
EDIT: some days ago the prologue of the Sakura Hiden has been released. The words confirm that those ‘you’re annoying’ weren’t something bad at all. Just accept it and learn the concept.

Next: Sakura never hesitated about her feelings. The ones who say that use the moment where Yamato insinuates Sakura could like Naruto but there’s no moment that shows it and of course, Yamato didn’t knew them. He knew anything about Sakura and Naruto and also didn’t know that she loved Sasuke. Just look at his face in Sakura’s false confession.

In the ending, Sasuke says he saw the shadow of his family in Team 7 so he did care about Kakashi and of course, Sakura. 

‘He said he wasn’t interested on her’ False. He said he had no reason to love her as well as she also didn’t have it, but it’s very clear that he’s lying. This post explains everything 

“Cut connections”. That’s why he tried to kill Naruto and Sakura. You can say what you want but Kishimoto justifies his actions.His death would have been something completely ilogic because Naruto promised he would bring him back to Konoha without killing him and all Part 2 was about that. The same goes for Naruto’s death. If you wanted an ending like that, you should read other genres and demographics.  

Next: Sasuke’s apology. Haters say he shouldn’t have been forgiven. Naruto forgave Gaara, Nagato, even Obito, another character that’s bashed for stupid reasons. If all these people were forgiven, why it can’t be the same with Sasuke? I already know: because your hate blinds you. Something I saw in Narutoforums: ‘but Naruto wasn’t trying to get under Sasuke’s pants’ Sure, Sakura only wanted to have sex with him. WTF? Where have you seen that in the manga? She confessed her love 2 times but not with the intention of being his girlfriend. Even Kakashi says it: ‘she only wanted to save you’. 

The final message of the manga is that no matter if you’re full of hatred and you’ve tried to do horrible things: you can always change, follow the correct path and be happy again. And I repeat it : ninjas in this story had to face difficult situations and even attack their loved ones, putting aside their feelings. If you can’t understand such an easy thing, you should stop reading manga.

About all that stuff of the ‘abusive pairing’: just because they tried to kill each other for the reasons I already mentioned doesn’t mean they’re going to do it again, specially when they have no reason to do it. It seems you have read only a few mangas, because there’s a few relationships I know that are a bit similar to SS. The ones I remember now: Jellal and Erza from FT and Kikyo and Inuyasha. I’ve never seen anyone saying that couples are toxic or abusive, which makes me thing you only repeat the bullshit you read or heard in the pages of weeaboos like you. BTW, SS and those 2 pairings are the proof that love isn’t an easy thing. This tought is very widespread in a majority of the NS fandom, or the tard fans of that pairing. Maybe one day you will understand what love really is.

‘Sasuke is only with Sakura because he sees her as a missery person and he only wants to have kids with her, he doesn’t love her’. In that case he would’ve never do this 

or this 

Take a look at his reaction when she asks him to leave the chuunin test.

Some aSSes say that poke just a brotherly thing but brothers don’t fuck with their sisters and plus, they’re not siblings. I’m not going to explain the meaning of the poking because most of you should already know it. Just one friendly reminder: Sasuke was the most important person for Itachi ;)

Sasuke is not a character that does favors to other people. In that case, he had become Karin’s boyfriend. Also, if he wanted Sakura only for having kids they would have more than one. It’s the time for you to accept it: if Sasuke has chosen her it’s because he wanted to do so. 

Again: ‘Sakura shouldn’t have forgiven Sasuke’. Well, that’s just something subjective and what you’d do but remember, the character does what the mangaka wants. ‘To forgive is an act of compassion, it’s not done because people deserve it. It’s done because they need it.’ Also, Sasuke apologized and he went for a trip to erase his sins. There’s no point in not forgiving him.

‘Sakura never understood Sasuke’. Most of the people who say this are sasunaru shippers who can’t accept that this pairing is crack. Of course Naruto understood Sasuke very well due to his life experience, but that doesn’t mean Sakura doesn’t. First of all, read her first confession. She says she has a family but if he was going to left, it would be the same as being alone. ‘I love so much that is unbereable’ This line says everything. Because he left, she underwent a lot of pain and she felt alone, even if Naruto was there. If you don’t understand the idea, then read the manga again. 

‘It was Naruto who saved Sasuke, not Sakura’ Another one from extremist fujoshis. I don’t think ‘save’ is the right word to refer to what happened but that’s just a personal opinion. I mean, Naruto only made Sasuke change his mind. He already had left his hatred when he met Edo Itachi and understood the ideals of his brothers, and the correct thing he had to do. Even if Naruto saved him, it’s obvious it was going to be like that. Naruto is the main character and the one who promised to bring him back. Sakura wanted to do it too, but she couldn’t do anything. It would’ve been ilogic if the one who did it were Sakura. 

‘But Sasuke said only Naruto could save him’ False again. The English scan said ‘even if I think well of you, I wouldn’t be able to accept anyone else’. The original text was ‘お前が。。。それでよくても他の者は納得しない!’ In English is ‘You couldn’t convince me better’. 

‘Sakura is a groveling/crowling girl’. Sorry but I don’t know the exact word for this in English, in Spanish is ‘arrastrada’. That’s completely false and it’s coming more from fanfics than from the manga. She didn’t run after him when he left Konoha, she didn’t went after him in those 2 years before Part 2, she even was about to kill him when she saw what he had become, she doubted him when he came back in the war… Even Kakashi said she only wanted to save him, and it was never mentioned that she wanted to bring him back for making him be her boyfriend. She confessed 2 times but never for making Sasuke hers. Is it so difficult to understand? In fact, the only croveling girl is Karin 

She was almost always trying to make Sasuke hers. Sakura only had that kind of intention at the beggining of the manga, where she tried to kiss him (maybe I should say Naruto xD). 

‘In the databooks it says that Sakura had a crush on Sasuke but she doesn’t anymore’ Of course, because that crush became love! She even said 大好き in her second confession, can’t it be more obvious? ‘But Kakashi said…’ Another manipulation of those shitty manga scans. He said exactly the same as Sakura herself said, she liked him but then she loved him. 

‘She confessed to Naruto ñañaña’ She did it to make him stop chasing Sasuke. She wanted to kill him herself and after that, commit suicide. Read the fucking manga if you didn’t understand this part.

‘Sakura blushes in 699, her character development is ruined and she’s a fangirl again’. WTF? 

This was her as a fangirl. 

This has nothing to do with being a fangirl. Man, she’s dying of shyness just for asking him to let her accompany him. How come can she be a fangirl? Can’t you see the fucking difference?   

‘But Kakashi said her feelings were different’ 

‘同じ好きでもその想いは別のものだ’ ‘Tough it’s the same like, those feelings are different.’ Some chapters later, she confirms that those feelings are something strong than just 好き: they’re 大好き。

‘Sakura is compliant/meek’ (Don’t know the exact word in English, in Spanish is sumisa). This makes no sense since she never tolerated the bad side of Sasuke, she called him coward in Part 1, she tried to kill him for avoid that he could be put in jail for the rest of his life, she doubted of him when he came back in the war… A meek would never do that kind of things. 

‘Sasuke’s never home, he doesn’t love his new family’ In shonen nekketsu mangas is not usual that fathers leaves their kids alone. The absent dads in this genres are fathers that doesn’t know they have a son, just like Gildarts Clive and Joseph Joestar. Another one is Iemitsu Sawada that was working.

Sarada does know his father and coexists with him. The proof is the word she uses in 700: パパ 。If Sasuke wasn’t near to this daughter, she had call him 親父 or 父.  We all know that if Sasuke hadn’t been responsible with his family  , Sakura wouldn’t be so quite as she is in 700. Sarada hadn’t called him papa or shaanaroo. It’s obvious he’s doing a mission to earn money or patroling the outside of Konoha due to the Kage summit (remember he wanted to protect the village).

Isn’t this setting similar to the one where Sasuke is in 700? Just look at those trees. I’ve noticed not so much time ago lol.

Besides, if he were an absent father Kishimoto had never draw him in the family’s portrait. By the way, he’s not backwards, he’s sideways because we still don’t know what happened with his missing arm. I’d love to see this picture in the April’s expo for people to burn, because some fans in 2ch said something about Sasuke’s ‘gentle smile’. If he were an absent daddy Kishimoto hadn’t draw him in that portrait.

‘Sakura’s a housewife, Kishi is male chauvinist’. It’s stupid to say that just because she’s cleaning her house. Also, take a look at the boxes in the house. It’s just like if they had moved recently. People complain about her wearing an apron but she has been wearing an apron skirt since Part 2 so…

Weeaboos say ‘Sakura left her career behing because of Sasuke’ She never said she wanted to work as a doctor or run the hospital. That’s just some dreams of yours. Besides, what if she’s at home because Sasuke’s working and she wants to take care of Sarada? Can’t she do what she wants just because you shitty fans don’t want her to make her own decissions? I think you imagine that Sakura is home because Sasuke forced her to do so, but that will never happen, not even in your dreams.

‘Sarada is Karin’s child! They are so alike!’ 

LOL nope 

This is her without her glasses. As you can see, she’s not alike Karin. 

The sape of her eyes is the same as Sakura’s. Karin’s eyes are bigger.  

The shape of her face is exactly the same as his mother’s too. 

Fuck she’s a mix of her parents. 

‘Sarada is Sakura’s kid right? She’s so cute! How old is she?’ 
Link papa is Kishi’s assistant. In this tweet he didn’t denied Sarada is Sakura’s daughter and he didn’t answer about her age LOL but some weeks ago, I found this from an user here on tumblr 

The user says people thinks Sarada is Karin’s daughter and then he/she ask why Sarada wears glasses. Link papa answers ‘She’s not related to Karin. By chance (about the question of the glasses)’. That’s all. I think she wears them because she has myopia due to the moment his father almost get blinds and had to get his brother’s eyes but that’s just my opinion xD

My prediction (hope it will be like this): Sasuke won’t be able to show so much affection towards his new family but there will be moments when he will do.

About the taiwanese interview: I don’t know if the author is talking about what some ‘fans’ say about the ending or he’s saying it seriously, but in any case that’s bullshit. If people thinks it’s true just because a journalist says it, I guess we Spaniards should do the same with Eduardo Inda, Paco Marhuenda, Alfonso Rojo and all that shitty people that say things they don’t even believe.

To finish: as the titles says, I don’t ship any pairing of this manga. Anyway, thanks to haters, anti ending and all that kind of ‘fans’ I’m starting to like SS a bit. For now, I only think NH is cute and I was happy when I saw him with his kids in The Last. He could never had a family and now he even made one :)  
SS is a special case because Sasuke is my favourite character and I almost cried when I read chapter 700. He had the worst past and the worst pain and now he also has a family. I waited so many years to see him happy and recovered so I guess SS is the pairing I’d ship. Anyway, I’ll wait for what Kishi is going to write about them in the off-spin or the Bolt movie and then I’ll make my choice.  

Tell me if there’s any grammar mistakes and anti-ending, sasukarin tards and all the rest, remember: you’re not in the position of saying you know the real Sasuke if can’t accept all these facts. Besides, most of you support that bullshit of revolution, that was only a thing to force his battle with Naruto. If you could read well, you’d have seen that Sasuke planned to be a dictator so shut the fuck up. Some days ago I saw a guy saying that anti-ending shitty ‘fans’ should create their own tag because ‘they don’t want to deal with the pro ending crew’ (I guess it’s just they don’t want to accept the reality) and he said they should call it ‘real Sasuke’. WTF, you shitty people leave Sasuke alone if you don’t want to accept the manga facts. He doesn’t deserve to have such shitty false fans. 

EDIT: thanks to those butthurt fangirls who reblogged this saying it’s a shit. You’re proving that you’re in denial because of your extreme fanaticism and you’re one of the most irrational pairing fandoms. In this post I only said a few opinions, most of the post are just manga facts, facts that you don’t want to accept for the reason I already mentioned. I feel sorry for all of you, seriously. 
And to that other insane fangirl who reblogged it saying I don’t understand the manga, denying this with fallacies and absurdities with a post longer than a bible (like a pannel where Sakura says Sasuke seems to not care, as if Sasuke can’t be focused on the battle or he isn’t a cold person), I can only say buy grey matter and put it in your brain. No matter how much you insult me and misconstrue the manga, you won’t change nothing. No matter how much you say ‘Sasuke was a sad boy because his father didn’t recognize him’ (even when he did it later LOL) or ‘Sasuke was going to stab Sakura, it doesn’t matter Sarada’s word, Sakura is pathetic mimimimi’ and stupidities that are the prove of your saltiness. You will see how this is true next month with the Gaiden and all the people, no matter if they ship something or not, will laugh at you. I know crosstagging wasn’t the best idea and I recognize it, but sooner or later somebody has to speak the truth to you. For now, seek for psychological help and stop destroying the fandom, people like you who lie about a manga that was created along 15 years are very disgusting, and people from other manga fandoms already know it ;)

Photoshop Cs6 Portable. The original post is that one, but because experience various problems when downloading, I decide to re-host, so here we go. It contains timeline for editing gifs and selector for 23 different languages ​​to choose (you can easily change your choice when the program is open). It is already cracked, so there is no need for any form of update or put some key code. Please, like or reblog if you download it. Download  mf

TERA Online Mod- Edit by milkydreams-elin | Original by crucifiers.

Hi! I found this super lovely eyes mod for Elins in tera made by crucifiers ! I am a huge fan of Kuroshitsuji and I couldn’t help myself so I got it immediately. 

So as a 100 follower gift I decided to mod the last ardonment of the face a little so i removed the face plasters and i also changed the weird green tint of eyeliner

Sorry for my gross graphics, you can get a better preview here  where the original mod is posted!

Again, i take no credit for this mod, the eyes are made by crucifiers, whose permission i got to post the mod publicy.

The file comes in .dds file and it has to be installed in the PC decal file.

If you are unfamiliar with this then HERE is a good tutorial on explaining HOW TO INSTALL THE DDS FILES.


Hi! So I originally made this video for TorCon 2015 but it was just kind of sitting on my computer. Also, I liked it the way that it was and didn’t want to have to change it when more episodes came out. So I decided to post it and make another video later.

I made this video to show all the things we love about Supernatural. The badass moments, the funny ones, and of course the feel storm. Even threw in a little bit of Baby. 

The Songs in order are:

Jungle by X Ambassador feat. Jamie N Commons

Ballroom Blitz by Sweet

She’s Like The Wind by Patrick Swayze

Are You Gonna Be My Girl by JET

Red Lights by Vib Gyor

I hope you enjoy it! 

❝How to add extra text boxes to a theme.❞

Before you decide to do this, make sure the original theme maker allows personal editing. They usually do though as long as you don’t post it for other people to use. (Requested by anonymous)
Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆ (Easy/Beginner)

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Maybe Next Midnight
Genre: Pop Punk
Hometown: Fayetteville, NC 

How did you become a band?

With the power of the internet! Seriously though, Trey and I ( Kayla) had this band for about a year now under a different name and after we went through some member changes, we decided that it was time to turn this band into something we truly loved, which was pop punk. So long story short, we posted ads all over Craiglist and within a few days, Mitch actually found us on Facebook and then a few weeks later, we found Josh. We just went from there.

Where did the band name originate from?

Not quite sure actually. We were previously under a different name and some copyright problems came up with the name we had so we had to find a name fast. Maybe Next Midnight just came out of nowhere and it just sounded right.

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Samantha Eubanks Poetry

Hi everyone! I am retiring my previous Tumblr username: PoetryCat.
If you want to read my poetry, you can find it here at: SamanthaEubanksPoetry.Tumblr.Com 

Everything is the same. I just decided to change the title. I originally wanted to remain anonymous as I posted my poetry. However, I have decided that I am actually really excited to share my writing with anyone who asks. Thank you for following me here on Tumblr. Your kindness and support means the world to me.

All my love,


replied to your



Writing has been harder than usual lately, so I’ve…
Would that flip the wolf symbolism over to Keaton instead of Lije, then? Or would you nix the Beast altogether? I was actually wondering the other day how Rec would transfer over, so I’m curious about your new ideas. :)

I have to think it through still.  The Dark World changing people’s shapes isn’t original to LoZ, but it is pretty directly from the game in this case.  I haven’t decided to veer away from it or anything yet, but I’m thinking it through and exploring my options.

If I keep the symbolism of alternate shapes, Keaton probably wouldn’t be a wolf, though he might very well still be a lycanthrope - just from a different angle.  Where RR!Link is flippy as fuck, which is why he gets lycanthrope, Keaton is more just becomes whatever he thinks the people around him want (similar to how if you get bit by a werewolf, you’re a werewolf; bit by a wererat, you’re a wererat, etc.).  Which would have some interesting impacts on the plot.  I could also do something with a play on the mask in “Keaton’s Mask”.

Also, the historical context is completely different.  So like…Apheri is either not there, or I adapt her for Keaton’s Cycle and her backstory is completely different potentially.

I couldn’t just CTRL-C / CTRL-V it, I’d have to split the plot up.  There are character specific arcs in Rec that would have to get woven into TWR (which is why I’m thinking about it now) or abandoned.  Those don’t apply to KM.  But the setting CAN apply to KM - in some cases much easier than it does TWR.  And it gives me a firmer plot for KM.

Moving away from the changes to Rec, it has some big impacts on KM which I actually like and are the primary reason I’m playing with it. 

  • A big driver for Keaton in KM is that he fucked up and got the Sword broke - where better to make up for that and find a way to fix it than in the Shadow Lands (Dark World) where the Makani actually live?
  • Rauru is terrible and I hate him, which means I ignored him in RR, which worked out in terms of me keeping Anduriel on Link’s side, but in the QG cycles I don’t want to be lazy with stuff, so I need something stronger.  If Anduriel was busy being ANDY when shit went down (whenever that was and however it happened), then maybe not affected; or she escapes the Shadow Lands and becomes Andy because she can’t go home; or whatever.  There’s a hundred ways to work it.  Going Home reverts him to Anduriel as we know her in Rec, which is a big deal, because she’s basically signing her own death warrant and she knows it at that point.  So interesting there.
  • I can maybe split the two plots in half to develop Pink/Keaton’s relationship - Pink gets kidnapped or whatever and she and Keaton are separated.  Keaton spends most of his time trying to get the Sword fixed so he can face his own fuck ups before Pink pays for them; in the meantime, Pink gets herself out and actually takes on the job of freeing the other Keepers.  They meet back up in the middle somewhere, both having grown and changed and have to find a new balance with each other from there.
  • A lot of potential for how I handle Harbinger and the Boar here to start nudging the Boar toward who she eventually becomes by TLC.  Starting cracking their relationship basically.  Start transfering the Big Bad crown from the Keeper of Destruction over to Harbinger where it belongs.

So, like, it does really good and interesting things to the KM plot.

But I do lose a lot from Lije’s cycle, which is painful.  But not insurmountable.  Some of it can transfer.  And the stuff that can’t will live on in my junk folder.

Back and forth and back and forth I go.

ugggghhh, I hate posting my fan fiction but I saw some people that ship Laurel/Nyssa so I decided to finish a story from a while ago. Also writing fan fic helps me with my original stuff. ok well here it goes

Her muscles burned with every swing. The only sound in theempty gym was the smack of her fist on the punching bag. Landing a right hook on the bag she paused. Laurel sensed the change in the air, the gym wasn’t empty anymore.

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anonymous asked:

Did you ever post the grantaire takes a bullet for enjolras story?

Nope! That scene got cut out from keep you like an oath

I was originally going to have Claquesous wake up while Grantaire and Enjolras were talking about what to do with him and try to shoot Enjolras, and then Enjolras putting a bullet in Claquesous after Grantaire gets shot trying to shield Enjolras, to make the whole killing Claquesous thing legitimate, but then I decided that I wanted Enjolras to offer to kill Claquesous for Grantaire instead, as a sort of penance he has to pay to Grantaire for getting Floréal killed.

wifwolf replied to your post “reading a book set in hawai’i atm for a class and i realised again how…”

missionaries changed the hawaiian language when they decided to give it a written form, probs was more like “tanata maori” pre-missionaries. also “kanaka”=people and “maoli”-true/original (I think). Totes cousins.

augh god that’s so frustrating! its the same here, like te reo Māori in its written form is based on northern Māori dialects, so its often unsuited for other regions’ ways of speaking. We had all the missionaries up north so we’re the ones they knew best + everyone got stuck with it :c

: Chains of Fate : Original Short Story

Opal is a painfully shy girl with a painfully real gift; she can tell when others will die via the invisible chains locked around each ankle of every individual she meets. Her abilities subsequently hold her back, and the only chain she cannot see is her very own. Opal’s world begins to change when she meets a new student, Ivory, and she soon finds that she must decide between two very important things — her own life, or the life of her first best friend.

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