In a heartfelt tribute to the ordeal suffered by Brett Ewins during his arrest and subsequent incarceration last year,some of 2000AD’s greatest talents dedicated artwork based on Brett’s greatest creations and characters.

Top:John McCrea’s superb cast of Bad Company.

Middle:Simon Coleby does Kano,leader of Bad Company.

Bottom:Edmund Bagwell’s glorious ensemble cast of Brett’s greatest hits,including Bad Company’s Kano(of course!),Deadline’s Tank Girl,Walter the Wobot and his sardonic,futuristic hard-boiled private eye,Johnny Nemo

Get Well Soon,Brett-from all Squaxx dek Thargo!

Nikki Finke needs to stop saying words. At no point do box office numbers outweigh the lives of those lost in the Aurora, CO shooting. If you guys weren’t grossed out by Deadline before, you will be now thanks to her bottom-dwelling brand of journalism.


If you are a Black male or female and your idea of insulting a Black person comes down to insulting their complexion, particularly how dark they are, their lips, hair or any type of feature that you and some cracca would use

you need to get ya shit together.   You and your self hatred are every bit as part of the problem as any white man in a sheet or wearing a badge. 

It’s 2014 get off that joe.  We deadin that shit going into 2k15.  Unity over everything. Black nation over everything. Black love over everything. 

anonymous said:

Hi~~ I just wanted to ask about the neogal submissions for Kawaii.I. I went to their website and didn't see anything that would let me submit. I was wondering if you know did the deadline already pass? (the video source of where i watch their episodes got deleted so I couldn't check back in the video either :(

Hey love I’m currently on phone but i’ll update this reply with a link when I get on my laptop. The deadine is on Monday. ♡

I’m meeting with my professor to talk about him writing a letter of recommendation for me this friday. I will also be meeting with two of my other professors and will somehow begin the process of applying to graduate school. My deadine is october first and I have to get everything submitted weeks before then. I’m terrified. 

selittamatontasapainotila replied to your quote:Minulla on hieman nälkä ja se johtuu siitä, että…

Meitsiki on kipee mut en oo muutaku derpannu puhelimel koko päivän. Vois pelaa Skyrimia

Kipeenä tympeä olla, itekki vaan hajoillu näihin vanhoihin piirrettyihin, nyt Seikkailumetsään ja aiemmin aamulla Batmaniin.

Skyrim on loistava vaihtoehto, ehdottomasti sitä pelaan! Mää oon ootellu koko päivän melko malttamattomasti että uusin Walking Deadin jakso tulisi ladattavaksi. Pitäisi tunnin parin sisällä tulla.

Paranemisia sinne, Skyrimillä kyllä se kipeys taatusti lähtee! :)