Petition to get Disney to offer Wu Yifan a role in Mulan

I decided to just go ahead and create a petition.  Please help us and sign the petition!  YOU CAN SIGN IT HERE

Please help spread the word that there is a petition by reblogging this post. If we could get the 2000+ people that reblogged my original post then we might be able to convince them.  

It is important to continue to tweet Disney @DisneyPictures and use the hashtag #WuYifanInMulan.

Come on everyone!  We can do this!  This could really happen if we keep working hard!

I’ve decided (and I’m certain I’m not alone in this) that deleting the artist’s comments from a photo/photo-set or other post while reblogging is rather disrespectful to the original artist.

I’m not saying you can’t delete the comments I leave regarding the context of my scribbles and such, but nonetheless, whenever I see it being done (to my posts or to other people) I immediately think of the act as rude.

So maybe the commentary doesn’t fit your “blog aesthetic,” or you’ve got a thing against images with explanatory text. If I could choose between someone reblogging my posts while deleting my comments or simply not reblogging at all, I’d rather my post not be reblogged.

I can’t tell you what to do, but I can still say that I don’t care for it (and that it irks me, especially when links and relevant information is discarded.) So yeah. If you want to annoy me, do that. I’ll be rolling my eyes behind my computer screen.


Now you too can have chocolaty drill hair! 

Since people really seemed to like this mod I’ve decided to finally release it! 

This mod only changes parts of the drill hair to be a darker hair color than what you currently have!

I haven’t had any problems with it but if you guys encounter any lmk ;_;

Download here

To install just drop this file into your PC Folder and you’re done! (Maybe save your original file too if you’re into safety)

If you post any pictures pls tag me in them I wanna seeeeeeee

Also maybe credit so people know where to download? 

T-Thank you, please enjoy!! (●´ω`●)

pukakke replied to your post: anonymous asked:Does that sign me…

since when is his name bill? (not to interrogate i just didnt know)

naw, that’s a valid question ‘cause they haven’t actually ever said it in the show yet, you need to look at the credits and storyboard for “Cat Fingers”

its entirely possible that he was originally named Bill and then they decided to change it to Buck, because in every other episode he’s just credited as “Mayor Dewey” and not Bill, so despite this name being on official stuff it may no longer be correct. Time will tell I suppose

ok i know that’s the same thing as the original post but i’m being lazy sorry 

so it’s the beginning of april and i said i’d finish this thing around now. i want to start off by thanking everyone who decided to join my tumblr awards (choosing everyone was really really difficult ok do you know how bad i am at making decisions) you guys are all amazing and lovely <3

also i apologize for changing my url in the middle of this and messing everything up sorry 



winner: azkavan
runner ups: murpqhy​​, grounderbell


winner: queenclexa​​
runner ups: octaviasgriffns​​, grnderprincessoctavia​​

WES GIBBINS AWARD (best icon):

winner: bellamyno​​
runner ups: fieryoctavia​​, dianaagron

LAUREL CASTILLO AWARD (best original posts):

winner: ravenrxyes
runner ups: warriorlexa​​, ravenreyese

CLARKE GRIFFIN AWARD (best the 100):

winner: @finncolllns
runner ups: bobmorleyiskinggracefulyawkward

CONNOR WALSH AWARD (best htgawm):

winner: wesgibbisn
runner ups: bellaemysclarke​, pocketfulofsterek

SOPHIA PRESTON AWARD (best eye candy):

winner: mechraven
runner ups: umbrellamy​, octviah

OLIVER HAMPTON AWARD (best multifandom):

winner: johnmurfhy
runner ups: sgtbucky​, olicvty

MONTY GREEN AWARD (sweetest blogger):

Winner: lintcavia
runner ups: bellamyslady​, bellsarks

RAVEN REYES AWARD (funniest posts)

winner: octaviablaek
runner ups: bellamlyblake​, benevclence



winners can check the original post to see what you guys can get <3 

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Klayley College AU TA and student please 😃

a/n: I’m changing this to a Professor/Student au because I have a headcanon that Klaus was once an Art History Professor. setting: au/ah


She’s at some bar, a line of shots presented in front of her as she marvels at them. Hayley Marshall had just decided to give up on her post-secondary education. And, before one jumps to conclusions about some man who broke her heart, let us observe the events prior to that.

Number one, she hated school, she always did. The only reason why she thought going to university was a good idea was because she was convinced that she needed a degree in order to survive in today’s job market.

Number two, Hayley had absolutely no clue what she wanted to do with her life. Going to school was just going to buy her some time. She’d take some bird classes, get a couple of mediocre grades here and there, maybe have an affair with her hot Art History professor—

“Hello Hayley.”

—Or bump in to him at some unpopular bar in the corner of campus.

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This is Zaia! She started off as and Engineer Femshep from Mass Effect and have since been putting her in personal head stories including an all girl cover band which Junko is also a part of. I love her interacting with Junko so I think I’m going to give her a Digimon also <: Her look has changed a lot from her original femshep, especially when I draw her younger. I haven’t decided on her clothing style yet so she’s in Junko’s stuff at the moment. I’m thinking it might be similar though idk. Here’s where I post OC and Fan Character stuff c:

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What do those names mean? how'd you come up with them? How do you know each other? And why two blogs?

Well these are either or real names or made up names. Some of chose our real names and some chose fake. I’m not going to say who because people we know irl are going to see this and yeah…

(if we kept our real name we changed our last name)

The names don’t mean anything really. For some of us our name was chosen because either 1) It sounded good 2) it was just an alternative word for our real name. For those of us who didn’t change our names, you should ask our parents why they chose them.

We know each other from school, we met there and became friends and etc etc.

And two blogs because casualpeanutexperts is for REBLOGGING and Formalpeanutexperts is for ordinary mostly original posts. We decided to have it like this because then the reblogs won’t drown out our actual content.

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He just saw your post about Epona's name. It was actually the character designer Yoshiyaki Koizuma that named her, not Shigeru. Miyamoto. Koizuma is also responsible for Navi's introduction in a way, since they were originally just gonna use a triangle for Z-Targeting. He decided to make the marker a fairy that would change colours, and that eventually became its own character.

I’m so glad they think of every little detail, y’know. Epona could be named Marie, but they gave it a meaning, and Navi - imagine Ocarina of Time without Navi, it wouldn’t be the same

There are some things in the games that make us think that, maybe, it’s just a coincidence, but with Nintendo it never is and I love it

I think the thing that aggravates me the most about tumblr changes is that they ALWAYS completely unnecessarily swap buttons around, like the post & close button & the search button, & it’s like WHAT IS THE POINT?? WHAT DOES IT MATTER WHICH SIDE THIS SHIT IS ON YOU’RE JUST SCREWING UP MY HABITS & MAKING ME CLICK BUTTONS I DIDN’T MEAN TO CLICK BECAUSE YOU SUDDENLY FUCKING DECIDED THAT THE SEARCH BUTTON WOULD LOOK NICER ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE PAGE.

Little announcement thingy for my followers

After recent experiences with certain users, I have decided to change my usage of tumblr. This is an extremely toxic site with a lot of terrible people. However, I know I have a lot of great and truly kind followers and I’d hate to disappoint them with my lack of silliness. I have unfollowed everyone and will no longer be reblogging. I plan to post a lot more original posts, mostly pictures I take or screenshot and make some goofy comment about them. My askbox/submit will still always be open, so if you want to ask anything or send something hilarious, go right ahead.

how I fall



leaf by leaf.

A cycle

So destined,




love dies

by last leafs fall.


as cold

as ice

and I’m

your winter’s


There’s no warmth

in you heart,

We were doomed

from the start.

But I loved you anyway.

And when you changed your mind

decided we were fine,

Extended out your hand

To promise once again


you would


be mine.

I would give a hearty smile

Knowing all the while


had sprung


I had flowers in my eyes,

man between my sheets,

the sun is shining bright

all is right with the



And on the rainy days,

skies are dark and gray,

you don’t hesitate

to hold me a little

t i g h-ter,

because you know I ache,

thinking ‘bout the day,

you left and walked away.

Your heart seems a little

l i g h-ter.

By the time summer breaks

we are bottom of the ocean deep in love

Searching for what’s lost in us.

Our hearts in sync,

Bodies in bliss

I’ve vanished in your eyes

You’ve got me hooked.

You feel the same way,

That’s got me shook.

Now I see

why you had that look.

Autumn is on the horizon,

Your gaze is


My branches are getting weak.

I’ve lost balance

of my feet.


how I fall



leaf by leaf. forever-n-ink

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should we immediately be on their side again tho because it's really good they changed the date and name but it doesn't change that they blew off trans voices for quite a while

At this point, we are done discussing it.

And it’s not because either of us is really satisfied.

It’s because Mod Kate is having to field a storm of shit on their personal blog for standing up for me when I was posting about this idea and couldn’t get  the original blog to take my concerns as an ace trans person seriously. It is because the asexual community has now decided that they are a racist, acephobic jerk because they dared to exist as an ace trans person and be uncomfortable with something one of their communities was doing.

I am not going to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do. I can only tell you that I’m done fighting this one, as is Mod Kate, because neither one of us can keep up with the shit that’s flying right now, and because, like Mod Kate said earlier, this isn’t what this blog is here for. Continuing to engage with this discussion here would be, considering the poor behavior coming from the community right now, the opposite of making a safe space for ace people.

-Mod Talie

People, I am in need of assistance!

The above picture is my Skype profile picture, Liezel the cat. Liezel was originally conceived and drawn by my youngest step-sister, and I decided to appropriate her for my Skyping pleasure.

The above picture is Liezel 2.0, drawn by my friend Kezdowley, I thought Liezel looked even more drunk than the original so I changed it to this one. I now feel the need for a Liezel 3.0 for Skype, and so have asked all my friends to try and draw Liezel after having just a couple more drinks than she’s had here. Any of you who want to, have a go at re-drawing her, post it, and link me to the post. In 3 days I’ll look at any Liezel’s I’ve got, and judge the best on the criteria of “Funny, drunk and still happy!”.


Prize not guaranteed or confirmed but rumoured to be a donkey.

P.S If I can I’ll try and find the original too.

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Since you changed this to a shard/wedge theme (if I'm correct), would you care to explain the shards or wedges (or both) briefly?

You are correct! Since the Great Sculpt Minder has apparently done a Ravnica high school setting, I decided to change this blog to shards and wedges in high school, because I felt I may accidentally copy her, and she deserves the novelty of her idea, since it seems it was originally hers. 

Here are the Shards. I’ll post the wedges later.

Bant: Bant is a preppy kid, but they are very kind hearted, and love to have a laugh. They set up harmless pranks, trying to get anyone involved who would liek to help. They are very liked by the staff at the school, but does get in trouble a bit because sometimes they accidentally go too far. They care very much about their grades, and are the top of their class. They also are very nice, which bites them sometimes.

Esper: The are always writing blueprints for their next robotics project. They are always doodling ideas, which tends to draw attention, both good and bad. They are revered as a genius by mostly everyone.   

Grixis: Your basic cartoon villain. Wants to be feared as an evil genius, and tries almost daily to kill someone or destroy the school, but their plans are always foiled. 

Jund: They are always wearing shades. Why you ask? They’re always either hungover or high. People say they run a drug dealing business, but there’s no proof they do. It’s obvious they are on drugs, but they always come out clean. They live for all forms of pleasure.

Naya: A monk who is usually calm and collected, and can be seen meditating during lunch, and is always the first to class, bewildering many students. They do not understand metaphors in the LEAST bit.