confession #121

My duo partner came out to me as lesbian and I’m so happy I’ve had a crush on her since freshman year and everything seems brighter now that I know I might actually have a chance with her. I’m just worried that if we date and breakup it might mess up our partnership. We’ve been placing at every single tournament since we became partners and I’d hate to screw that up. But I think I’m going to take the risk anyway.

what is the line between beings we let suffer and we don’t? is it worse to kill a human embreyo than an adult non human animal? is it wrong to eat an oyster? if you eat meat do you have a responsibility to know about the industry? how far can you compare the meat industry to the holocaust? why bother being moral? should there be an objection to cannibalism? would you eat lab-grown meat? would you eat lab grown human meat? is animal suffering more acceptable if the animals are used as part of research? is worse to test on human beings with severe brain damage than an animal? would you do what you do if you were the only one doing it?

just a few very interesting thoughts and questions which arose from watching this. i would really really love to know what some of you guys think and discuss them

"I Don't Like Chipotle."

*gasps echo from the squadroom*

*A public forum kid faints*

*LDers fiercely flip through their Kant and Nietzche pocketbooks, looking for some other meaning in life*

*A policy debater curls up in the corner, spreading condo bad to himself*

Just a reminder that authors owe nothing to anyone. You don’t “deserve” something in their books and they don’t have to represent jack shit. It is their book and if you don’t like it, DONT READ IT. THEY DO NOT HAVE TO PANDER TO YOUR IDEA OF MORALS AND THEY DONT HAVE TO BEND TO YOUR WHIM. If they don’t have queer characters, THAT IS OK. That does not make them homophobic or heterophobic or transphobic or any other phobic. They are allowed to choose whether certain characters are in their stories, and YOU, THE READER, DO NOT GET TO HAVE A SAY IN IT.

This is mainly caused by whatever the fuck warrior cats is but it goes for all books and all authors. To add a side note, after reading everything Vicky said, she was nothing but polite in her answers. Every one of you are over reacting and being terrible and being VERY entitled. I understand most of you are 14-16 so you guys are naturally immature, but death threats? You have so little life experience and you think that an author not putting queer characters in their story MEANS THEY SHOULD DIE. WHAT THE FLYING FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU.

And to the people supporting Vicky, you are more mature than your fellow fans and it shows. Vicky didn’t do a single thing wrong. She answered a fan politely and now all of the immature and hateful bullies in the fandom are coming out of the woodwork. I don’t know a single thing about the books but I respect the fans going and calling out the other immature fans. You guys are awesome and way more mature than the ones currently asking that Vicky be killed.

ablogoficeandfire1 asked:

So wait, you are saying that more people do meth because it was made illegal? Also, educate YOURSELF on the gun show loophole.

Yes, I am saying that and it’s backed by actual data/facts rather than ignorance and fear. 

If you want to argue there is a “gun show loophole” you would also have to argue that federal law doesn’t exist.  So i’ll wait while you try to refute that either:

  • The Brady Act of 1993 doesn’t exist.


  • try to argue that federal law isn’t valid everywhere in the US somehow.


Either way, I am sure your response, as with everything else you have posted will be quite amusingly ignorant. And I will certainly derive pleasure from laughing directly at you.

Debate From A Novice's POV

Policy Debate: Debates what will or will not happen with arguments that literally will not happen

Lincoln Douglas: Debates why something should or should not happen using arguments that no normal person uses to evaluate decisions

Public Forum Debate: Debates what has or hasn’t happened with arguments that didn’t happen as you said they happened. 

Congressional Debate: Talk shit get hit.