cause its my problem if i wanna pack up and run away
its my business if i feel the need to smoke and drink and sway
its my problem, its my problem if i feel the need to hide
and its my problem if i have no friends and feel i want to die
—  Marina And The Diamonds

Men of the 10th Royal Hussars (Prince of Wales’s Own) run down fleeing rebel tribesmen in Sudan in 1884 at El Teb. Following the massacre of an Egyptian force at the hands of the Mahdist forces earlier in the month, a 4,500 man British contingent returned the favor at El Teb on February 29th.

(Anne S.K. Brown Military Collection)

pizza-tea-sleep asked:

What do you think of the tc electronics flashback? I just tried it yesterday and was blown away.

It’s a pretty nice pedal. I owned a Flashback Alter Ego a couple years ago and liked it. I hated the way you had to do tap tempo on it though. You couldn’t use an external switch. You had to hold down the switch for a few seconds, hit dead notes in the tempo you wanted, and then the pedal would adjust to that specific tempo. It’s an unrealistic function for live use. Really wish I could tell TC and a bunch of other companies why they’re fucking up.


fluvicoline asked:

yr phoenix grindr updates are absolutely not making me want to go to phoenix, but they are making me wish more friends would go to phoenix and report on the general absurdity

oh my god the superbowl is here tomorrow so it’s like extra bonkers right now it’s just all these headless jock bros messaging me being like “lookin 4 head before the big game go seahawks!” and i wish i were dead.

(edit: on second thought maybe they’re just looking for their literal heads, what with being headless and all? maybe i’m flattering myself?)

my future partner is probably texting their bae right now about how they’re gonna be together forever. sike, see you in ten years bitch

me: *gives an answer*

teacher: class, do you agree or disagree?

you: well I disagree beca-


"why do you always wear black"
cause i’m ready for ur funeral bitch