i love my major. i love my major. i love my major. i lov-

my midterm was to create an hipster advertisement using my face. there are so many things wrongs with that. 

  1. my face
  2. hipster? i’m no karen gillan 
  3. illustrator? oh boy…. 
  4. i look like a female version of howard wallowitz 

—- hello my dears~ i just had midterms, which is why i was quiet, i’m a bit sick from stress and the changing weather so i’ll be lurking mostly on my main blog for another day or so but it’s my spring break so i’ll be getting out all my drafts and i’m totally up to start new plots and you should all send memes xD 

Midterm Submission

Dear All,

Here is your midterm submission instructions:

Please compress your submission files as RAR or ZIP file and name it with your names (i.e. Muhammed Ali Örnek.rar).

Then, send an e-mail by attaching your submission files to the address at below:

Best Regards,