First Breath After a Coma, Deanna/Castiel

Deanna dreams about Hell, about heat and fear and fire, about pain and agony. She wakes up breathing hard, drenched in sweat, sheets soaked around her. It’s hard to fall asleep after that, heart racing and stomach churning, so she watches infomercials on silent into the small hours of the morning and hopes Sam doesn’t notice.

Sometimes she wakes up with the sheets tangled around her legs for other reasons. Wakes up sweaty and breathless, her hand between her thighs, the sound of Castiel’s voice—his true voice or his human one, she’s never sure once she opens her eyes—echoing in her head. She dreams about Castiel, about light in the darkness, burning and bright, and a grip on her shoulder that leaves her bones aching, his handprint etched on her skin…