"His enemies shall wither and die. His allies shall wither and die. The universe and all within it shall wither and die. And when the Great Corruption has settled over the land, and permeated the very foundations of reality itself, then shall the Lord of All rise from the rot and ruin, spread his arms wide to reclaim all his dutiful children…"

-“The Victory of Rebirth” from Litanies of Inevitability


(art by: Dave Greco)

Wall on Flickr.

Paskov, Czech Republic
March 2014

This is a photo for B&W photo challenge (Day 2) that runs among my Facebook contacts. When you are nominated you should post one BW photo a day for 5 days. Every day you are also supposed to nominate one person who will continue in the challenge. So I was tagged by two guys: Dominic Brugatto and Frank Eleveld. So, I searched my archives and found some photos that I have not published on the Internet yet.

This photo was taken in March at coal preparation plant.