dean winchester


"Think you guys can take that crap somewhere else?" Dean asked from across the living room. 

"What crap?" Your legs were tangled with Sam’s and his hands were running lightly up and down your arms as you leaned back on him.

"All the friggin’ flirting you’re doing. I’ve got a pizza on the way and I want to have my appetite when it gets here," Dean replied. Sam stared at his brother a beat before taking his fingers lightly to your sides, tickling you and causing you to throw your head back in laughter. You heard Dean stalk out of the room and turned to Sam when the door slammed shut down the hall.

"I told you he’d adjust well to the change," Sam teased, leaning in and capturing your lips with his as you started to laugh again.

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PS If you like this—Dean being annoyed and maybe a little bit jealous, you should probably check out the Lucky Penny series…Just sayin…


"I don’t mean to sound sappy…I just wish you could see what I see."

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I’d like to point out: “The CW has its first LGBT lead character of the season.” This could quite possibly signal more LGBT lead character reveals this season.

Also, thank you Jason Rothenberg for pointing out that a character’s sexuality is not the most important thing about them, much like real life. In these shows, fights for their own survival are of much greater consequence. As it should be.

And that’s literally all it takes to introduce a bisexual lead character to a non-LGBT-centric show. It in no way changes the focus of the show. It in no way makes it a “gay thing.” It’s still the same show. They’re still the same character.