Eric Kripke on why the show has gone 10 years.

x That is credit to Jared and Jensen, the unbelievable charisma that those guys have both together as a unit and separately as actors.

I can ramble about the structure of the seasons etc but it’s really because of jared and jensen.
It helps that it is a show we loved writing but ultimately it was those guys, that’s why we have been on ten years.

People love them and they love them as brothers.


but lets talk about when the cast was asked what the weirdest fan art they’d ever received/seen was, Jensen instead of taking the opportunity to make fun of fan art (and let’s be real, he’s seen some crazy-ass stuff from the fans),he talked instead about how talented the fandom is and the fantastic fan art that had impressed him the most

and i was just

you are such a lovely man


Jensen's M&G snippet

- Jensen prepared the finale physicality of the dying scene very thoroughly. He doesn’t like when actors are supposed to be badly hurt and don’t really show it. So he was very aware all the time that he was dying and had been stabbed in the chest. So he had to be breathless and incoherent and a little out of it. He even watched videos of people fainting so he could grasp how people reacted when being in and out of consciousness.


Eric Kripke on watching a show through good and bad episode's

x   TV does this beautiful thing where you find a character that an actor can inhabit and you love them and you will sit with them through a racist truck story *laughs* because you love them, and maybe next week the episode will be better..

and it’s not because of me (eric) it’s because of them (Jared and Jensen).