Here’s a few of my favorite “Dear Netflix” tweets, which by the way is now trending worldwide on Twitter:

“Dear Netflix, As much as we love the "cerebral romantic comedy documentaries” genre you suggested, paying double is insane. k thx bai.“ - @theroxy

"Dear @Netflix, I look forward to talking to you on the phone August 31 when I cancel my account. Signed, a member since 2006.” - @danforthfrance

“Dear @netflix, I’m sure you have heard this over 10,000 times today, it’s been fun but a 60% rise is unacceptable.” - @RobWakes

“Dear Netflix, I had my account on "hold” but it will now be cancelled thanks to your $$ increase. Love, broke college student.“ - @mushakt

"Dear Netflix: Redbox is looking really good right about now.” - @misterdc

“Dear Netflix, I’m out after three years. $20+ a month is not happening. Goodbye red envelopes, hello red boxes.” - @wickedcupofjoe