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Part of the XBOX ART illustration project. Creating free wallpapers for download and the opportunity to win framed, one of a kind prints. Full info HERE.

Dead Rising by Dan Mumford

Borderlands by Vincent Roché / Tumblr

Modern Warfare by Mitchy Bwoy / Store

Halo by Ian Wilding / Store / Tumblr

Black Ops by Mitchy Bwoy / Store

Battlefield by Ron Guyatt / Tumblr / Store

Assassin’s Creed by Ben Ashton-Bell / Tumblr


Capcom has launched Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Edition Hpyer Edition Ex+ Alpha (you read that right), a four-player co-op add-on for Dead Rising 3.

Players can play as as Frank West, Chuck Greene, Nick Ramos and Annie Greene and cosplay as Capcom characters, using their signature attacks and super moves, to save the city from zombie hordes, dangerous Shadow Bosses, and giant Super Zombies.