Long ago, born in ancient times, the Orochibe it a spirit or demonarises every three hundred years to walk the earth, dwelling in a human vessel. The Cursed Serpentavarice, greed, pride, devouring all living things, scorching the earth and drying the seas. Pay heed, for the Orochi is the enemy of mankind. Once found, it must be hunted down and sealed away.

Kumo Tenka, head of the Kumo Shrine, is sentenced to death by hanging.


My Dearest Watson,

Although it has been far too long since we laid eyes on each other, I continue to follow your career with great interest. I was sorry to hear about the murder of Andrew Mittal. And more than a bit unhappy to learn that his death was an attempt on your own most cherished life. I still believe there’s a game unfolding between Sherlock and I, and you have made yourself a valued and essential contributor. I won’t have you removed from play prematurely. Uninvited participants are not welcome at the table, and their intrusions will be dealt with accordingly.

There may well be more rounds to be played between the two of us, and until such time as we are both free to engage, I shall remain in delighted anticipation.

Jamie Moriarty.

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There's no way in hell you're from Australia! Australia is a place of terrible-ness. Everyone who goes to Australia dies.

We’re part of the “undead” demographic on Tumblr

Make sure my glass is full.
It's made the evening magical.
The lies have no regrets.
I'm gonna drink myself to death
Content Warnings: Death in general, Drug Abuse, Electrocution. 

Hi, hello there! I was wondering if you had any information regarding different ways to die, painful, quick, slow, etc? - krakensareadishbestservedcold

Some Dying reference, maybe for drug abuse or electrocution. - Anonymous

The symptoms of an overdose vary from drug to drug, so you’ll most likely have to narrow down your research to the specific type of drug your character takes. Mixing two drugs may also cause unexpected damage or even death. Drugs Tag.

You are the poem I always wanted to write.
You, wild body, open mouth — you are my holy saint.
You are sacred underneath the dirty metal, the coffee-stain tattoos.
You are the saving grace: be filthy with me.

I’ll ruin it by telling you — I’ve always wanted to be like this,
loved and bloody, as if I could stop adoring you
just by saying it out loud.
I know your anger like my own, like our silent war,
like our burned bridges,
our scorched earth.

You are my favorite case of stifled love,
of sweet-talking until we’re sick off of it.
Tell me to swallow your mercury thermometer. 
Let me stay in the ward where I’m dying and
you are the doctor.


Sick List | d.a.s

Inspired by William Carlos Williams’ “Variations on a Theme 4”

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Imagine Bucky is afraid of heights ever since his fall

imagine bucky’s been afraid of heights ever since he was a little kid and snuck onto the roof of the little apartment building he and his mom and his sisters lived in

it’s late and the apartment is quiet and he can’t sleep no matter how hard he closes his eyes and how many sheep he counts so he gets up and walks around the still forms of his sisters and he has to jump to grab the fire escape but he’s always been tall for his age and he’s able to grab it on his fourth try. he climbs up and he’s so excited, he’s gonna do something that no one else has, he’s gonna stand on top of the world and it’s gonna be amazing

he turns around and looks out and he can see for miles and miles and miles, places that he’s never been before, places that he’s only heard about from his ma or those smooth voices on the radio. for a moment, it’s exactly as he thought it would be - he feels invincible

but then he looks down

and down and


and he panics, falls away from the ledge, heart racing, breath rasping in his lungs harshly. he’s on top of the world, but it’s so far from where he wants to be and he doesn’t know how to get back so he spends the rest of the night in the exact center of the roof, shivering in the cool breeze, tears slipping down his cheeks

he stays there until his ma finds him in the morning, following his path up the fire escape and sighing in relief when she sees him, cold but unharmed. bucky doesn’t like heights so much after that


he doesn’t tell anyone, even swears his ma to secrecy, because he thinks it makes him weak, that the other kids in his neighborhood will tease him because he couldn’t go back down a stupid fire escape


he makes steve go with him on the rides at coney island and never tells him that he’s just as scared as steve is


he’s standing next to steve on the edge of a cliff in the middle of winter with a gun strapped to his back and a chill in his bones. bucky knows that one strong gust of wind could knock him right over the edge and, god, he’s terrified, but steve needs him to be strong and fearless so he swallows back the bile rising in his throat at the thought of ziplining over a bottomless pit, and jumps


he’s hanging onto a flimsy railing for dear life and trying desperately not to look down, but it’s impossible, how can he look away from death? he hears steve’s voice calling his name and he manages to pry his eyes away from the rocky ground just in time to see steve reach out his hand and for half a second bucky thinks, maybe everything will be alright. then he hears the harsh squealing of metal and suddenly he just falls

and falls and


oh, he thinks, eyes on steve’s broken face until the train rounds a corner and both disappear from sight, so this is how it ends

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Imagine Bucky being always guarded amongst the avengers. He smiles, laughs and interacts but he's still holding his guard up. He sits at the table with his back towards the wall if not he feels vulnerable. He always watches the hands which reach for a knife to cut the steak. He likes walking at the end of the line cause he always suspects some attack from his back.

he feels guilty about it, because these are his friends and teammates and he still can’t accept a pat on the back without flinching away instinctively, but he doesn’t know how to stop

it comes to a head in the middle of a battle, as most things are wont to do when it comes to the avengers. they arrive on the scene just in time to some kind of sparky robot things invading times square and wreaking all kinds of havoc. the avengers go to work immediately, with steve calling out orders and helping evacuate civilians while clint and bucky take potshots, tony starts figuring out the mechanics behind the little bastards, natasha does her thing (which involves a lot of stabbing and shooting and punching) and hulk smashes. it’s going well, people are being surprisingly cooperative and going where steve tells them and the robots are apparently really easy to hack into, as evidenced by tony turning a good fourth of them against the others

bucky’s up on a roof, picking off stray bots, when he sees a whole cluster of them heading towards the hulk. he knows, somewhere in the back of his mind, that bruce is pretty much invincible like this, that it would take a lot to even break his skin, but he acts instinctively, taking out the bots one by one until they’re only a pile of smoking parts on the ground. he grins, pleased with himself, and it’s not until then that he realizes that in his state of complete concentration a few stray bots managed to get the jump on him. they’re hovering behind him, sparking ominously, and he curses himself for not watching his back, curses himself for not being aware of his surroundings

he lifts his rifle up as fast as he can, but he knows he’s too slow, there’s no way he can get them all before they converge on him and spark him to death. he sets his shoulders and decides that he’ll take out as many as he can before they get to him so there will be that many less for the other to deal with, when he hears a whoosh of noise and then one of the bots explodes, taking out two more beside it. then the crack of a bullet sounds and another bot crashes into the roof. there are only two left now, and bucky’s pretty sure if the bots had facial expressions they’d look about as confused as he is. as soon as the two bots make a move towards bucky they’re pulverized by an impressive combination of hulk’s fist, thor’s lighting, steve’s shield, and tony’s repulser blasts, as well as a couple arrows from hawkeye and a few throwing knives from nat

it’s ridiculous, bucky knows it is, but he starts laughing, big, heaving laughs that make him brace his elbows on his knees and leave him wheezing after a few minutes of it. he’s been worried all this time about protecting his back, making sure that no one gets close enough to hurt him, and those same people just saved his life (because they were watching his back) by completely obliterating the living fuck out of some robots. his life is ridiculous

of course, this realization doesn’t change things overnight. he still has those days where he feels twitchy and unable to sit without his back against a wall, days where he flinches back from touch and snarls when they try and walk behind him. but those days are increasingly farther apart now, and the rest of the team always gives him his space when he needs it

it’s not perfect, but honestly, he thinks perfection would chafe at him anyways


from beginning to end.