Nearly all men can stand adversity. But if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.

New alliances will be forged and lifelong friendships will be broken. Loyalties will be divided and secrets will be kept. Ones you never knew to exist will soon become family and love will reign true again. Those that were lost will come back to haunt us and choices will have to be made.

It isn’t always the strongest or the smartest, but sometimes merely the luckiest that make it out alive. We each survive in our own way. The question is, at what cost?

A brand new Teen Wolf AU Role Play, we welcome you to come and check us out! Our first acceptance date will be this Friday night, July 18th. Please feel free to look around the main and ask us any questions that you may have - or even better, send in those apps!


Chemistry Based Glee AU RP. Open Canon Roles & Accepting OCs.

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Andrew “Drew” Blunt Miller ✘ 22 23 ✘ Human ✘ FC: Dean Geyer ✘ Open

♛ Birthday: 20th March 1991

About Andrew: 

 After their parents death, Andrew took the lead of the Miller’s family by taking care of his younger sister Alexandra. As soon as he finished High School, Andrew got several part-time jobs only to bring some money home and nothing seemed to bother him, he still had his nights out, even his rebellious sister wasn’t hard to deal with, they never passed any difficulties.

 Some could swear that even with the accident, everything was going well for the two siblings. That all changed in one night, the night Andrew had to go out and search for Lexie in the middle of the night, only to find her sister with a werewolf bite mark and in an intense pain. That was also the moment that Andrew realized that myths weren’t simple myths and on his free times, Andrew took the liberty of reading more information about werewolves to understand better his sister’s “curse”.

 A few months later, Lexie asked Andrew to move, not being able to stay on that city anymore and Andrew didn’t contest his sister request. That was two years ago, when Andrew found a job at the Central Veterinary Hospital of the Southamptons and moved there with his sister. Now, Andrew didn’t left his old flirt habits disappear but there’s something about this town that his bothering him, specially a few friends of his sister.


♛ Positives: Determined, Loyal, Sociable

 Negatives: Flirt, Quick-Tempered, Stubborn


♛ Family:

Alexandra Miller ► Younger Sister

♛ Friends:

Seth Blackburn

Sofia Blye

♛ Enemies:

Kylan Young ► Ex-Girlfriend; Complicated Relationship

Name: Marshall Aldrich
Age: 23
Species: Werewolf

Pack: Hampton Pack

Growing up in Birchwood Village every child tends to find their best friend one way or another. In Marshall’s case, this was Foster Etheridge. The boys were in the same class and immediately grew close due to their similar personalities. However as they grew older things began to change just like any friendship does. Their friendship never dwindled but as they began to see who they were and who they would  be in the future both boys went in different directions. 

As Foster grew to love and see woman, Stephanie in particular, Marshall began to wonder who he was. He hated that he was losing Foster to the pretty blonde girl in their class. He hated losing his friend to someone who would never appreciate him as much as he always had. That’s when his bad streak started, His jealousy and anger made him try to draw a wedge in Stephanie and Foster’s relationship. He would throw comments at his friend saying that Stephanie only was dating Foster to get closer to him, that she had told him she wanted to fuck him and not Foster. Marshall began to play mind games with his friend convincing him she wasn’t what she seemed to be, that she was a monster and that she was pulling him off of his track to greatness.


When Foster and Stephanie’s relationship ended Marshall was more than relieved to have his best friend back in his grasp. But maybe there was more than just having his best friend back, it was more so that his friend was once again available. Despite his rude and hateful ways Foster and Marshall friendship stayed strong, even if Marshall was keeping his real thoughts and feelings inside. 


+  Ambitious, Fearless, Friendly, Funny

-  Hot Headed, Arrogant, Selfish, Obnoxious


“I don’t know that love changes. People change. Circumstances change.”


Marcus Hampton: alpha; acquaintance

Foster Etheridge: best friend; crush; pack mate

Stephanie Poznauskis: enemy; rival; pack mate

FC:  Dean Geyer
GIFs: (x)(x)
Status: Open

Zach Forrester looks quite like that muggle Dean Geyer. He has been sorted into Ravenclaw and is Open/Taken. Zach is a sixth year student and is a pureblood wizard.  


Quiet.  Studious.  Ambitious.  If asked to explain Zach Forrester in three words or less, those would be the perfect choices.  The boy was hardly ever found without his textbooks, brushing up on his knowledge even during the summer.  Other kids his age would spend time at the pool or going out for ice cream with their friends, but Zach would rather spend the same time either studying, or trying to get an internship at the Ministry of Magic.  Ever since Zach was old enough to talk, he’d always wanted to follow in the footsteps of his father and get a job in the Ministry.  There was just something about a government job that appealed to him, something that stuck with him for his whole life, his dream job never changing.  He wanted to help people, he wanted to save them, to make their dreams comes true.  He wanted to put on a perfectly tailored suit every morning and head to work through the green flames, spending his working hours making the world better.  It was the very same that he’d seen his Dad doing ever since he could remember and it was exactly what he wanted to do with his own life after he graduated from school.  That was why he spent a great deal of his time studying, that was why he always tried to keep his record in check and his grades up; he didn’t want anything to stand in the way of the future he had picked out for himself.  But contrary to popular belief, none of this meant that Zach was a boring stick-in-the-mud.  If someone was able to get him away from his studies long enough, they would be able to see that Zach was funny.  He was charming and persuasive and had a way of making every person he spoke to feel like they were the most important person in the world.  There was more to him than met the eye and although he never actively tried to hide that side of himself, it took some digging for anybody to see how much of a great guy Zach really was.  While it was true that he enjoyed spending most of his time preparing for his future, the boy was known to go out and have a little bit of fun once every blue moon.


Unlike most others from his house, Zach did not tend to spend very much time in the library.  There was something suffocating about the intense quiet, something that made him unable to focus.  When he’d first arrived at Hogwarts and been sorted into Ravenclaw, he would follow masses of his peers into the library and try to study, but his mind kept wandering more often than not.  In such a quiet room, every single sound was amplified and he would find himself getting distracted by the littlest thing.  Whether it was the girl two seats down from him sneezing, or the rustle of quills against the parchment or even the sound of books being slid in and out of their spots on the shelves, he would always look up and lose his train of thought.  Then he would have to start over and the whole situation frustrated him to no end, prompting him to finally leave the library and never look back.  Instead, he found himself studying outside, just on the outskirts of the Forbidden Forest.  It was strange and it shouldn’t have worked, but it did.  The soft, subtle sounds of nature helped him to focus and the fresh air made him breathe easier and relax more.  On his rare breaks, Zach would even venture into the forest, his natural curiosity urging him deeper and deeper through the trees, every time different than the last.  He always tried to keep an eye on the sun and make it back to the school grounds well before dark, the many dangers of the Forbidden Forest constantly present in his mind.  And he succeeded in doing just that almost every time.  Every time except for once, and as it turned out, all it took was once for his life to change forever.


He’d meant to be back in his dorms by the time the moon was high in the sky, teeth brushed and under his covers.  After studying all afternoon for his test the next day, he just wanted a couple minutes in the forest to clear his head and relax; nothing unusual in the slightest, because Zach did this almost every single night.  There was something different this time, though.  He could feel it the minute that he stepped foot in his regular spot.  Something was there with him, something that had never been there before. The company made him instantly uneasy and he turned around to head back when he was suddenly tackled to the ground, the breath knocked out of him.  Before he could even reach for his wand, there was a sharp, searing pain in his shoulder and then suddenly, he was alone again.  Unwilling to be there if the creature were to find its way back, Zach hightailed it out of the Forbidden Forest, not realizing exactly what had happened until he was left alone in the privacy of the dorm bathrooms.  He’d seen the image in his textbooks often enough to know the truth — he’d been bitten by a werewolf. And as it had been a full moon, not only had he been bitten, but he’d been transformed into one as well.  And just like that, he felt all of his hopes and dreams dissipate.  There was no way that a werewolf could work in the Ministry of Magic.  They were progressive in many ways, but Zach somehow felt like this was asking for too much.  He would have to re-evaluate everything about his life, change all of his goals and try to find some other way that he would be able to help people.  His new condition made it difficult to live a regular life on an every day basis, to hide it from his peers and teachers, let alone try and juggle a job in the government with it as well. Zach was going to have to try and brave his new life, and he was going to have to do it alone.


 Tara Lawrence; She was beautiful; that long blonde hair, those mysterious eyes.  From the moment that Zach saw on Tara, he wanted to get to know her better.  So one day he took a chance and sat with her in the library, the girl quickly becoming the only reason he would ever study in there.  They haven’t really spoken yet, but he’s sure he’ll get his chance eventually.

 Isaac Fisher; The blonde was always the one pulling on Zach to get out more and do something other than study.  And in turn, Zach was always the one telling Isaac to get his ass out of the tree and hit the books. Their friendship was a constant give and take but that was the very reason why it worked.


001; learn the expulso spell
002; explore the entire Forbidden Forest
003; get the best Herbology mark in the year

❦ aut disce aut discede - either you learn or you leave ❦

In a society divided in Doms, subs, and nulls, there’s nothing more important than knowing your place. William McKinley Finishing Academy, the oldest and most prestigious finishing school in the country, is the last stop for young men and women before they start their adult lives. The Dominants and submissives who graduate are regarded as the very best in the nation. And those who don’t? Well, they say the null quarters at McKinley aren’t as bad as the rest.

glee . siblings . ocs . d/s . 18+  Active since February 9th, 2015



The year is 2023, and another year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is in full swing. However, things have drastically changed since the times of Harry Potter and his friends. Hogwarts is still an institution for magic and learning, but with an entirely new staff on board, Hogwarts students are being recruited into the ranks of what Muggles call ‘superheroes’.

Another Gleeful Hogwarts is a chemistry-based roleplay combining Glee characters, Harry Potter next gen characters, and pre-made OCs from the Harry Potter universe. Acceptances every two days.

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St. Brendan's Academy is an AU Glee D/s RP! We are now accepting!

Submissives have always been considered second class to Dominants. They’ve been stripped of many rights, among which has been the ability to study higher subjects in school. Advanced mathematics, economics, business, law, and the sciences have been reserved for Dominants only - until now.

Six months ago, a ground-breaking new law was passed that allows submissives to study Dominant subjects. No one is sure how this change is going to affect society as a whole, but one thing is for certain: nothing will ever be the same.


Tyler Monaghan || 19 || Library Worker || Liar || Looks like Dean Geyer

“My heart beats to the beat of the drums,”


  • Tries to keep himself distant from people—especially relationships.
  • Comes of as a very sarcastic, rude person.
  • Has a little sister that he’s very protective of and came to Salem to find her.
  • His sister is a mute and gets bullied a lot.
  • He’s from Boston, Massachusetts.
  • He rides a motorcycle.

“Another heart calls,”


  • When he was six he went to the park with his mother, there a man showed up who shot his mother, then ran off when he heard sirens in the distance.
  • Luckily someone saw what was going down and called the cops, who showed up to take both his mother and him to the hospital, since Tyler was complaining of his heart feeling heavy and like he couldn’t breath.
  • Unluckily, his mother died in the hospital and Tyler was diagnosed with pre-cardiomyopathy.  The doctors told him that he’d be okay for about ten years, then he’d need treatment. He was okay until just a month after turning fourteen, he woke up in a fit of his heart pounding painfully irregular, he was rushed to the hospital.
  • They tried treatment for two years, but it never stuck and they concluded that he’d need a heart transplant. He was an extremely hard match to find and just as he was giving up a man unexpectedly died. He was perfect match and the surgery went well.
  • Afterwards Tyler wanted to thank the family of the man and give them his condolences. It turned out that the man had a fiancee when he died. Because Tyler had the man’s heart, he started to see the people as his own family and thought he loved the fiancee. He tried to persuade her, but stricken with grief over losing her fiance, she hung herself. Tyler hasn’t seen them since.
  • Tyler’s father is very protective of him and wants him to do everything to take extra good care of his new heart without being too strenuous. Tyler secretly participates in boxing, tae kwon do, and things of the like. He wants to make the most of his life.

“My lonely heart calls,”


  • Met Remy in an online book club. Has never seen her or heard her voice.
  • Friends with Kali.
  • Preston and him go to motorbike conventions together.
  • Fan of Mason’s books thanks to Remy.
  • Family friends with Emerson.

Tyler is TAKEN


Welcome to Monarch Prep, the school that the children of the most prestigious and well-known socialites attend. Located in a small town just outside of London, England, parents often send in a hefty donation to make sure their precious child gets treated right. There are no roommates. Each student resides in their own richly furnished dormitory. The boys’ and girls’ housing are on opposite sides of the campus; Monarch Prep wanted to at least try to keep them from sleeping in each others’ rooms. With these hormone crazed teenagers, though, there wasn’t much the faculty could do. Since everyone lives on campus, there is bound to be drama, rivalries, enemies, parties, sex, and drugs. The rich party hard, and these students have the money to blow.


Monarch is a small school with a little over 300 students. Break ups, make ups and hook ups are always happening before, after, and in between classes. Everyone usually knows the gossip; however, a new site has been created purely to cause even more chaos. The owner blogs under the alias G. Students are constantly sending in gossip and rumors about their fellow classmates. How could they not? When you’re stranded in a prep school campus, gossip is the most entertaining thing you’ve got. But G does more than spread the latest gossip. The anonymous blogger is constantly blasting students, splitting up couples and even injuring people. A student’s death has even been linked to this troublemaker. Whether or not this really has to do with the blogger is a mystery. But G is a force to be reckoned with; and everyone is scared. Don’t want to be a victim? Better do what G says. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself at the bottom of the social ladder; or worse, this evil gossip queen’s next target. 

Money can buy these students happiness, but it can’t help them escape the drama that happens at Monarch Prep.

Monarch Prep is a canon and original character roleplay with 40+ active characters. This RP was created in April 2012 and continues to go strong with its activity and members. It has a high school setting with a gossip blog and plenty of events occurring on a weekly to biweekly basis. 


|| Juri Karamazov | 18 | Senior | Jock | FC: Dean Geyer | Open ||

Wrestling is great! It’s true man versus man competition, no room for wimps.

Character Description:

Juri is a tall and strong Jock, with light green eyes and a brown buzzcut. He wears a blue Bullworth t-shirt over an off-white long-sleeved undershirt, grey slacks, and blue gym sneakers. Much like Chad, his left wrist is bound with bandages. Juri speaks with a heavy eastern European accent, both this and his name imply that he is from Russia. In the wintertime he adds a wool hat and white gloves.


Juri seems to be very much a stereotypical Jock. He talks mainly about sports, has no respect for his education, and enjoys tormenting the Nerds. His personality is somewhat misogynistic. He worries that others might perceive him as “girly”, and various times a day he expresses a lack of respect for girls. He struggles with the English language, frequently using poor grammar, such as being unable to pronounce the word “president”, and not knowing the English phrase for fire alarm. He seems to appreciate Edna since he propose to say hi to her.

Juri frequently accompanies Damon, but his best friend is Luis, with whom he wrestles frequently. He prefers wrestling to football but does play on the school’s football team, his number is 77.


Ethan Luminere is twenty-six years old, looks remarkably like Dean Geyer and acts peculiarly like Flynn Rider from Tangled.

“Whoa, Whoa, whoa. Sorry blondie, I don’t do backstory.

When Eugene Fitzherbert went on his crazy adventure including a blonde, a “frog”, and a horse he never imagined that he would get everything that he would ever want. But, he did and ever since he finally figured everything out and married the love of his life, he’s gotten everything he wanted since he was just an orphan. Sure he stopped thieving but he didn’t stop going on adventures and he was posing for a portrait for Rapunzel before setting off on one of those said adventures when the curse backfired. This is where his transformation begins.

“Life is a highway, and I’m gonna ride it.

Enter in Ethan Luminere. The eldest of his family, Ethan was always the sort of oddball until his sister came along. He was the one whom disappointed his father the most because he never had much care for his hobbies, and since they were both stubborn and closed-minded to anything other than what they wanted the two hardly ever got along. In turn he was a momma’s boy, and learned from her that a woman should be treated like a princess. From an early age, Ethan was very street smart as if it had been born into him and he liked to sneak away from his parents and go off on adventures. As he grew older these adventures became apart of the family life and it was common for him to be gone days at a time then show up for breakfast one morning like he had been there all along. When his mother died, Ethan took it pretty hard but knew she had gone onto a better place and saw a lot of her in Bethany whom he doted on from the beginning. He moved out at an early age, unable to live in the same house with his father because of how much they argued, and now lives a few blocks away and works as a travel agent for the tourists who visit Briar Woods.

“What is the best part of your life in Briar Woods?”

There’s always a hidden secret in The woods. I never run out of things to do.



Ethan’s always been that child who could see something and immediately be thinking of ways to improve it. Luckily, he’s also smart enough to know how things fit together and has invented quite a few things in his life. If you ask him he would say he’s a bit of an entreupenuer and his trinkets are his most prized posession.


When Ethan wants to accomplish something, even if he knows that he can’t, he often grows a sort of obsession with it. It is always on his mind like a nagging thought and he will go over plan after plan to try and she how he can achieve it. This goes for adventures to school projects to relationships for Ethan.


A downfall about Ethan would probably be his perfectionist side. He overthinks things and hardly ever goes after anything on a whim. It has to be perfectly planned and thought out or he just won’t do it. And if one detail is misplaced he’ll go back and rework all of it. This does give him pretty nice things when he’s inventing or working on a project but it can be quite annoying if you’re planning a day out with him.


“Ethan is probably the hardest person I have ever tried to please. The man is jumping from one thing to the other so leaves me dizzy.”

“He’s got a mind of a dreamer and the means to achieve them.”

“One day here, the next there. I don’t think he’ll ever settle for a simple life or routine.”

Interested in Ethan? It’s your lucky day because he’s OPEN.

◢ The Weston Family is from Glendale, Arizona. The Weston family is made up of Kodiak, Derek, Aidan and Isaiah. 

Welcome to Willcox College, a home away from home for the children of rather fortunate couples. The school caters towards large families, many of them having twins and even triplets. Our school offers a variety of majors and activities to fit any personality. Check out our All Star Football team or Nationally Ranked Cheerleaders. If the Arts are more your style, our theater productions are on par with Broadway, and our Glee club has gone to compete internationally. Anyone can find what they are looking for at Willcox College. What you are looking for? 


Willcox College is a mature roleplay that will deal with themes such as sex, drugs and alcohol, and is set in a fictional school based in New York.