Debbie Han, Secretive Three Graces and Talking Three Graces, 2009

Click the link above for the Han’s statement on her Graces series. I saw Talking Three Graces with some friends at the Saatchi Gallery in 2009. It has continued to be an all-time favourite piece of mine, though I could never remember the artist’s name when trying to refer to it. It was only a couple of days ago, in fact, that my friend found her old sketchbook with details of the work inside. And now I can share it with you! Smiles all round.

Debbie Han, Hybrid Graces

The ‘Graces’ series challenges the familiar and stereotypical idealization of the female body by combining bodies of actual Asian women with western classical goddess heads.”

Adventures in Photoshop Episode XIV

I went to visit Screaming Lord Saatchi’s latest gallery exhibit today. An array of South Korean Art that dealt with optical illusion, chess, and the environment (Among many other things). What’s not to like? I highly recommend going to see it.

This first photo is of Debbie Han’s “The Battle of Conception”. An installation consisting of 32 heads assembled into a Chess game on a vast wooden table. They were all made from the same grey/green martial, and looked a lot like Ancient Egyptian Ushabti. I can’t pretend to know why she did it or what it meant, but I can say that I love the piece for its aesthetic. Anyone who owns a chess set knows the aggravating feeling when they don’t face the right direction; and that’s exactly what came to mind when I saw this installation. Equidistant and beautiful, each sculpture stood proudly in contrast with the rich wooden table.

I get exactly the same feeling at home when my chess set is arranged properly.

Photo by Alex Wood 


Korea born, Los Angeles based artist, Debbie Han works to super-impose the bodies of contemporary women of all ages, sizes and ethnicities with the faces/heads of classical, hellenistic statues. The result she presents to the public is a fusion of lofty ideals and true, honest beauty. She hopes to help us question just where those ideals come from, and possibly redefine our standards of beauty as she transforms real women with real stories into goddesses. 


"The Twelve Graces"

The city is still gently sleeping but alas it will vibrate again and chaos will resume.  I lay bundled up in fuzzy blanket burrows; with my lover and my tingly eucalyptus smelling skin. So many senses are aroused from this aromatherapy. The early morning showers and other rituals create a sense of normality. Patiently waiting and overcoming the nervous butterflies that mingle in my stomach. Contemplating and exploring the critical thinking that envelops my soul. This very same thought process will even go into, “The Twelve Grace’” photo shoot that I get to be apart of today. I am so thankful to be one of these twelve goddess’s that gets to create and express, modern femininity in hopes of ascending cultural boundaries and stereotypes. Thus, I am dreaming and imagining the beautiful experience that will be shared with the other 11 mystery women and Debbie Han. Cocreation is blissful especially when source energy is traveling through all the creators involved.