Iowa Republican: U.S. Should Spy On Muslim Americans In Mosques To Defeat ISIS

Iowa Republican: U.S. Should Spy On Muslim Americans In Mosques To Defeat ISIS

Photo credit: Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call

On Thursday, Rep. Steve King’s (R-IA) offended Muslim Americans when he suggested on The Steve Deace Show that the United States Government could defeat ISIS by spying on mosques.

Stating that recruiters for fighters were “certainly in the United States,” King said:

“The radical Islamists have 1.3 or more billion Muslims to work with. Now they aren’t all…

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Go Deacs! Two students walk across the lyrics to the Wake Forest fight song, written in chalk on the sidewalk outside the library. The Demon Deacons take on Duke tonight in basketball in an important ACC game. -Ken Bennett

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I remember when Sol Deace was being hyped up as a reason to get a Sega CD.  The music seemed nice, but high school me couldn’t overlook the gargantuan price tag on the Genesis peripheral at the time, so I had to content myself with the cartridge version of the game.  In any case, it’s a pretty decent shoot ‘em up by Wolf Team.

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