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dearcloud - siam

i just listen & listen in a long time when i started to know this song…i just love this kind of arrangement style…& dearcloud is one of my most favourite K-INDIE band…all songs of their albums are never disappoint me! they just filled my satisfaction in music! anyway,…does someone can translate the songs?…any links about the translation found,just mention me,please~

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You were there, in the midst of winter
I plucked up my courage to approach you
You were beautiful, yet cruel.
To you, eternal love doesn’t exist
You pushed me away coldly

You are dazzlingly beautiful
Even though I knew it was impossible
Even if by a small miracle,
I knew that it wouldn’t be possible that you’d come looking for me
With cold words,
You froze my heart
I beg of you, please take my spiritless hand

I’ve thought of you countless times in the last four years, although in episodes, as if by fits of convulsions, triggered by a sudden stillness of being, or by some melancholic memory resurfacing. Time and again, the thoughts kept coming back , staying as long as they liked and leaving as abruptly as they came, but never really saying goodbye. There were always diversions, but their presence didn’t leave an imprint in my soul like you did.

Every time I stumbled upon a song that I fancied, I always found the lyrics to be reminiscent of you,even when I haven’t translated them yet.

I do not love you.

Or maybe I do, I’m not really sure.

You just keep popping in my head at the most random times.

Song: Ice Fortress by Dear Cloud

Lyric Source and Translation:

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Nine - 축제

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디어클라우드 dear cloud 3집 - 널 위해서라고