Abstract Atmpt 3

Central Proposition

Visual Communication Design can be used to enable young students to see that learning coding can be fun, creative and that anybody can do it. This will in turn motivate them to expand their knowledge in the subject through further education.


Their is currently a perception amongst students that coding is boring and only for those who are highly intelligent. This is ultimately limiting students from partaking in education to learn coding. This is contributing to the current shortage of tech applicants in the job sector, in New Zealand and around the world. In the US, it is estimated that in the next decade1.4m jobs will be created, with only 400,000 graduates in the field. Given the appropriate education paths, there is huge potential for kiwi kids to fill these jobs. Consequently, even if students don’t go on to pursue a career in IT, they will still benefit hugely from thinking strategies established in IT such as problem solving and team work, skills that are hugely valuable in any profession. Following on, wether the professionals of the future are IT professionals, or professionals in other fields equipped with these thinking strategies, they will be in a strong position to shape the increasingly digitally immersed world.


My objective is to break down the perception that coding is boring, uncreative, and only for geniuses. To achieve this, I plan to use design thinking such as play theory, user centred design and gamification.


I plan to take a closer look at current curriculum in New Zealand schools regarding the students perception of coding, which will help in establishing the reasons for these perceptions and gaining more of an insight. As a response, I invision a game or environment which introduces students to the creative and fun side of coding, and the positive thinking strategies that come with it.


To conclude, this project sets out to use design thinking strategies such as play theory, user centered design and gamification to produce a game which acts as an open door into the world of coding, to in turn give them the motivation to further their education in the area to have the skills to shape the world around them in the future.