Potters: Lily with teenage Harry, for anon

“I’m a sixteen year-old man, Mum. I’m pretty confident I can comb my own hair just fine,” Harry smiles at Lily, equal parts exasperated and amused.

She attacks his unruly mop with a fresh comb and pretends like she can’t hear him.

“Ow, mu-um!” He protests as she yanks on a particularly stubborn black tuft that just won’t listen.

“Sorry, love, but you have got to look dapper for your first date. We can’t have Lily Evans’ son running around, looking like a twit with too much hair, now, can we?”

“Nobody looks dapper, anymore, mum,”

Lily brushes the overgrown fringe away from his forehead and steps back with a satisfied smile on her face.

“Why, aren’t you the –”

“-fittest bloke in town? Yeah, he bloody well better be! He’s my –”

Our son, after all.” Lily cuts her husband off, trying to shoot him a stern glance but lips tugging up despite herself. James leans against the door, arms folded, grinning broadly at his little family.

“Thanks, mum. Thanks, dad. Now may I have your kind permission to get my arse out of here, please?”

”Language, Harry! And James.”

”Sorry.” they echo immediately, identical guilty smiles on their equally identical faces.

“Now, Harry, dear, remember, Ginny’s a lovely young lady and I want you to treat her like one. Don’t forget to open doors, pull chairs out, compliment her –”

“-kiss her goodnight –”

James!” Lily scolds, outraged. James only grins wider, running a hand through his hair.

Harry chuckles. He loves it when his parents bicker; they are bloody hilarious.

“Sir, yes, sir. Bye, now; I’ll be back before eleven, don’t wait up!” He gives Lily a hurried kiss on her cheek, salutes James and starts making his way downstairs.

Just when he is about to leave, his dad appears.

“Do your old man proud, would you, son?” His eyes are hazel pools of pure pride and love and something else that Harry can’t quite place.

“Of course, dad. I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.”

James bursts into guffaws. “That’s my boy; off you go, then.”

And so, Harry Potter sets off on his first date, turning back at the little gate, just once, to wave at his smiling mum and dad.


Dramione: found by a disapproving Lucius

It was winter (as is the season for deeply saddening events) and it was cold (as is the weather for such occasions) and it was raining outside (but Hermione Granger loved winter rain, almost as much as she dreaded this moment).

“He’s out.” Draco whispered. “They’re both out.”

The grandfather clock read sometime in mid-afternoon (Hermione couldn’t focus long enough on the hands to fully grasp the precise time) and she was due back at 10p.m. and no later according to her father and no earlier than 10p.m. according to her mother. But being the type of girl that Hermione was, she really needn’t have worried much about the logistics at that given time because it always seemed to work out for her, no matter how late she left the organising to.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Draco’s cool hand slipping around her waist, dancing lightly over her exposed midriff.

“Relax,” he purred in her ear as he kissed her lobe. He felt her slope into his posture, becoming more and more at ease with the situation. She even, oh-so-daringly, placed a soft kiss on the corner of his mouth and then another on his lips.


Draco froze. Hermione’s draw dropped.

“Draco!” Lucius Malfoy shouted through the foyer and his footsteps trode quickly into the lounge room where Hermione and Draco stood half-clothed.

Lucius, at first, did not say anything. And then, almost as if his temper was a light-switch, his rage boiled over. “Mudblood!” He shouted, eyes crazed. “How dare you, how dare you touch my son! And you!” Lucius flung his arm at Draco. “You disgrace me!”

(Wolfstar. I don’t care what, First kiss, proposal, smut, whatever, just please Wolfstar. For anon, as proof that you should never ever give me creative control unless you want horrible angst.)

Remus Lupin looked around at the girls in his year at Hogwarts, and thought them stupid. They seemed to spend their entire lives chasing after boys who cared so little about them- in much the same way that James did for Lily, really, but it seemed somehow more pitiful. He watched them give their hearts away only to have their beloveds break them into pieces on the ground- not from cruelty, but from simple apathy. They weren’t loved back, and they never would be; and it simply broke them.

Remus, privately, vowed to have a relationship that would only ever be like the one his parents had. A strong couple who adored one another equally, and could get through almost anything just through the sheer love they had for each other.

Then in fifth year, he fell in love with Sirius Black.

He knew Sirius loved him, but he also knew that love was purely platonic and would never be anything else at all. They talked all the time, and Remus would smile and listen and respond and love Sirius so deeply and wholly that he thought he would break in two from the sheer force of it.

He didn’t want to love Sirius. Things would be so much easier if Remus didn’t have to hide this infernal affection from everyone, if he could meet a nice boy to go out with. He’d tried to date other people, convinced himself he loved them, but he didn’t. It was Sirius, and Sirius alone. He could never love anyone else.

Remus loved Sirius like a dying thing in the dark, lying perfectly still in the midnight gloom and listening to his breath. He loved him hopelessly, endlessly, painfully, and saw no way out of it. He wrote love letters in spiralling handwriting and never found the courage to send them, simply tying them up with metres of string. He lied to himself every hour of the day. He insisted that he was fine with things how they were, that if he could not love Sirius as a lover he would love him as a friend, and that would be fine.

Love made a liar of him, and such was the power of his passion that he didn’t care at all.

Marauders: AU gathering with families after the second wizarding war, for anon

Grimmauld Place had never been so packed, and if it had it was never with such a merry company. Despite the variety of sitting rooms, people had gathered in the kitchen, and Sirius looked around with a huge grin on his face, Marlene tucked under his arm as they observed the crowds.

James was having a heated argument with Tonks over something or other – probably to do with Auror business, as James had taken over after Moody died. Remus and Lily looked on with amusement, occasionally throwing in a comment for either side, and at one point James rounded on his wife, kissing her thoroughly ‘to shut her up’.

The older children had gathered in the corner furthest from the adults, and Marlene nudged Sirius with her elbow when they saw a flash of glass.

“Let them have their fun, it’s Christmas.” Sirius muttered in her ear, and she rolled her eyes but acquiesced.

Sirius pressed a kiss to her temple before interrupting James midflow. “When you lot are done arguing, I think the food’ll be ready soon.” The doorbell rang just as he said it, and he rolled his eyes as the portrait upstairs began screaming.

“I’ll help.” James said, and Remus nodded, the trio walking up the stairs, Remus and James yanking the curtains shut across Sirius’ mother’s portrait while the man in question opened the door.

He clapped Peter on the shoulder, shaking his head. “How many times do I have to tell you not to ring the bloody doorbell?” He asked.

“One more time ought to do it.” James added in from over his shoulder, pulling Peter in for a hug.

Sirius kissed Peter’s wife on the cheek, taking the bottle of wine she offered with a smile and a wink.

“Everyone’s downstairs, and the food’s being served up now.” Sirius said, gesturing for Remus to lead on. “Don’t mention the children’s drinking, we’re hoping they’ll only get more subtle as they get older.” Sirius joked, and Peter laughed.

Remus turned round to shake his head in their direction. “I’ll be damned if I let Teddy near any of you. He’ll stay with Andromeda until he’s 17.”

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Jily & Hinny: James and Lily watch over Harry and Ginny from the afterlife. For anon.

They’ve made a habit of watching over the two of them, but the one thing that James refuses to miss is Ginny’s Quidditch games. “Not about to miss one of the brightest players on the pitch, now am I?” he always says.

This particular match against Puddlemere is important, he tells her, because it determines whether or not the Harpies move on to the division championship. James whoops and hollers every time she makes a goal.

Lily finds herself subduing laughter; his energy is contagious. “I’m beginning to wonder who’s the bigger fan: you or Harry.”

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Jily, Potters, Marauders and Harry & Ron: Jily lived and had a daughter, the boys crash her first date, for haialyy

“Will you shut up, I can’t hear them,” James hissed, glaring across at Sirius and Remus, who had been bickering over whether moving the potted plant was more or less suspicious than constantly holding their menus over their faces.

Harry caught Ron just before he leant so far he fell, and Indie turned around at the skirmish, eyes skating over where the three Marauders had placed an Inconspicuous spell. She turned back to her date, auburn hair falling over one shoulder as she smiled at him, and James’ grip on his menu tightened. “She’s fifteen, she’s far too young for a Seventh year,” he muttered.

“Especially a smarmy git like Davies,” Ron added fiercely, and Sirius elbowed him when Indie turned around again, grey eyes searching for the source of the loud voice.

Remus rolled his eyes. “I could name at least two people at this table who dated fifth years when they were 17.”

“And I can name one who most of the female population thought was gay,” Sirius retorted, and the pair degenerated into bickering once more, with Harry kicking them under the table when a waiter came over to take their orders.

Harry’s eyes narrowed as the evening drew on, wishing Hermione was there to help enhance his sight – a spell she wouldn’t divulge and he expected had made up. “He’s feeling up her leg,” he murmured, and James sat up straight, turning in his chair to glare daggers at the couple.

It was at that moment that Indie stood, and she made eye contact with her father, looking to the rest of the group who had disappeared behind their menus once more.

She walked over, giving the appearance of indifference, a skill James swore she’d mastered from her mother. “You’re all going to get up and leave without saying anything, and without hexing Roger. If you don’t, your lives will be incredibly difficult for the foreseeable future.”

“I am your father,” James began hotly, and she silenced him with one of her ‘Lily-stares’. “Be home by ten,” James called out after her, glaring at Sirius and Remus as they openly laughed at him.

Sirius & James: reuniting in the afterlife, for anon

“Harry!” Sirius’ hand is outstretched, his laugh falling from his face when he realises that he’s no longer in the Ministry and then he remembers the green light hitting his chest and Harry’s horrified expression and falling. “No!” He roars. “Let me back, I wasn’t done. Harry needs me!” He needs to bang his fists on something, but there’s nothing here except whiteness and a door.

Sirius approaches it cautiously, nudging it with his foot because if his days of marauding taught him anything it was that an object that was left there invitingly often contained love potion or itching powder.

The door opens from the gentle push of his feet, and he feels a tugging behind his naval that feels like apparation and then he’s in a kitchen with a topless, messy haired man in glasses sitting at the table with his mouth open.

His coffee cup drops to the floor and smashes.

“Fuck,” falls out of James’ mouth, and then he surges forward, pulling Sirius into a tight hug which Sirius doesn’t realise he’s missed, and even though he doesn’t want to Sirius is crying and he feels a wet patch on his shoulder and realises that James is too. “Thank you,” James whispers. “Thank you for looking after Harry.”

Sirius pulls away, wiping at his face and averting his eyes as James does the same. “You knew?”

“We can watch, sometimes.” There’s a pause. “Pads, you don’t know how happy I am to see you, even if I shouldn’t be.”

Sirius laughs, rubbing the back of his neck. “Fourteen years is too long,” he concurs, pulling James back in for another hug before the bespectacled man cleans up the mess of coffee and china and is in the middle of making pancakes when Lily walks in, lets out a screech and launches herself at Sirius, muttering thank-yous as she cries.

Marauders and Harry: 

Harry receives his Hogwarts letter and Marauders are still alive for anon.

"Harry, James!" Lily called, her eyes shining as she held the letter in her hands. "Harry, your Hogwarts letter has come!"

There was thundering from two different directions as Harry ran down the stairs and James ran in from the kitchen door. Following James, were Sirius, Remus and Peter, all with broad grins on their faces as they saw Harry. With a beam, Lily handed Harry his first Hogwarts letter and Harry took it. It was clear from only a glance that Harry was treasuring the moment, his eyes widened in relief that he had received one, but the four men behind him seemed to be enjoying this as much as him. James’ face was lit up with anticipation and he relished the moment just as much as Harry did, squeezing his wife’s hand. It was Sirius who broke the silence.

"Are you going to open it or not?" He asked, his voice positively rolling in boredom but even he couldn’t keep the smile off his face. With a look, James scuffed his best friend’s head and Harry laughed before opening the letter. His eyes read it in fascination and they all peered over his shoulder.

"They’ve still got the ‘no broomsticks for first years’ rule? You would have thought old Dumbledore would have removed the rule by now!" James said incredulously and Lily gave him a look. Sirius made a notice of agreement.

"We can go to Diagon Alley to pick your stuff up next weekend!" Lily told them, feeling there would be no need to invite the other three Marauders as they would probably come along anyway. She ruffled her son’s hair and walked out, humming happily. The moment she left the room, the four men all cracked smug smirks between them, leaning forward to Harry.

"Now she’s gone, we can tell you all the secret passages around Hogwarts," Sirius said discreetly and Remus shook his head at him.

"Don’t corrupt him already!" Remus said, trying his hardest to take the authoritive role but failing miserably as he couldn’t conceal the smirk on his lips.

"Corrupt? Harry has been corrupt since he was born, thanks to us," Peter snorted and they all privately agreed. As they all laughed, Lily stuck her head back into the room.

"Don’t think I can’t hear you," she reminded and the five of them mirrored a mock guilty look.

(Jily, Blackinnon, and Remadora alive at Hinny’s wedding, for Carol.)

The song was a dance hit by some Weird Sisters predecessor from the 70’s, and when the first few notes started to echo through the reception hall and Sirius dragged Marlene to her feet with an enthusiastic whoop, Harry knew that this was going to leave him even more humiliated than he had been when he had discovered that the onslaught of clinking glasses meant he was supposed to publicly kiss his new bride.

James was the next on his feet after Sirius, sweeping his arm and doubling over in a dramatic bow. Lily rolled her eyes at Ginny and snorted, but she let herself be tugged onto the dance floor, and followed pureblood James Potter’s waltz steps with practiced grace, her amused grin turning genuine somewhere between the waist lift and the twirl under his arm.

After Harry’s eyes fell from his parents, he couldn’t help but watch Sirius and Marlene spin and shimmy and dip around the room, playful and full of energy. Every few moments, Sirius would jerk on her hand and pull her flush against his chest, lips meeting briefly, sensuality settling around the couple that was always dating and never engaged, before Marlene would pull away again and they would resume their spasmodic dancing.

Remus got up halfway through the song, smiling sheepishly, and offered his hand to Tonks, but his hesitation was clearly not contagious, because she took it with a grin and led him a few steps out. She grabbed his other hand when he faltered and jimmied in time to the music, the awkwardness shedding away dance move by dance move until Remus was laughing and Tonks was attempting something close to the electric slide. 

When Harry caught himself grinning instead of blushing, he knew not to question it, eyes flickering to his wife (his wife) and his hand extending to her as he got to his feet.

Scorose: for anon

They look barely 14, probably a handful of third- and fourth-years, all sitting in a cluster in the Gryffindor common room. She knows, deep down, she probably wasn’t much different at their age, but right now she’s finding their incessant gossip a little difficult to stomach. It probably doesn’t help that she’s the subject of said gossip.

"Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy? You have to be joking!"

"I’m dead serious! I’ve seen them snogging on the Quidditch pitch and everything!"

"No way, they hate each other! They’re captains of the Quidditch teams, and you know their dads don’t get along—”

"As if Rose Weasley is going to let her father’s opinions make her own decisions."

"I dunno, she has a lot of respect for him—"

"You know," Rose says from behind her book, and they immediately go silent, "you all would get a lot farther if you didn’t gossip endlessly about people when you thought they weren’t listening."

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Jily: AU Professor!James and Student!Lily, for anon

Lily Evans was not the kind of girl to get a crush on a teacher. She was far too sensible and level-headed to ever entertain such idiotic notions… or at least she was, until Professor Potter (or James, as Dorcas heard some of the other teachers calling him) started teaching her Defence Against the Dark Arts lessons. Lily justified her feelings by telling herself that he wasn’t that much older than her, in fact he barely looked 22, that was only a four year age gap, and then there was the additional factors that not only was he so ridiculously handsome, he was funny and kind and clever. Then, as soon as Lily managed to convince herself that it wasn’t wrong to be feeling things like this she instantly realised that he was her teacher and nothing could ever come of it. He probably thought she was just another stupid kid.

Still, she tried to keep away from him as much as possible, just in case he realised her crush.

That was why she was so nervous to stay behind after the lesson one day to ask him about her patronus charm.

Lily let Marlene and Dorcas leave without her, the rest of the students filing out of the classroom whilst she lingered towards the back, fiddling with her bag “Professor?” She asked when he didn’t turn around, still fiddling with some papers.

“Hmm?” He said, turning to face her - Merlin, did his glasses have to be so adorably crooked? “Oh, Lily, hi.” Professor Potter said, grinning at her whilst he stepped forward past his desk. He was that kind of lanky tallness that meant he leaned on everything, and currently he half-perched, half-leaned on one of the tables in front of her, their eyes almost the same height “What can I help you with?”

Lily swallowed, forcing away the dryness of her throat. Teacher. Teacher. Teacher. She repeated in her head before talking “I’m… Well, I’m a bit worried about my patronus.” She admitted, feeling stupid even as the words left her mouth “It’s changed, see, and I didn’t know that happened. I was wondering why I might… If that’s normal,” She said, as Jam- Professor Potter ran a hand through his hair.

“Oh, right. Yeah, that can happen. Yours was a rabbit wasn’t it?” He asked, and Lily felt herself a little shocked that he knew - not even her best friends seemed to remember her patronus charm.

“Yeah, it was.” She said, nodding a little.

“Care to show me it now?” He asked, gesturing for her to go forward and show him. Lily bit her lip but nodded, getting out her wand before casting the charm, and out came a graceful, silvery doe. Somehow she thought this fit much better than the rabbit ever had.

“I was just wondering why-” Lily started to ask but stopped when she saw his expression. His eyes had gone wide and his mouth slack as he stared at her doe, still retaining that far off look when he started to talk.

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Fremione: Fred finds Hermione after Ron has made her upset at the Yule Ball, for quspeaks

Ron’s words rang in her head as she fled the Great Hall, wondering how he could be so jealous when he didn’t care enough to consider her until the last minute.

She collapsed onto a bench, hidden from view from the castle, fervently glad that she’d decided against make up.

“You alright there, Granger?” She looked up to see Fred standing in front of her, hands in his pockets and a concerned frown on his face.

Hermione blinked away the tears in her eyes, smiling shakily. “Yeah, fine, just…” she trailed off, not wanting to talk to Fred about his brother.

“Ron can be very dense, a lot of the time. It’s cause I got all the smart genes.” Fred sat next to her, offering her a compact mirror. Hermione eyed him suspiciously before taking it, startled when a voice chirruped ‘you look gorgeous, dear’.

Hermione shut it with a click, turning it over in her palm. “Where’d you get this?” she asked.

“Uh, me and George actually invented them. They start getting nasty after a week or so, though, so you might want to leave it after then.” He rubbed the back of his neck, grinning. “Look, do you want to go back in, come and dance with me for a bit. Ron’ll cool off, but you shouldn’t have to leave.”

Hermione shook her head. “You don’t have to hang out with your younger brother’s friends, Fred. Besides, isn’t Angelina wondering where you’ve gone?”

“You’re not just my brother’s friend, Hermione. And we’ll hang out in a group, Angelina won’t miss me.” He stood, offering her his hand, and Hermione gave in, the callouses on his fingers surprisingly reassuring against the softness of her palm. 

Marauders: Dares, for anon

Dare or Die. The infamous Marauder slogan that even puny first-years with half a brain were (painfully) aware of. That teachers had come to dread and enjoy in equal parts. That was the bane of one Lily Evans’s life.

It all started way back in the fresh, innocent (really) days of first-year when a grinning Sirius Black dared his new best mate James Potter to tie that fiery little redhead’s shoelaces together one fine Potions afternoon. He gladly obliged, thus gaining two whole Galleons and a mighty smack on his cheek from said fiery redhead. Suffice it to say, James thoroughly enjoyed both.

Not to be left behind, a rotund, eager Peter Pettigrew dared Sirius Black to call McGonagall ‘McGee’ to her face in second year, which he did, smirk firmly in place. Merlin only knew how a bloody twelve-year old had managed to perfect such a casual yet deadly smirk. Sirius gorged on his new supply of Cauldron Cakes smugly while a laughing Peter good-naturedly thumped his back. In detention, of course.

Now, you lot may not know it, but Remus Lupin was a wily one, indeed. When James offered a month’s supply of Honeydukes’ best if he managed to dose Snape with their new, patented surprise potion, Remus agreed, albeit grudgingly. A wizard’s gotta do what a wizard’s gotta do, after all. The next morning saw a hushed silence as the other three waited to see if Remus had come through. And boy, had he. There was a vivid flash of gold sparks at the Slytherin table, followed by a loud roar and a very pissed-off looking Severus Snape storming out of the Hall, shooting a dark look back at the four guffawing Gryffindors. Did I mention he was sporting bright scarlet and gold hair and a rather attractive set of similarly coloured dress robes, frills and all? Remus really loved his chocolate.

Peter was particularly adept at stealth and recovery operations, as one might guess. There was a sly sparkle in Remus’s brown eyes when he prompted Wormtail to replace each sixth-year Gryffindor’s wand with charming fake ones that erupted into giant radishes which smelled something horrid, once waved. They firmly shook on it and by the next afternoon, had eight fuming classmates banging at their notorious dormitory doors, threatening to call Dumbledore. Peter accepted his beloved box of cheese with a broad smile.

You might ask when this ostentatious business of theirs finally came to an end. Well, it didn’t. The Marauder Dares carried on right till they were old and grey and twenty-fucking-one, war be damned. However, there was one certain Dare which could be called a grand conclusion of sorts.

Never one to refuse a triple dare, it was a cloudy Quidditch afternoon in their last year when James Potter swooped down to the stands right after their glorious victory and planted a big smacker on that very redhead’s lips. This time, though, instead of reaching up to slap him across his fat smug face, Lily’s hands wrapped around his neck, burying themselves in the messy black locks that she so famously claimed to hate. James almost fell off his broom before regaining his composure (yeah, right) and deepening the snog with gusto.

“Good one, Prongs!” The three other Marauders cheered, along with most of the student population of Hogwarts.

James simply smiled; he’d just won himself a week’s drinks at The Three Broomsticks and the elusive heart of the love of his life, judging by the sheer intensity of her kiss.

Long live the Marauder Dares!


Wolfstar: finding out their love for each other via Veritaserum, for Isa.

"Truth or dare."

Remus eyed the empty firewhiskey bottle in the center of the four-boy circle skeptically. “I think it’s on Wormtail,” he tried after a moment.

Peter shifted where he sat to Remus’ right and gave a terse shake of his head. “Is not.”

The werewolf audibly swallowed, eyes still on the bottle, then sighed and looked up at James, who, after spinning the offending bottle, was watching Remus with bright, expectant, alcohol-clouded eyes behind his spectacles. “Truth,” he muttered.

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Sirius & Harry: Raising him after Lily and James die, for daretobeyourselftoday.

Sirius missed a lot of things since Lily and James had died, but most of all, he missed sleeping. Harry had a tendency to wake up in the godforsaken hours of the morning, crying. He never wanted changing, or feeding, he had just woken up from his sleep and needed someone to hold him. Sirius had to wonder if babies were able to have nightmares, because that’s what it seemed like, but he really didn’t know. He didn’t know anything about what he was doing here, he had to call Moony at least once a day for help. But he was Harry’s godfather; this was something he had to do.

He supposed he wouldn’t be sleeping anyway, even if he didn’t have Harry to look after. Whether or not the kid was having bad dreams about the night his parents died, Sirius certainly was. All he ever saw in his dreams were flashes of green light and wide, staring eyes, and then he would wake up.

So like most nights, he sat on the edge of his bed with Harry cradled against his chest, rocking him gently and pressing his lips to the top of his dark haired head. The baby had fallen asleep again some minutes ago, but Sirius didn’t want to let go of him yet. He /loved/ his godson, and he knew how close he had come to losing him like he had lost Lily and James- and Peter, too, he supposed, the traitor. He liked the reassurance of holding Harry and knowing that he was still here.

Grudgingly, Sirius got up and wandered to the cot at the foot of his bed, laying Harry back down and making sure his stuffed giraffe was well within reach. He looked peaceful and untroubled, in his sleep, and Sirius breathed out grateful. He should have had his own room. Hell, he should have had somewhere to grow up that had a garden, that wasn’t just a flat. 

He should have had his parents.

Sirius didn’t have as much as they had, but goddammit, he was going to give Harry all of it. He was trying his best.

Marauders: James and Remus teasing Sirius about becoming a new father, for quaffl

“Boy or girl?” Those were the first words that spilled out of James’ mouth as he and Remus made it to the hospital room (after getting lost twice). The room was already over spilling with balloons and flowers, the smell mingling with that unmistakable hospital odour.

“Shush,” Sirius said quickly, looking pointedly over at Marlene’s sleeping figure, though it would probably take a mariachi band to wake up at this point. “Girl. Hanna Lily Black,” He then added softly, the tiny bundle of blankets in his arm stirring slightly.

Remus and James grinned, congratulating him in turn “The first female baby marauder,” Remus said.

“Merlin, she’s not going to be able to date until she is at least twenty,” James remarked, pulling over a chair and sitting beside the new father – Sirius had yet to properly take his attention from Hanna.

At that he scoffed “Try thirty.” Sirius said.

Remus just shook his head “No way, this kid is going to have you wrapped around her little finger, just like Marl,” He said with a smirk “She will get away with murder. And then some.”

“Oh yeah, at least with boys are easier to understand,” James said, unable to refrain from winding Sirius up “Girls are ten times harder to raise.”

“And you’ll have to attend tea parties for at least five years,” Remus added without missing a beat.

“She might even make you dress up,”

At some point during their teasing Marlene had woken up, shifting in her bed “Are you two trying to scare him off?” She asked sleepily, staring over at the boys “My baby girl will be an angel, just like her mother was.” Marlene said stubbornly.

As soon as the words left her mouth Sirius let out his loud bark of a laugh “Well crap, I really am screwed then, aren’t I?”


Sirius/Marlene and Dorcas/Remus: A jealous Sirius speculating at all the ways that Marlene and Remus would be perfect together as he watches them talk—while they, in turn, are discussing Remus’ adoration of Dorcas. For anon.

"They look happy," Sirius said distastefully, his eyes boring into the backs of two of his best friends’ heads, "Look."

Dorcas followed his gaze and had to restrain herself from chuckling. Which was proving very difficult. “Yeah, I guess.”

"They’d be great together, don’t you think?" he added. "They’re both young, attractive — don’t you dare tell them I told you that. McKinnon’s into sports and Remus… isn’t. Balance each other out well, right?" The words he said posed as a question to her but Dorcas knew it was his observational statement.

"If you say so," she offered. She could see what he was saying; they would be alright together but she had known Marlene long enough to know the girl wouldn’t even think of it. However, she found it incredibly amusing of how he sounded, the way he was watching them so closely without realising. "You know, Black, you almost sound jealous."

"Jealous?" he scoffed and his head snapped sideways to look at her, adamantly turning away from the two people he was watching closely. "Sirius Black doesn’t do jealous."

"Mhm," Dorcas replied with an unconvinced look on her face. She rolled her eyes and stood up straight before spinning herself to walk away, calling over her shoulder. "I’ll leave you to your brooding now."

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Ginny & George: Ginny talks to George after Fred’s death, quote- “You’re not the only one who’s hurting, George. We’re all hurting too.”, for anon


“I’m not hungry, Ginny.”

“You haven’t eaten for two days; I bet you’re starving,”

“Well, I’m not, okay? Just go, Ginny, please,”

Ginny Weasley stood in the doorway, one hand resting on her hip, a worried expression on her face. Her brother was curled up under his blanket with a sheet of paper crumpled in his hand, exactly where he’d been for the last two horrible, horrible weeks. His usually vibrant hair seemed to have dulled, even his freckles had paled. Ginny walked up to the bed and kneeled beside George. His bright blue eyes had lost their trademark mischievous glow, just like he’d lost his other half.

“What’s that you’ve got there?” she asked softly.

“S’nothing, old piece of –“ he began, but Ginny had already coaxed the paper out of his loose grip.

It was an old catalogue of the Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes. Suddenly, her vision was blurry. Her heart broke just a tad bit more.

“Oh, George, where’d you –“

“I’m really not in the mood, Gin, can’t you –“

“Understand?” Ginny had had enough. “Do you actually think that the rest of us are having a jolly old time down there, George? Celebrating the end of the war, the end of all the misery, the killings, the uncertainty, the fear, the worry, the blood, the end of Fred Weasley? Because if you ever believe that, even for one sodding second, I swear to Godric I’ll burn your broomstick, George Weasley.”

Seeing some of his baby sister’s old spark resurface brought a tiny smile to George’s face, despite himself. “Ginny, listen–“

“No, you listen to me. You are not the only one who’s hurting, George; we’re all hurting too. Mum muddles up the salt and the sugar, Dad’s locked up in the shed all day, Ron and Hermione just quietly sit together, Bill, I don’t even see him anymore, Merlin only knows where Charlie is, Harry’s busy with Ministry crap and Percy? Percy just scribbles letters to Fred the whole ruddy day. He was their son, George, and our bloody brother, too! I can’t even begin to imagine what you’re going through, but let us in, goddammit!” Her brown eyes glistened, tears rolling thick and fast down her cheeks.

“I’m sorry.” was all George could manage to whisper. All the things that Ginny had said were whirling through his tired mind and unbidden, a lone tear slowly made its way down his cheek.

Ginny pulled her brother into a fierce hug, stroking his hair gently.

“We are not losing you, too, Georgie,” she said firmly.

Ginny felt a damp patch on her shirt as he nodded, hugging her even harder. 

Jily: Comparing the terms ‘Jily’ and ‘Limes’, for anon

“We have a nickname!” James announced cheerfully, planting a kiss on Lily’s head as he dropped into the seat next to her in the Common Room.

Lily smiled. “So I’ve heard.”

“I was a little confused at first why everyone was so interested in limes, but then some fourth year girl came up and asked Sirius what he thought about it.” James shook his head.

Lily frowned. “Limes? The one I’ve heard is Jily, the sixth years wouldn’t shut up about it.” She nodded her head towards where the group of students sat, and James waved at them before turning back to Lily.

“I ‘spose they roll off the tongue easier than ‘Evotter’.” He conceded. “But Limes just causes confusion. I mean, I’m fairly intelligent,” Lily hides a smile, because last year there would’ve been no modifier in that sentence. “and it took someone explaining it to me to get it.”

Lily tucked her legs up under her, leaning into James as she did so. He wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her closer. “But Jily sounds like some form of disease. I could see it in the list next to spattergroit.”

“I liked it better when it was ‘Potter and His Bird’, although it’s a bit of a mouthful.” He laughed when Lily slapped his stomach, catching her hand with his.

Lily wriggled her fingers where they were trapped, making James squirm a little at the ticklish feel.

“Either way, we’re together.” Lily said, and James smiled, leaning down to press a gentle kiss to her lips.

Hinny: Ginny teasing Harry in front of their kids and Harry retaliating, for anon.

"What did Daddy do next?" Lily-Luna prompted, bouncing on her mother’s knee eagerly, transfixed by Ginny’s story-weaving.

"Well." Ginny broke into a broad smile, eyes locked on her oblivious husband, bent over The Daily Prophet in the kitchen in the next room. "Grandma Molly was just appalled that Daddy’s hair wouldn’t behave, so she said he had to get a haircut before the wedding.”

Lily-Luna’s eyes widened and her lips formed an astonished o. She gaped at Ginny for a long time before twisting her head towards the kitchen and calling to her father, scandalized, “You got a haircut, Daddy?”

Harry frowned at the paper as the question sunk in, then glanced into the living room, settling back in his chair  with a confusion-creased brow. “Sorry?” 

His daughter swung her legs to kick herself off of Ginny’s lap and scampered into the kitchen, seating herself beside Harry. “Mummy says you got a haircut before you got married.”

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