i had an amazing first time at anime expo, this was the first experience ever cosplaying, sewing & creating anything from scratch + styling a wig + making accessories and it turned out perfect. i took a lot of pictures with everyone, which i will post soon after this.photo along with my character reference. everyone was SO kind and respectful to me, paid compliments and never said anything inappropriate. i had so much fun. and remember ‘cosplay is NOT consent’! thank you ax!! amazon quartet cerecere // sailor moon cosplay
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In the Name of the Moon, First Glimpse of New Sailor Moon Anime


In the name of the moon, Sailor Moon is back and she looks amazing!

Toei Animation uploaded the first official image of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal, a brand new Sailor Moon anime for 2014 which will even be a reboot of the series, adapting the first manga. The show can premiere in July on Niconico.

Here’s the full image with a rather redesigned main character, Usagi Tsukino:

Toei Animation, via Animenewsnetwork


The official release of the SailorMoon Dead Moon Circus Trailer! The film is based on the ever popular Japanese Anime. 

I play Usagi/ Serena/ SailorMoon. 

Enjoy! We all worked very hard on this film to make it enjoyable and amazing!