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Before I swore off men and decided that this queer girl was only going to date girls, I was with this guy who was super intense. Like, promising to marry me after three months. We were teenagers, I blame myself. We'd been together two years and all the while he was swearing he'd marry me and then one day I got a text message saying "I think we should take a break". I was upset but I agreed. Then he started trying to booty call me not a month after our "breakup". I told him where to shove it.


As soon as something seems clear and easy and finally making sense, it gets all fucked up. I got accepted to CWU so I was getting excited thinking about how I have some structure for the next 4 years of my life getting my career together in whatever I decide on and about to experience the 4 years of college that everyone else seems to be enjoying. Then my parents sit me down and essentially tell me I’m being stupid and that this isn’t smart even though this path I’m on is the one that I’ve had shoved down my throat since before Pre-K. Every year hearing: “make sure you get good grades so you can go to a good college.”
Fuck. Here I am. I’ve made it into a University and now you’re saying that I shouldn’t go because jobs aren’t even guaranteed and that Ill never be able to pay off my student loans. That I’ll be just as well off if I just join the work force because that’s what they did and they’re successful. They’re spewing about how they tried college and they didn’t go because it was too hard for them and that I probably won’t be able to do it. “Try community college and see if school is for you”. I can’t go to a community college I know that I will dropout without the support and pressure of my peers. I can’t take a gap year and join the work force because I’ll never achieve more than a basic job because I know for a fact I’ll never go back to school and that’s not something that I want in my life.

What I want, is to go to CWU. Become the first of my family to get a degree. Have a job that doesn’t involve a factory floor and where ill be able to live comfortably.

Yes, I understand that it comes with $20,000 worth of debt I’ll take 20+ years to pay off.

Yes, I understand that going to a community college is cheaper but it simply isn’t an option for me because I know myself too well.

God damn it. Why can’t you understand this when I tell you and you just yell at me and patronizingly look down on me like I’m some stupid child.

Day 2:

I had to take a break from not wearing panties for my job. But I restarted it on Sunday. So Monday is day 2. So on my day two, I was wearing pants that had holes in the legs so when the wind blow it would go up my legs and to my whoha. Oh feeling that cold wind against my pussy made me squeeze my legs together and it made me wet. We went out to the shed and smoked some weed. And when I smoke I get super horny. All I could think about is how I wanted him to pull down my pants and start eating me while I light up the bowl. How I wanted to be dripping down his face. Then have him put me on my knees and shove his dick in my mouth while I finger myself. As my naughty thoughts kept on getting more and more naughty, he decided we should go back to the house. As I walk back to the house dripping wet, and he doesn’t even know ;). So while he was playing video games I went in to the bed room and pulled out my toy. Unbuttoned my pants and I started to play with my self, making my self squirt all over my pants. But I didn’t fully cum. Tease a little myself ;). Then later that night he wanted to have sex. He didn’t really have to play with me. I was already very wet from all day of being horny. He bent me over and teased me. And then shoved his dick deep inside my tight wet pussy! Oh how wet I was. We fucked for a few then I asked for my toy. As soon as I put it to my clit. I fully came. I looked down and my cum was dripping down my legs and on to the floor and then he fucked me hard. Oh how I enjoyed that. Having no panties on just makes me want to do naughty things all day. How I wish he would fulfill my desires. ❤️❤️❤️❤️