what am I doing with my life

So being the bird-obsessed person I am. Here are some Decepticons as birds. I chose certain species to work off of based on appearance. Knockout’s based on an ornate hawk eagle. Starscream’s based off of a southern grey shrike - which is a little songbird that thinks it’s a hawk or something. The only difference visually between a normal shrike and SS here is that I put a red crest and a few red accents on him. And some white cresting on his head. Otherwise I didn’t change a thing. Also, listen to the noise they make and tell me it doesn’t remind you of someone.

I tried to do a Megatron owl based on a great grey owl [because someone else drew him as an owl and I can’t see any other bird working] with some feather crest features, like the ears on great horned owls, and some other crest-looking features like you see in oriental bay owls, but uh. I failed. Especially as far as making him look actually feathery.