“The more confidence you have in your business the easier it is to close deals that will grow your business.” - Markus Biegel

  1. If you are not confident about your business, nobody else will be either.
  2. Portraying confidence is different from being sincerely confident. The good people can tell the difference.
  3. If you go into a negotiation with no expectations you will be the loser regardless of the outcome.

Stephen Farrier, principal and CIO of leading life insurance asset manager, Madison Strategic Partners will be attending Dealflow Media’s 2011 Life Settlements Conference and participating in the panel discussion How Do You Structure a Profitable Portfolio? The conference will take place in Las Vegas, NV on September 22.

Key topics to be introduced during the panel session are accumulation of policies, portfolio diversification and management. Fellow panelists include representatives from Ernst & Young, Vida Capital, Asset Servicing Group and Litai Assets. Mr. Farrier’s contributions to the discussion will be drawn largely from his experience at Madison Strategic Partners where alongside CEO, Louis Kreisberg, he is actively engaged in the origination and management of life assets.

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