Picking Up Where We Left Off

In May 2007 I launched my first project,, a music blog which covered NYC’s live music scene.  The site quickly become a reliable resource for fans to find out about concerts and parties around New York.   While many blogs or websites may have received far more traffic, I was always proud knowing I had several thousand readers a week turning to the site because they wanted to know about the same music I was listening to.  

Several years after it’s creation I began a more formal career in the music business and took on a job as a junior agent at a talent agency.   Shortly thereafter I realized that the demands of that new job wouldn’t allow me to continue DeadlyMelody with the dedication my readership expected and in 2010 the site saw it’s final post with an abrupt ending.

Just short of 3 years later I’m looking to pick up where I left off and use this as a place to feed all the content I’ve gathered since.