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Hijo de la Luna (song)

Spanish song by Mecano. Tells of the story of a gypsy woman who, driven by desperation, prays to the moon for a man and in exchange the moon asks for her firstborn. She accepts.

When the baby is born, pale like the moon and unlike his parents, the man is enraged thinking his wife cheated on him. Furious, he stabs her to death and takes the newborn to the hilltop where he abandons it. The moon takes the child in.

They say when the baby cries, the moon crescents to make him a cradle, and when the child sleeps happily, the moon is full.

For translation to the lyrics, go here.

I had so much fun working on these. This song is very dear to my heart since I heard it in my childhood years. Mecano has beautiful music full of magic. I hope to continue developing the look of this story <3