Canaves Oia Suites - Santorini, Greece

Perched on the dramatic cliffs of Oia, Santorini, Canaves Oia Suites offers jaw-dropping views of the caldera and the deep blue waters of the Aegean Sea. Steeped in Cycladic splendor, the whitewashed resort offers luxurious accommodations complete with contemporary minimalist décor, decadent bathrooms, private plunge pools, and breathtaking sea vistas. Refined Greek and Mediterranean dishes are served in the hotel’s exquisite restaurants, which include a spectacular poolside establishment and an intimate and utterly exclusive 3-table dining place overlooking the splendid scenery.

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Courtesy of the artist and Marlborough Chelsea

With a New Exhibition, Ari Marcopoulos Keeps His Distance

The four-decade-long career of the photographer Ari Marcopoulos has been a varied and vibrant one; he is prized as both an intrepid documentarian and an intimate portraitist, equally at home in the spheres of youth skateboard culture, underground music, Comme des Garçons and Jay Z. 

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why do people act as if the civil rights movement is over and has been replaced by the lgbtqia+ movement? black people are still fighting for their rights??? it’s not like one movement ends and another begins, the lgbtqia+ movement has existed for just as long as the civil rights movement has and the two movements have intertwined and come together to fight against the same thing a bunch but it’s not an issue of “black people now have rights let’s concentrate on gay issues” it’s “both of these groups are extremely marginalized and are fighting, as they’ve been fighting for decades, for their safety and human rights.”

East Fayetteville grocer gives ex-felons a fresh start

On the eve of last autumn, Charles Morris had nearly given up.

Eight months of job hunting - and more than 100 applications - yielded nothing.

Morris called the Fayetteville Police Department for help. Lisa Jayne, the department’s Operation Ceasefire coordinator, works with former offenders who are transitioning from prison life to society.

Morris had been in Jayne’s Ceasefire program following his sentence, but wanted to see if she had advice for job hunting.

“In Charles’ case, he was away for a long time. When he came out, he kind of missed the whole computer age,” Jayne said. “So when he came out everything is on the computer. He was just having a really rough time.”

Enter Tommy Kinlaw.

The 68-year-old meathead of Cedar Creek has employed former offenders at Kinlaw’s Supermarket for decades.

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This story should be the headline on every news digest and show nationwide. It should cause an avalanche of outrage and forensic investigative reporting coast to coast. But it won’t.

Virginia has been a critical swing state for nearly two decades now.

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People defending the idea behind EXP and saying it’s ok because it’s “academic” need to be reminded that it was in the very halls of Harvard and Columbia not even 100 years ago that people were writing theses and scientific papers “proving” the inferiority of people of African origins and it’s the very same institutions that require it’s Asian students to score at least 150 points above their white counterparts on the SAT to have the same chance at being admitted and even then there is a cap on the number of Asian students that can be accepted, not to mention that these were the very same institutions that wouldn’t admit Jewish students as recently as a few decades ago because these were sacred “Christian” institutions ….Just because something occurs or is presented within the context of academia doesn’t give it credence, and it doesn’t make it right.



Recently featured on TIME magazine’s “100 Most Influential People”, Misty Copeland is the first dancer in two decades to appear on the publication’s cover. She is one of five individuals given covers for the issue, including Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, musical artist Kanye West, actor Bradley Cooper and anchorman Jorge Ramos.

“Misty proves that success is not about how you grow up or the color of your skin,” wrote five-time Olympic gold medalist Nadia Comaneci. “Her story—of overcoming personal and physical challenges to become a soloist at the American Ballet Theatre—is the story of someone who followed her dreams and refused to give up. In that way, she is a model for all young girls.“

Copeland broke barriers in 2007 by becoming the third African-American soloist in American Ballet Theatre history, as well as the first in two decades. Though she only began dancing at the age of thirteen, she was reportedly en pointe within three months of her studies and won a national ballet contest by the time she turned fourteen.

In 1998, Copeland found herself in the middle of a messy custody battle, after filing for emancipation due to fears that her mother would end her dance training. Throughout her career, she struggled with body image, injuries and the cultural isolation that came from the lack of diversity within the ballet community.

Her hard work, dedication and refusal to give up has led her to where she is today, scheduled to dance two of her dream roles in American Ballet Theatre’s upcoming spring season - Odette/Odile in “Swan Lake” and Juliet in “Romeo and Juliet”.

Copeland’s celebrity has extended beyond the stage, appearing in advertising campaigns for Under Armour, starring in rock legend Prince’s 2009 video “Crimson and Clover” and acting as a guest judge on the eleventh season of So You Think You Can Dance. In August 2014, New Line Cinema optioned her autobiography “Life In Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina” for a big-screen adaptation.

Things I’ve Learned About Heterosexual Female Desire From Decades Of Reading
  • Women only love men with CROOKED SMILES, a man who smiles with his mouth all in a straight line might as well be DEAD; a male smile should resemble nothing on earth so much as the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Lombard Street, a lightning bolt, a scarecrow with a broken neck, or two palm trees leaning against each other to form a big “X”
  • Most women cannot distinguish between the feeling of “love” and what happens when a young male has floppy hair that falls over his eyes; truly lovable men have eyes hidden so deeply behind a cascade of floppy chestnut hair they are effectively blind
  • Men are most attractive when they have at least one but no more than three minor cosmetic flaws (scar on chin, slightly chipped tooth, poor), like Chip the cup from the cartoon version of Beauty and the Beast
  • A woman can forgive a man for anything, except for having freckles or a weak chin
  • 100% of women want to have sex with a man who embodies the fox version of Robin Hood from the cartoon Robin Hood, but most do not actually want to have sex with a fox or a man dressed as one
  • It’s not enough to have a lot of hair falling in your eyes; men must be constantly tugging at their own hair in exasperation or at the very least running their hands through it as they think carefully about art or something
  • Men should have a TON of money but not care about it for even a SECOND, he should literally forget he even has money, he should whisk you away on a helicopter and then when you try to tip the pilot in cash he’s like “what are those weird little flat green dudes in your wallet?” because he doesn’t care about money at all even though he has so much of it
  • Women love it when a man seems gay and mean but is actually straight and nice, or at least he wants to be nice, or at least he wants to be nice to one person and that person is you, and instead of straight he’s gay 98% of the time but he’s super-mega-straight for you, and nobody knows what bisexuality is
  • Someone understood him once but then she died
  • It’s really good when a man could hurt you and maybe spends a lot of time hurting other people but makes an exception in his hurting-people schedule for at least one woman he doesn’t hurt, but he could if he wanted to, only he doesn’t, so it would be great if he murdered everybody except for you and didn’t murder you even a little bit
  • Just this pretty much
  • If he’s normally so powerful that he could destroy you but he’s in the hospital or prison or something or just tied to a bunch of cabins in the woods maybe and you have to bring him mush and he’s totally dependent on you and he hates it and reminds you of how much he hates it but there’s not even anything he can do about it and he has to rely on you and maybe trust again for the first time in his whole entire life, that’s good
  • Whenever possible, a man should have a cruel mouth, particularly if he has blue eyes – the bluer the eyes, the crueler the mouth; a man with cornflower-blue eyes should have a mouth like a genocide
  • If he can’t have a cruel mouth, he should have strong and callused hands, sort of rough but surprisingly gentle, like if it turned out his hands were actually made of doves, and he should be sort of dim but incredibly dedicated to you, he should be so dumb he can’t remember fractions but every day he builds you a four-poster sleigh bed out of oak and devotion and needs to have wordless but noisy sex on the hour and also needs help signing his own name
  • It’s good if a man is skittish and terrified of affection, like a beautiful horse that appears on the edge of a frozen lake one day and you have to tame it by bringing it a handful of food every day until it slowly comes to learn your scent (but with sex)
  • like a mean professor who always wears powder-blue button-ups and has a little bit of chest hair that’s not too dark and he withholds praise from you constantly?
  • His mother is just the worst and you’re nothing like her
  • If a man is calm 100% of the time, like so calm that he’s mostly dead, and he only gets boners for his job, because he loves his job so much and he’s always sitting at a desk or standing with a phone doing his job, but then all of a sudden he can’t stop getting boners for one specific woman and he’s mad at her from how much she’s distracting him from his job, which has never happened before, because he’s literally never been attracted to even a single woman in the history of being alive in his own body until right now and he’s going to straight up murder you with sex because it turns out all that sedate studiousness he thought was his personality was actually the calm before the dick storm
  • Sometimes women instead love it when men are little and sweaty and sleazy, like a sexual rat, idk
  • That’s it I guess, that’s all I know

By Mallory Ortberg

DAY 2561

Jalsa, Mumbai              Apr  19,  2015            Sun 10:06 pm

Devang Doshi .. happy birthday .. and love from us all .. keep well and stay connected .. you have not been here for long .. !!

And so a day ends .. and another shall begin in a few .. 

It is wonderful to be stateless .. not in the meaning of being without country or land, but in a state which is less and not about. Nothing is known, nothing is there to prepare for, nothing to follow routine and regimen, just nothing ..

And when it comes after a substantial period of time it feels all the more distant and of immense proportion. To weather it would be admirable. To be affected by it, or not so. At times one wonders what path must be taken. There is the argument in the mind that delves into the years and decades of work done and therefore the statelessness to be deserved and natural. There is also the argument that nothing yet has been achieved or worked on for it to be given liberty of a vacation. I dwell more on the latter, quite obviously, and wish that this adverse stagnation would end or at least be thought about to end.

Many responses on last night’s observation, mention that after the years of work there is no harm in the relaxation that is so necessary and needed. Good. But that is an observation from another. What would be the reaction of them or those that go through with it, perhaps needs greater attention …

I am now in the greater attention mode. It is important to assess and discover, rather than be foolishly obtuse and dogged in the pursuit of that which really is not concerned or giving any value. That value is and should be known only to one. The one that has established the price of the value !

Far too much self indulgent pathos in this conversation at the moment. We must turn to what is prevalent, interest indulged and of compassion with the extended family ..

 And so the Sunday and the people and the rush and the crush and the safety of little children and the ladies that get in on the first row and have to bear the push and struggle of the crowd behind them ..

The expression says it all … the wave of enthusiasm gets almost out of control, and the limited man power that I can muster seems to be inadequate for this work ..

They that struggle each Sunday and come with hope and love, I share my anxiety with them .. the awkward situation they put themselves in .. I must find another way of providing some kind of order to this …

This short and highly crowded meeting and visual at the gates of Jalsa, must surely have some answers, for its presence. It is beyond me to understand why .. why they come … why they make ritual … why they wait and why after that very brief appearance they lead away quite satisfied and happy, hopefully, on this …

I must devise a way to find out what it is they speak of when asked about this weekly affair .. !!

I must de-glue myself from this chair …I must know that there are other more important matters to attend than a Chelsea vs Man Utd game at Stamford, where Abhishek has been invited to in the members box to witness a great and important BPL encounter .. happily we .. Chelsea .. won ..

Or an IPL match of great tensity and excitement when CSK gets run over by a RR and finally the MI get a win against RCB..

But all said and done .. it has been a most rewarding day  ..

My love

Amitabh Bachchan  


A dress worn by Vivien Leigh as she played Scarlett O'Hara in “Gone With The Wind” has fetched $137,000 at an auction.

That’s a pretty healthy profit for the collector who bought the outfit decades ago for a mere $20 as it was on the verge of being tossed out.

The outfit, a gray two-piece ensemble, was sold at an auction in Beverly Hills, California, on Saturday, according to Heritage Auctions.

It was the most sought after item among roughly 150 pieces of “Gone With The Wind” memorabilia on sale in the auction. They come from the huge collection amassed by James Tumblin, who used to work at Universal Studios.

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Far from dying out, the family continues to fulfil the social function for which it was promoted in the nineteenth century. It still today assumes primary responsibility for the well-being and motivation of workers by providing a source of care, comfort and nourishment in order that another day, month, year or decade can be worked. The health and socialisation of children continues to be overwhelmingly taken care of by the family, as is a large proportion of care for the elderly, sick and disabled.

A ready supply of exploitable labour power (i.e. workers willing and able to work for a wage) at the lowest possible cost is the most important consideration for the capitalist class. Without human beings being prepared to work and to accept as compensation only a fraction of the value produced through their labours, there would be no profits, no capital accumulation and no attending power and privilege for the capitalist class. That workers in most cases desire to replicate the institution of the family, readily carry out its functions without any expectation of compensation and accept the raising of children and care for others as their personal responsibility makes the family an extremely efficient and cost-effective mechanism for reproducing labour power from the point of view of the capitalist class. The family thus has a dual role as both an essential economic and social institution, inseparable from and conditioned by the underlying mode of capitalist production.


So, it’s been a few years…..maybe decades since I’ve played tennis but we are committed to getting more active so we’ve been trying lots of new things. Last week, rock climbing. This week, chasing around fuzzy yellow balls.


Cool Death Club #1



At the end of the show, the cast received a standing
ovation, and the side door swung open again. But the first lady remained standing and cheering along with the audience.

Mr. Miranda took a moment to quiet the crowd, and thanked
the first lady for attending. He encouraged the audience to donate money to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, in the form of Washingtons, Lincolns or Hamiltons.

“There aren’t any Obamas yet,” he smiled, “but give it a few decades.”

The BreakBeat Poets: New American Poetry in the Age of Hip Hop, at HWBC, May 13, 7pm

The BreakBeat Poets: New American Poetry in the Age of Hip Hop
Wednesday, May 13 at 7pm / FREE

Celebrate the release of The BreakBeat Poets: New American Poetry in the Age of Hip-Hop, the first poetry anthology by and for the hip-hop generation. Join editors Kevin Coval, Quraysh Ali Lansana, and Nate Marshall and a live mixtape of readings by poets featured in the anthology:

  • José Olivarez
  • Angel Nafis
  • Sarah Blake
  • Aziza Barnes
  • Mahogany L. Browne
  • Paolo Javier

“A cool & diversified version of a mixtape, The BreakBeat Poets is a thorough and complete summation of Golden Era writers who continue to build the scene of literary and performance poetry.”

—Chance The Rapper

The Breakbeat Poets presents the struggle-born whispers, joyous shouts, and hopeful flows of a beautiful multitude four decades in the making. Here are the voices of a movement that just won’t stop. For the urgent midnight roar of the people’s poetry and the glimpses of freshly conjured dawns awaiting their own breaks—this book is nothing short of essential.”

—Jeff Chang, author of Who We Be: The Colorization of America