Start again

Title: Start again

Word Count: 2402

Characters: Demon!Dean x Reader

Request: Basically the idea I had was that the reader has been dating Dean for awhile when he turns into a demon. After he escapes in the bunker, he beats her up and tries to kill her, but doesn’t quite succeed. Then maybe there’s a flash forward to after he’s cured, and he’s super guilty about it and she’s still a little scared of him, even though she tries not to be? I don’t know it might be a horrible idea. Thanks just for reading it.

Hey! Um I’m like super needy for anything demon!dean related so could you write something with him? If not it’s totally cool! Sorry for being awkward

A/N: I was listening to High Hopes from Kodaline and got his idea. It’s my first attempt to write demon dean so yes…
Also I never had any alcohol so I have no idea how it feels like when you are drunk. I tried guys, I tried.

Warnings: Abuse! Like it’s demon dean beating the reader up 

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You stared eagerly at your phone which laid on the bed next to you. Every few minutes you picked it up and unlocked the screen, only to see that there still wasn’t a single message from your boyfriend Dean.
He and his brother Sam were on a mission and you shouldn’t worry about it. That was the only thing that he had told you when he had left you a few days ago.
A sigh escaped from your lips after you’d checked your phone for the seventh time in the last five minutes. You would become insane if you didn’t knew what was going on. If he and Sam were still alive. Still breathing and their hearts still beating. 

A knock appeared on the front door of your small hotel room and you almost fell from your bed when you heard it and ran towards the door. You ran through the room that you had shared with Dean and that had somehow became your home in the past few months.
You literally teared the door open and jumped right into Dean’s arms. His arms, strong and muscular, wrapped immediately around you and you inhaled his scent. You had missed him so much that you didn’t even noticed that Sam wasn’t behind Dean. You’d missed him so much that you didn’t even noticed that something was different. 

»Hey babe«, Dean whispered into your ear and you started smiling and leaned forward to press a kiss on his lips.
His rough hands caressed your cheeks as he returned the kiss. His fingers trailed over your soft skin until they stopped around your throat and started to strangle you.
It took you an entire moment to understand what he was doing and your body reacted way to late to his actions. You tried to free yourself from his harsh grip but he was way too strong and you weren’t able to breathe anymore. You weren’t strong enough to fight Dean Winchester. 

You could feel that you were about to become unconscious when his hands finally released your throat and made you fall hard on the ground. Your head boomed and your throat hurted but you still  tried to crawl away from him with all the strenght you could afford. You tried to reach out for your phone and call Sam but Dean was already above you again. 

With the hand that had caressed you so many times he slapped you hard against the cheek and you were able to feel it become thick, inflated.
He hit and beated you up until you saw stars and wished that he would kill you already. Blood was running out of your nose and you could taste it in your mouth. It was disgusting and you were crying while trying to get rid of Dean or the monster that he had become.

“Please”, you whined huskily because of your swollen throat. The pain was overwhelming but you still tried to look him into the eyes. It was too much. Your Dean had to be there, somewhere. He couldn’t be gone.
You swallowed hard and forced yourself to stop crying and looked into his eyes again, which suddenly turned from the green you loved into black. 

“Surprise bitch”, Dean murmured and grinned at you. 

“Get out of my boyfriend you black eyed son of a bitch”, you croaked out but the demon only started to laugh at you. 

“There is no demon inside me Y/N. I am the demon”, you stared at Dean and started to shake your head. No, no, no. This wasn’t possible. Your Dean a Demon? But then again …
A wave of pain hit you and you winced and gasped for air. 

“I’ll let you stay alive. But if I ever see you again, I am going to rip your heart out of your chest. With my bare hands. Do you understand me, bitch?”, he raised an eyebrow and gave you a cold hearted smile.
Then he turned around and left you alone on the cold hard floor.

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