Dear mister, some of these routinities become boring. Even if i did them tenderly. I started to understand my situation, and ended by thinking about the same thing again and again, you. Looking at the universe with undearly eyes, searching something that reminds me about your everything.

I regret about our past. That we spent with no togetherness and no great memories. We were friends that never been friends literally. We met each other only incidentally. We talked about something generally. So I am so indifferent. But dear, is that matter? Cause i locked my heart deep inside your hands.

I did have some toughts, that you seemed too far, and i was in my way to go more about length, revenge to you. But what to do if the only thing that i do just go around and back to the same place when you give me a chain of hello. Other people did hello to me, and you did too. But i received yours as different thing with the special emotion.

Because you are too gentle. You with your principles that I adore so much, bring a huge barrier. And I understand it, because you are netral. If we were atoms, you are not positive, which is easily drag yourself to me, the negative one. You are netral, the proton. And you have no intention to everything about myself.

So, in this long one-sided love I just wanna give a break to my heart. I am tired of crying and heartbreaking and questioning, but no I am not tired of waiting. I will carry out my sorrow, and let you see my bright side someday. So I can love you more and more, again and again. In any condition. So I just let my heart feels easy. I do love you, but never ask you to love me back. Just treasure your world, remember me sometimes in your laugh, i don’t mind if you remembered me in your pain, remember me a little. A girl that look at you with different way since then. And after time passes my super big question will be answered by the universe.