250kg/ 552lb x 3
@emanuelpersson prepping for the Swedish Regionals in 2 weeks / Junior SM om 2 veckor. Pappa får mig alltid att tagga till! LETS GO! #deadlift #powerlifting #tyngre #ökk #powerliftingMotivation #powerlifting #powerliftingvideo

I was too upset yesterday to post this, but I really wanted to post this eventually because I was really happy that this occurred. (I am saying “No belt” at the beginning of this because someone accused me of hiding a belt under my t-shirt… lol)

I was only supposed to go up to 285 lbs working weight on Wednesday evening, but I had just gotten that shirt I’m wearing (@ironalliance on IG – my IG’s friends apparel company – she is just getting started and the shirt is awesome! Check her out!)

Soooo I was originally only going to hit 385 lbs but that went up so smooth and quick that 405 went on the bar next. So here’s that pull. Resumed my regular training after this (245 2″ deficit pulls for sets of 8).

I think that this was the post that pissed off those 2 guys that attacked me on my IG profile yesterday.

Here’s the thing – it may be hard to believe, but I don’t run steroids. I am the first person that will step up and defend someone using steroids as much or as often as they like, but personally, I don’t touch them. I don’t make enough money to even afford my own place to live, so how could I afford hundreds/thousands of dollars worth of drugs every year? Plus, I have so many reproductive system issues that I am very unsure of how steroids would affect the treatments I use to control these issues. There isn’t much research done for women running any kind of steroid, really, and I’m not about to be a guinea pig and risk my health.

That said, who knows if I’ll ever do them? Maybe when I’m older and worn out from powerlifting, I’ll bodybuild instead and take all the steroids I want. Maybe I’ll be able to afford them then, maybe not. May I just won’t do them at all. I don’t know. The choice is there but it’s a choice that I can’t really make right now, and I’m OK with that. No one has to believe me, either – I’m not really looking for external validation. I know that I don’t do them, and the stronger I get, the more I’m going to have to rely on that personal assertion – because as I begin to perform better than I am currently, and lift heavier weights, the accusations are going to come pouring in, every day. I can’t even imagine how people like Ronda Rousey or Dana Linn Bailey deal with the bullshit that I see on their social media accounts.

I do find it interesting that so many people (especially men) want to believe that most athletes are naturally inclined and gifted, whatever the sport or performance may be. Yet when a biological female steps up with some great genes and a natural knack for performing certain tasks, suddenly we are juiced up and ‘roidin’ hard because there’s “no possible way” women could ever be that strong on their own. Talk about prejudice.