Start a relationship with somebody who has some mental disorder (mainly depression) it’s something that I wish people think twice before do, have idea that it will not be like a tumblr post where you say some kind of lovely sentence and every demons from the person head will just disappear.
You for sure will be able to make they feel better, but not all the time. You’ll have to deal with the fact that sometimes not even you will be enough.
If you don’t know that you are dealing with someone with some chemical imbalance in their brain and not a lacking people needing of a hug, you gonna end up petulant, and this is a way to make things worse. And not for you, worse for who gonna feel unable to make you happy.
Depression demands careful. Take care.

She was never crazy,
She just lived too vibrantly.

Always contained “too much” energy,
Constantly had a fire in her eyes,
Her vitality would radiate onto others.

The intensity of her spirit was just too much to take in at one time.

Her character wasn’t flawed,
It just underlined the flaws in everyone else’s personality.

—  e.a.s. (x)