Jily: First kiss. For anon.

“It has to be romantic.” Lily Evans randomly blurted as she followed James away from the middle of the Qudditch pitch after a long morning of watching him practice. Their hands were joined and Lily gently swung their hands back and forth as they walked. Balanced on James’ opposite shoulder was his broom.

“Hmm?” James asked, glancing over at her with his eyebrows raised.

Realising that she’d blurted out her thoughts, Lily’s cheeks coloured. “Our first kiss, I mean. It has…it has to be romantic.”

James nodded, using his free hand to brush a lock of sweaty hair from his forehead.  His shirt was also slightly damp from perspiration, making it cling to his figure more.

‘So then, darling Lily, what did you have in mind?” his eyes sparkled mischievously as he continued, “I was just going to snog you against the wall of the stands, in all honesty. You seem to have some grand plan though, so do tell, my love.”

The first response he received from the girl was an eye roll, followed by a shake of her head. She finally replied, “You’re obviously not the romantic type, Potter. Merlin, you tried to get me to go out with you for all those years, I was hoping for perhaps a little bit more effort. Like, Notebook grade romantic.”

James couldn’t suppress that cocky half smile of his. A plan appeared to be hatching right before her eyes. “Oh? So basically, you want me to pick you up and snog you senseless in the rain, Evans?”

“Oh merlin n-“

Lily was cut off as James scooped her around the middle, putting her straight over his shoulders. The broom was dropped to the floor and he rushed through the club-room, straight to the showers.

“See now, Evans, it is the middle of May and there hasn’t been any rain for quite a while. So…I’m improvising.” James called back to her, his tone gleefully playful.

Finally, her feet touched the ground once more and Lily had a split second to take in her surroundings. They were in one of the showers, James’ hand poised on the taps.

As soon as the water started, James moved closer to her. The two of them were drenched from head to toe in seconds and Lily was left gaping at him.

His hands wrapped around her waist, the other cupping her cheek. She opened her mouth to argue, but he shushed her and brought their lips together.

It was like everything before then had been in black and white. Lily could see colours, she could feel her heart soaring, and even though the water was cooler then she would have liked, his lips on hers made heat rush through her.

And Merlin, was James Potter a good kisser.

Jily: Fourth year serenade. For anon.

Lily Evans dreaded spring, especially spring weekends. It seemed like spring brought out the romantic side of James Potter. Perhaps it was the blooming flowers that reminded him of her, and seemed to imprint her permanently onto his mind. Perhaps it was something else.

However, to Lily Evans, it was purely annoying. 

James Potter was a complete nuisance, really.  Even more so on spring mornings.

Examinations were fast approaching and Lily had found herself relaxing by the lake with her friends.

Well, trying to relax.

How in the world she was supposed to relax when she could see Potter whispering with his band of misfits not far away from her.

Lily pushed her foreboding away, trying to remain focused on the book sprawled open in her lap. There was something about the warming of the weather that made her feel light hearted. She’d let her hair down, wear dresses and just enjoy the sunshine.

Puberty was an odd mistress.

Slowly, her body was losing the boyish qualities. She’d stopped growing as quickly and now as getting curves, on top of other rather frustrating things. And the boys in her year, all of their attention seemed to be captured on the girls. Fourth year was a rather odd year. The uninterest of both sexes seemed to be turned on it’s head with the changes puberty was putting them through.

Someone calling her name made her head shoot up, Lily shoving an absent strand of hair from her face.

James Potter stood in front of her. Hair messy, limbs long, face with that annoyingly familiar smirk. His shirt seemed to hug his chest in a way that was unfamiliar to her, especially of late.

His friends stood behind him, balancing a record player between the three of them. Remus gave her an apologetic look as he turned the record player started to play a familiar muggle tune.

“Oh god n-“

“My eyes adored you,” Sung James Potter, his voice cracking occasionally. His newly deep voice dominating through the puberty bumps.

Lily’s cheeks turned bright pink as he continued through the song. James Potter was a Qudditch player for a reason. He should definitely not quit his day job. When he was finished, Lily groaned and buried her face in her hands, not once glancing up.

She was definitely burning that damn record when she got back to her dorm.James Potter had just ruined the Four Seasons for her.

Teddy/ Harry: Teddy starts to dislike Ginny following a Hinny wedding. For anon.

Harry gave a deep sigh as he looked down at the young boy in front of him. This was new to him. It was definitely a new concept. Not once had Harry had to scold the boy as seriously as he was about to.

In the six years that he’d been taking care of Teddy Lupin, he’d never been a horrible boy. Of course, he was an inquisitive boy, every young child was.  He was kind to others, shared, and he made Harry proud, however, lately he’d been acting up.

It seemed like Teddy had taken an immediate dislike to Ginny, ever since she’d moved in completely following her and Harry’s wedding. Sure, she’d been around while they were dating, but had always returned to her home. It was easier that way, for both of them.

Harry found that incredibly confusing, especially since Teddy had seemed to adore the woman before she’d made the new living arrangements permanent.

‘Teddy, do you understand why you’re in time out?” Harry said in an exasperated voice, trying to keep the hard look on his face.

Teddy had been an absolute terror in the last month. He’d kick Ginny in the shins, draw on the walls and just be an absolutely wild boy. He hadn’t known this side of Teddy and it had startled him. He’d assured Ginny it would stop, but it was getting too much.

That morning, the final straw had been thrown. When Ginny had walked into the room, Teddy had started to fling his breakfast at her.

The food he had thrown around the room, aiming for Harry’s wife, still decorated the walls.

Teddy shook his head, his lower lip pushing out. Tears had stained his cheeks from when Harry had left him in the ‘time out’ corner to see if Ginny was okay.  Like his mother, his hair had changed colour, a dark, brooding grey to match his emotions.

Just looking at the young boy crumbled Harry’s reserve and he kneeled down beside him and enveloped him in a quick hug. “Ted, you can’t act this way, bud. Not to Ginny, not to anyone.”

It seemed that the hug had helped, and Teddy hugged Harry back tightly, giving a little whimper.  “She taking you away.” He whispered back, his voice filled with sadness.

Then it all made sense to Harry. He’d lost everyone, this poor kid, just like Harry himself.

His parents were killed during the war, his grandmother passing away years later. Harry was all he had, and Teddy had seen someone else come into his life, someone who could possibly be taking him away.

Gently, Harry rubbed the small boys back. “You’ll never lose me, bud. Never. You’ll always be my favorite guy.”

Tedromeda: For  asedcvghbn.

September first came rather quickly.

It faded from a date on a calendar, to the date scribbled on a letter, then finally, on a train ticket.

The loud whistle of the train filled the air around them and the kisses of the couple surrounded in the fog became more desperate. One of Andromeda Black’s hands clung to the train rail, the other tangled within her older boyfriend’s hair.

Ted Tonks had one hand up resting on the scarlet train, his other resting against her slender waist.

Neither of them wanted the other to leave, but the looming trip on the train was what would separate them after a summer filled with love and adventure; a summer of pure rebellion for the young Black child.

Now their time together was limited by the time left on the ticking clock, the sounds and steam wafting around them. The two of them were completely captured within the other’s presence.

When their lips finally parted long enough for the other to speak to one another, Andromeda felt a smile stretching against her lips.

“Merlin,  I’ll miss you.” She mumbled, her fingers tracing every angle of his face, drinking in everything about the lines and crevices.

“I’ll miss you too. My fault for dating the younger girl, I suppose. I should’ve gone for the older Black girl. I could’ve fancied those dark eyes.” He said in that voice of his, the voice so like leather, deep and absolutely lovely to her, as he winked at her. The sister he was referring to in no way could stand Ted Tonks, especially due to his blood status. Nor would she approve of her sister relationship, not that Andromeda cared.

Andromeda’s hand clung to his shirt as she finally pushed herself off the train, jumping up onto his body. Her legs wound around his waist and her lips found his again, drinking in every moment of the one of the final kisses they’d share before she departed.

“So you regret this?” She mumbled against his lips, sneaking in a couple extra kisses.

“Oh gods no. Who could regret this?” Ted breathed back, the departing kiss deep and passionate.

(Draco walking in on Scorpius and Rose in the act. For anon.)

The squeaking of bed springs had welcomed Draco home as soon as he’d walked through the front door and hung up his rain laden coat. Rain pelted the outside windows and Draco ran a hand through his hair and shook the moisture off it as a frown settled over his lips.
What was the sound?

Slowly, Draco crept up the stairs to investigate as he tried to remember whether or not his son or wife were meant to be home. He knew for a fact that Astoria wasn’t home. She’d owled him and proclaimed that she was going out for a late lunch with her mother and sister to catch up and most likely complain about married life.

Shaking his head with a fond smile, Draco then thought of Scorpius. The wizard had been spending a lot of time over at his girlfriend’s apartment lately- the girlfriend that he was still yet to meet.

Draco couldn’t help thinking that possibly his only son had made up the vibrant, amazing girl who had stolen his son’s heart. Of course he didn’t tell Astoria that.

Scorpius was her baby and she didn’t even like the idea of him dating.

Finally, he reached the top of the landing. He paused to listen as the sounds grew louder. Following them, they led him right to the open door of his son’s bedroom.

If Draco had only stopped for a few more seconds to listen, he would’ve heard the distinct noises of shallow breathing, bed springs and moans. Even the sound of flesh moving against flesh.

But he didn’t stop and barged in.

It took a few moment for the scene in front of him to actually sink in properly.

It was his son, his eighteen year old son, on top of a girl with dark auburn hair. Their feet were twined together and Draco could see his son’s bare back. The moaning girl clutched at his shoulders until she opened her eyes and they found Draco.

He could almost see the panic on her face as Scorpius finally rolled off her. A post euphoric glow was on his face until his eyes opened and saw his father.

Loud curses followed as the girl yanked the covers to her chest- it was in that moment that he realised that the girl, the girl that had him wrapped around her little finger, was Rose Weasley- and Scorpius ran a hand through his hair and muttered the single word his father was thinking.


(Jily. Lily accidentally finds an engagement ring with James’ things. For lwwe.) 

They hadn’t been together long, a year, at the most. The majority of that year was spent at Hogwarts and now they were finally making that large plunge, Lily Evans and James Potter were moving in together.

The poor bloke hadn’t known what was coming to him when Lily had literally kicked him out so that she could set out the apartment that they’d found for a pretty reasonable price. She liked things a certain way and knew she wouldn’t be able to relax if she couldn’t put it that way.

James, as a kind and accommodating man who also saw the great opportunity of getting out of unpacking annoying boxes, heartily agreed to let his girlfriend unpack everything while he went down to the pub with the mates.

All the heavy furniture had already been moved in and placed exactly where Lily wanted it, now it was just putting the finishing touches.

There was a whole lot of boxes with the title of their contents scribbled on the side in permanent marker littering the apartment.

As a starting point, Lily grabbed one of James’ boxes marked, ‘Study things’ and carried it towards the room in question. It was slightly heavy and she set it down on top of the desk, humming to herself as she ripped the tape off and started organising the contents.

There was the hell of a lot of papers and books, all crammed in alongside quills and ink pots. A part of Lily groaned internally, she’d stumbled upon the box full of James’ study rubbish. But she knew she’d gotten herself into this mess and continued pawing through the box, putting things away in a suitable spot.

Finally, she reached the last book in the box. When she pulled it out, it made a noise. A hollow sound as if something inside it was moving.  Curiosity got the better of her, so Lily sat down on the rug on the hard wooden floor and opened the book.

It’d been hollowed out, which immediantly made the nerd in her flinch, but inside that, settled in a cushion of socks, thankfully clean socks, was a small velvet box.

Lily picked the small box up. It wasn’t very big, about the size of her palm and no bigger. The box was made from red velvet and soft to the touch.

Lily could hear James coming in through the door, but her heart had started to race. Was it? Could it be an…an engagement ring.

Just as she opened the box and her eyes trained on the glittering diamond ring pillowed in the ring holder, James barged into the study.

His hazel eyes widened behind his glasses as he took her his, mouth gaping at the ring.

“Uh…fuck. You found it, huh?”

Lily only nodded slightly, unable to say anything.

Awkwardly, James ran his hand through his hair, making it stand up at all angles. “So…how bout it?” He asked pathetically, although that didn’t seem to matter to Lily, who stood up incredibly fast and kissed him in a way that practically screamed; YES! 

(Lily asks Sirius for permission to marry James. For anon.)

When James had proposed to her, the answer that had expelled itself from Lily had been exactly as James had expected (or so he’d told Lily afterwards). It had been a soft, whispered yes. Every line in her face clearly sung that there had been absolutely no doubt hidden within the depths of her answer. 

Hogwarts was coming to a close for the seventh years and everyone seemed to be having an extremely hard time saying goodbye to the school that had been their home and shelter for the majority of their teen years.
That day, a large group of people that was solely made up of the Marauders and the rest of their immediate friends were crowded around the lake. They were having a party…of sorts to celebrate and mourn the coming graduation.
Like anyone could expect, the proposal had been just so typically James Potter that Lily’s heart had been racing a hundred miles a minute as the people watched on. Their faces had been an odd mix of curiosity and immense amusement when James picked her up in his arms and ran into the water with her. Spinning around widely, he let her know just how happy he was that she’d agreed to be his wife.

Amongst all the happiness, Lily’s eyes found Sirius’ figure and to say the least, the bloke looked far from thrilled.  That look did make sense to her. Sirius Black, the man who had always been exactly where he wanted to be at Hogwarts had to face the inevitable; things were changing. And they were changing at such a rate that the poor man could barely catch a hold of it.
And now, in the middle of all the changes, it looked like he was losing his best friend. It didn’t matter how rational he wanted to be and how he clearly knew Lily wouldn’t separate them. He was scared.

That exact look and her inference was what had led a slightly nervous Lily to venture over to the seventh year boys’ dorm. She’d made sure that she knew for certain that the rest of his dorm mates were out of the room.

After knocking hurriedly on the wooden door, Lily paused to listen. She could hear grumbling and movement on the other side and then Sirius Black opened the door and stared out at her. “Red? What have I done to receive this immense pleasure?” Although his bed rumbled appearance told a story, his voice still shared that usual amount of amusement.

Lily took a deep breath and ran a hand through her scarlet red locks as she considered the best way to project the reason for her visit,

Minutes passed and Sirius’ eyebrows slowly arched themselves higher on his forehead, Lily finally said in a slightly pathetic voice. “I’ve come to ask for your permission to marry James.”

He looked incredibly startled and she couldn’t help the feeling of immense smugness that washed over her. Sirius Black prided himself on being in the know and she’d just gone and basically pulled the rug out from underneath his feet.

“Wait, what?” was the slightly undignified reply that she received.

“You heard me. I’ve come to ask for your perm-“

She was cut off as Sirius help up one of his calloused hands and began to talk again.
“I heard you. Shut up. You’re kidding though, right, Red? I mean, James and I are as close as mates can be but come on Red, you’ve kind of ruined the chance of me finally receiving the proposal that I’ve been aching for for all of my existence.” The signature smirk was back, followed closely by the distinct ring of cockiness in his tone.

Lily Evans had never been the best person to deal with Sirius Black and found his teasing insufferably annoying- even though they got on fairly well now.

“Stop being a prat! I’m serious!”

As soon as the words left her mouth, Lily knew she’d made a mistake. The internal groan was drowned out by his reply.
“First my proposal and now my name! Merlin Red! Are you out to steal my bloody identity? Because it is shame to tell you but no matter how hard you try, you’ll never be as attractive as me.”

“Unless I use polyjuice potion.” Lily found the smartarse side in her mumbling.

Sirius’ mouth opened and at the exact same time, her fingers found the familiar wood of her wand. As words started to flow from his lips, she raised her wand and flicked it in his direction as she loudly proclaimed.


 A yelp escaped Sirius as he was yanked up into the air by his ankle, his shoulder length hair falling into his face and invading his mouth. It took a few moments for Sirius to realise the compromising position he was in and when he did, he smirked as his fingers shoved his midnight curls from his forehead.

“Beautiful wandwork by a beautiful woman. So Prongs wasn’t exaggerating. I had to believe he was when he started going on about his unbelievable size.” A snicker left his lips as the girl blushed as red as her hair. His playful expressions faded as a dead-set one replaced them. “If you promise to wake Prongs up like that every morning of the rest of your life then yes, I do give you permission to marry my best mate.”

Georgalina: Naming their son Fred for it’s-raining-punkpop.

The first thing that came out of George’s mouth when he held his newborn son in his arms was ‘oh’. Oh, how small he was, oh how beautiful, and oh, how much he looked like his father’s brother. Fred, who couldn’t be there the day that his twin’s son was born. Glancing down at the fragile bundle, already with a pretty thick head of ginger hair, he felt a predominant lump form in his throat at the thought.

Angelina was propped up against a mountain of pillows, her dark hair sticking to her forehead because of sweat, yet to George she had never looked as gorgeous. It was a rare moment of quiet within the Weasley family, just the two of them there with their baby. The doctors had left them alone in that moment, an exhausted Angelina and an emotional George, sitting beside her on the bed.

As he held their son, he leaned against her, his fingers reaching out to let his son wrap his tiny, tiny hand around it. “Oh Angie, he’s tiny. He’s perfect.” His eyes never moved from his son, taking in everything about him from the petite smile and his closed eyes.

“Thank Merlin he’s finally stopped crying.” Joked Angelina, stroking her fingers down George’s back gently. “And he’s not that tiny, not to the poor, poor woman who had to birth that little ginger monster.”

George couldn’t help grinning at her words as he gave their son’s tiny hand the gentlest of squeezes, hoping not to wake up the boy. “Already giving your mum, hell, aren’t you?” He glanced up at his wife, catching the scowl that went through her face, her hand shooting out with precision, punching him in the arm.

“You loser. He’s just like Fred and you, from what your mum’s told me.” As soon as she spoke, Angelina’s face softened and she kissed George on the back, seeing the way that her words had caused his shoulders to stiffen substantially. “George…why don’t we call him Fred?”

Following that moment, Angelina couldn’t remember a moment when George’s lips had been so desperate, so happy against her own.   

Blackinnon: Sirius throwing away his beliefs and proposing. For rainbow-dirt.

Fuck this, fuck everything. Merlin, fuck the war. McKinnon, marry me!” Sirius said, desperately raking his fingers through his hair. Yet another funeral had drawn to a close, a boy they’d gone to school with. The boy had been in the year below them and had hit Sirius Black incredibly hard.

Marlene froze, fingers stopping just as she’d hooked her slightly damp coat onto the coat rack by their apartment door. Things were everywhere, newspaper clippings, clothing, take out containers- the continuous stream of deaths were definitely taking a toll out of the eighteen year olds who were barely old enough to drink, let alone fight in a war.

“Pardon?” She finally asked, her voice not growing higher than a soft whisper, tender lips that Sirius loved to kiss caressing the word.

“Marry me.” He repeated, not faltering as she asked him to repeat himself, his grey eyes pouring into hers so that she could see the absolute love and desperate need for her, only her, reflected in their depths.

Clearing her throat as she started to undo her knee high boots, Marlene just surveyed him with those warm brown eyes of her. “This isn’t what you believe in, Sirius. When we decided to try this you made it perfectly clear that you didn’t want to be married. You’re doing this because of the war.”

Tilting his head to the side as he took a step towards her, Sirius considered what she’d said. “Maybe, but why over think it, McKinnon? You overthink too much. What do I always tell you?” His eyebrows arched at the question, a smirk crossing his lips.

As Marlene took a deep breath, her eyes fluttered shut and she mumbled to herself, “Just close your eyes and jump. Doesn’t matter where you land, at least you had the balls to do it.”

“Exactly.” Sirius repeated in the same tone as he stepped forward to pull her into his embrace, to trace her lips with her own and make her believe that nothing in the world was more right than what he’d just asked. 

(Jily. Surprise Visit picture submission for the-boy-who-lived31.)

Lily looked out her window, her cheek resting against her palm as she day dreamed until something in her peripheral vision caught her eyes. The boring summer day had been long and endless, causing Lily to seek refuge in her room with her favourite album on, until she’d seen something that had caused a smile to flitter across her face.

Struggling slightly with the stupid lock on her window that seemed to stick on every single blisteringly hot day of the summer, Lily finally managed to force the window open so she could stick her head out and shout his name.


He looked up, his smile making her heart skip a beat as he waved up at her and gestured for her to come down to see him.

Nodding, Lily shut the window and hurried around her room, trying to force her shoes on as she jumped around on one foot. There was just something about James Potter that made her heart skip a beat.

It was even better that Lily knew Petunia would definitively disapprove as she ran down the stairs, out the door and into his waiting arms.

James picked her up effortlessly, like she weighed nothing, and spun her around. His lips met hers and it made everything but him vanish from Lily’s mind.

Finally, he put her back down on the ground, his arms still around her as their lips stayed pressed together.
Not even Petunia’s disgusted yell from inside the cool house could ruin the mood for Lily and James, who seemed to believe there was nothing else in the world except each other in that moment.

(Dramione wedding. For anon.)

During their first years at Hogwarts, they’d despised one another. During her third year she’d punched him in the face to the extended delight to her friends. And now, not exactly to the delight of her friends, she was walking down the aisle to a man that no one had ever assumed the brilliant Hermione Granger would wed.

Everything had changed during those last years. He no longer walked around like an arrogant prat and during the year they both happened to return for their seventh year, they fell in love.

The ceremony was small, the couple both agreeing that neither of them wanted a huge wedding, just something intimate between them, their family and their friends. Décor hung around the room, setting the scene with fairy lights and a whole lot of flowers that matched the colour scheme, a nice, neutral blue.

It seemed like the ceremony breezed past before Hermione or Draco could really understand what had just happened, what they’d vowed to do for the rest of their lives. Hermione’s vows were gentle, intelligent and loving, while Draco stumbled over the words, dropped the paper he’d written them on and even forgot whole sentences. All of that only made their wedding that much more special.

As they danced on the faintly lit dance floor, Hermione looked up at him with a slightly cheeky smile. “She’s…she’s great. I…I like her.” She repeated, trying to put on a male-like voice.

Draco groaned and buried his face into the crook of her neck where he mumbled. “Hermione…I’m never going to live this down, am I? ‘

Hermione grinned slightly wider, even though he couldn’t see that, and shook her head pleasantly, “Nope, not a chance. It was adorable.” During the last sentence, her voice changed to a softer, loving tone which coaxed Draco to look up at her .

When he saw the love sparkling in her eyes and the gorgeous smile, Draco couldn’t help but pick her up and plant a firm kiss on the lips of his little bookworm.

(Artwork by Viria13)

It was a nice, cold day, perfect conditions for a Quddtch match. Lily was clad in a warm wooly scarf, blanket and a woollen hat, all working to try and keep her warm. She stood in the stands, cheering for James Potter, the Gryffindor chaser and Qudditch captain, also the head boy.

After he scored a goal, he flew over to Lily, and balanced on his broom with his knees. A little grin spread across Lily’s face as she leant down and pressed her lips to his.

Sirius gave a little shout, “Oi! Potter! Come on, you fucking git! Snog your girlfriend in your own time!”

Lily gave a little laugh against his lips before she reluctantly pulled away and indicated to the field. “You’ve got a match to win, Potter.”

(Hogwarts! Scorose. Realising they love each other. For anon.) 

Scorpius Malfoy realised that he loved her during a rain storm. The rain clung to her hair, her whole body and drenches her down to her milky, fair skin, yet she didn’t seem to care. Her smile was simply radiant.

It was during Qudditch practice and no one seemed to be able to focus to their captain’s instructions due to the rain. That’s exactly what Scorpius had never understood, why people could be so god damned afraid of rain. It was water, after all. They had showers, how was this any different?

After trying in vain to get the practice back on track, he dismissed everyone. Yet, he stayed on the pitch, throwing the quaffle with as much force as he possibly could before flying as fast as he could on his broom to catch the object.

That’s when he saw her. Rose Weasley, the girl that he argued and thought with on a daily basis, was making his heart beat irregularly. Then his breathing hitched as she called out to him, volunteering to help him practice.

For once in his life, Scorpius noticed that around her nerves ran all through his body, making his stomach do flips over and over.

Rose Weasley gave her captain a smile as she flung the quaffle, aiming to try and make him work hard. Just looking at him, rain sticking his pale blonde hair to his face, Rose felt a slight ache in her chest that she’d never had around him before.

It was weird, for her to be thinking of that boy that way, but a part of her couldn’t help jumping up and down happily that she’d realised it.

Unknowingly like him, Rose Weasley had realised she was also in love during a rain storm. 

(Artwork by burdge-bug)

Outside the common room, it was raining heavily, the little droplets clinging to the glass as the inevitably slid down on a new journey. The sky was as most people say, boring and bland, but all those shades of grey- fifty perhaps?- just increased the beauty of rain to her. Not to mention the occasional streaks of light, colour and activity lightning brought.

With a sigh, Lily Evans pushed her dark red hair out of her eyes, which were still trained on the rain. She’d come down to the library to have some peace and quiet but the rain had ended up distracting her.

Lily Evans loved the rain. She love how pure and clean she always made everything feel after a rain storm and she just loved how it made her feel so light and happy.

A cheeky little smile flittered across her face as she shrugged on her cloak and hurriedly made her way to one of the doors leading outside. Immediately the rain soaked her hair and clothes, but Lily didn’t mind. She just set off for the lake, occasionally spinning around in the precipitation.

Suddenly the rain stopped bucketing on Lily, and confusion slowly spread through her. She looked up to have a very stern conversation with a cloud and only found James Potter. On his broom and clad in a raincoat, he was holding a large red umbrella over her, stopping the rain from hitting her.

“Evans,” He said, with that little smirk that set her heart a flutter. “Potter,” She replied, giving him a little smile in return.

(Dramione. Draco’s 33rd Birthday for littleaestas.) 

A loud crash in the kitchen drew Draco from the bed he shared with his beautiful wife that morning. He’d been half awake, half asleep and after looking at the clock beside him with the red numbers flashing the time, he’d decided to stay in bed a little bit longer. It was his birthday, after all.

Usually he was an incredibly early riser and still managed to wake early on his birthday, he tried to stay in bed as long as possible, especially since his children loved to come up and jump on his bed to wake him.

The thing was, when Draco had woken he’d wanted nothing more than to make gentle love to his wife in the early hours of the morning. It was sort of a tradition on birthdays, public holidays, Sundays…basically, they did it a lot. That was probably how they’d ended up with at least three children.

So as Draco made the way down the steps, he didn’t even run into any of his children or Hermione, who was usually bustling around behind the children, trying to dress them for school and kindergarten.

He suspected the crash had drawn the children in as well.

When he looked into the doorway, there was a huge mess all over the floor and his daughter was crying as Hermione gently shushed her and tried to clean everything up.

“I-I dropped Daddy’s cake…” She whispered, her sobs making her voice shake as she watched her mother. Her whole body was covered in cake ingredients, from frosting to flour. The only clean place seemed to be her cheeks, but Draco knew that was because her tears had cleared the pathway.

Hermione continued to try to soothe her, looking over her shoulder at her daughter without seeing Draco. “We can make daddy another cake. It’ll be okay, Marcie.”  

Carefully, Draco picked the four year old up and rocked her lovingly, giving her a broad smile. “Why’re you crying, sugar plum?” For some reason his youngest had a fascination with the ‘Sugar Plum fairy’, whoever that was. He vaguely suspected it was Hermione’s fault she was in love with it, her and her insistance that the children be read muggle fairy tales as well. He especially hated the puppet one.

Usually, when he called her that, gave her forehead a kiss and hummed her a lullaby, she’d calm down and her tears would stop, not this time. She continued to cry, her little fingers knotted into his shirt.

Hermione stood up when she heard his voice, giving him a smile as she stepped forward and swiped cake across his face. “We dropped your cake that we made especially.”
When Hermione had swiped the cake, some had touched his lips so Draco licked it and made a ‘umhmm’ as he glanced down at his daughter.

“Delicious Marcie! You could be a cake maker!” He told her as he held her above his head, her giggled making him grin.

Hermione gave him a thankful smile, pecked his cheek lightly and whispered. ‘Happy 33rd birthday, love.”


(Rose and Scorpius hate each other and end up making out. For anon.)

Qudditch season was just beginning and a pleasantly excited buzz had started to fill the castle. The students returning from second year to seventh knew what to expect and were eagerly awaiting the game that would kick off the season; a match between Ravenclaw and Gryffindor. The first years that had grown up in the magical community had seen a match before and had a pretty basic idea of what to expect in the parameters of a Qudditch match while the ones who had never experienced the game seemed to be unable to wait.

Rose Weasley shoved some of her dark auburn hair, which was almost brown in the fresh morning light, from her eyes while she briefed the Ravenclaw Qudditch team on the manoeuvres she believed would give them a leg up against Gryffindor, when something in the distance caught her eyes. Something with light blond hair and a smirk to match. The bright red Qudditch robes weren’t exactly hard to miss, either.

“Malfoy,” Rose called out, a frown settling onto her face as she crossed her arms over her chest slightly, one ginger eyebrow arching in response to his presence.

‘Weasley.” Was the sneered response as the Gryffindor team stood in front of them, flanking their team leader in a slight V formation that reminded the Weasley of birds. The air was thick with tension, although everyone but the captains seemed happy to see the other team.

“I booked the pitch weeks ago,” Rose said sharply, not liking the way the smirk on his lips only seemed to grow more profound.

“So? There’s plenty of room for both of us, Weasle-by.” He leaned against his broom slightly, looking incredibly lethargic.

The team mates looked between the two people, mumbling softly. The tension was so thick a knife could slice through it effortlessly, causing the other 12 people on the pitch to start to take bets.

This could go two ways.

The first way was that Rose would pull her wand and end up hexing him to kingdom come, although Malfoy would definitely put up a fight on the way out. Either way, that option led them both straight to the hospital wing and a detention.

The second way was…well…that they snogged.

“No, there is definitely not enough room! Leave. Now.” Rose said, not even blinking as she jerked her finger in the direction of the castle, which could be seen in the distance.

Scorpius took a step closer, his body looming over Rose’s because of his natural height. She’d always been small, but when she was angry, she looked about ten feet tall. “What if I say no?” He murmured, voice not growing higher than a whisper.

Rose opened her mouth to argue, the natural instinct she’d gotten from her father, but Scorpius’ hands, surprising gentle, were cupping her cheeks and guiding her lips to his. The kiss was rough, desperate, and fuelled with the hate they’d been filled with seconds before. Despite that, it was the best kiss Rose had ever gotten.


(Fremione seeing one another after the war and not being able to keep their hands from one another. For anon.) 

People said that when you saw your lover for the first time after being separated during a dangerous event, when you’re reunited the meeting passes in slow motion. Everyone’s seen the movies where the poor star crossed lovers ran into each other’s arms in slow motion to some classic rock ballad. Well, that was totally wrong.

When Hermione saw Fred Weasley for the first time after the battle of Hogwarts, everything moved so fast. It was like after being away from each other in a situation where neither really knew if they’d see one another again, kiss, touch, make love, their brains were propelling time so that they’d share more moments before anything could possibly ruin it.

As people ran about in a flurry, counting the injured and the dead, finding their loved ones, Hermione and Fred found each other in a old classroom.

She’d been clearing up the rubble when the door had flown open to show Fred in the frame. He had dirt all over his body and occasional cuts marred his skin but Merlin, he was alive.

In seconds they were in each other’s arms, their fingers unable to stop and pause on just one place.

 Fred needed her now, he needed to feel the soft, silky reassurance that was her skin against his as they made love and Hermione wasn’t very far off.

As they kissed, their thoughts on just each other and not the floor they were currently canoodling on, the world ticked on and moments passed at a rate that they should.

They were both alive.

‘I love you’s were whispered as they progressed. They hadn’t been that slow, that attentive to the tiny details on one another’s body’s since the day they’d shared their first time.

Now, time seemed to be running away from them but neither cared.

Right now, in that moment, they just needed one another and the soft analytic nature their love making brought to life. 

(Remadora with Teddy.)

The fort had been his idea. Remus Lupin was a man who’d been born to be a father. His tender, loving smile charmed almost anyone it touched and his love of chocolate made him a favourite around children everywhere. His placid nature made him good after tantrums and he had a naturally calming presence. The only thing that had ever made him hesitant was his ‘furry little problem’ as his best mate’s had used to enjoy calling it.

That’s why he’d acted so odd when Tonks had told him of her pregnancy, but he couldn’t help but feel unimaginably happy as he watched his son grow from the small newborn.

Tonks looked up as she walked into the lounge room after returning from a mission the Order had given her. Her usually vibrant pink hair was slightly darker due to the rain that had plastered the locks to her face and neck. Her eyes had large black bags under them and cuts and bruises dotted her whole body. She felt absolutely rubbish.

The sight of the lounge room made her eyes widen for a moment as her mind struggled to comprehend everything that was going on at that point of time. 

A large number of blankets and pillows covered the whole floor and the couches had been arranged in a way that made it easier for blankets to be draped and hung over the top. Remus and her young son had made a fort. They’d made a fort and she could hear laughter from in the middle of it.

Shrugging off her heavy, waterlogged jacket, Tonks crawled through the entry and joined the ranks. Their small there year old jumped onto her, giving her hugs while crying playfully. “Mummy! There’s giants about! It’s ownly swafe ere!” Tonks rolled her eyes at the giant sentence and held the small boy close. He was almost an exact replica of his father, and he even talked like him too.

Within the safety of their forts, their hearts, their lives seemed almost perfect when everything wrong in the world was taken from the mix.


(Jily. Lily giving birth to Harry for anon.) 

James Potter had always found Lily Evans beautiful. For years he’d only had eyes for her and that gorgeous personality of hers just made everything that much better. She was perfect in his eyes.

Well, James had never thought that Lily could be more beautiful to him, especially after he’d seen her in her gorgeous wedding dress on their wedding day.

Unhappy with tradition, Lily had chosen a beautiful ivory coloured gown. Lace was the only accent of the slim gown and the fastening was beautiful cloth covered buttons that went from the bottom of the open back all the way down to the end of her spine. Her hair had been down, he’d always loved her hair like that, and her smile had been radiant.

James Potter had been wrong, though.

Lily Potter nee Evans had never been more beautiful than when she was pregnant with his son. A gorgeous glow accented her freckled cheeks and her smile was heart stopping every time she felt the baby inside her tummy respond.

The thing that absolutely topped the cake was when Lily had given birth.

It was in the middle of the night and she’d woken up from a sharp pain in her lower abdomen. Lily had yelped rather loudly, which had woken James. He’d looked awfully panicked as he asked her questions;

“Are you okay? Is the baby okay? What’s wrong? Is it contractions?” All of his questions seemed to run together as he helped her from the bed and into the fire place.

After they had arrived at St Mungo’s, Lily was abruptly escorted to the room they’d reserved under Marlene’s guidance. When Marlene had had her first son, they hadn’t booked ahead and she’d almost had to have given birth to the small, blond boy in the hospital corridor.

Sweat was beading on Lily’s brow as the mid wife checked to see how far from pushing she was. James hovered at her head, his fingers twined with hers gently.

Her teeth were clenched together in pain and just seeing Lily like that made his heart swell. “I’m so sorry, Lils. It’ll be okay. Just think, we’ll have a beautiful baby soon. Our beautiful little boy.” He cooed every few minutes, his thumb brushing against the back of her palm with a tenderness.

The mid wife gently asked him if he wanted to leave when it was decided that Lily was dilated enough to begin the difficult process of giving birth. He automatically shook his head and sat down on the chair beside Lily’s bed, holding her hand.

Every time she was instructed to push, Lily squeezed his hand so tightly that he thought she’d break it. The labour was long and looked incredibly painful but after hours and hours, James and Lily shared a look that was raw happiness when they heard the most beautiful sound in the world; their baby boy crying for the first time. 

(AU: Jily raise a daughter as well as Harry. For anon.)

Much like her mother, Melody Potter had a love for dancing. It had nothing to do with the maneuvers or the strict dress tastes to the four year old. All that drew her in was the freeness.

And her father also suspected that it had a lot to do that she could dress up and watch the Beatle’s music videos.

Most of his daughter’s dancing was interpretive- if he could even call the odd jumping, clapping, limb flailing combination interpretive.

As Melody fell to the floor, so did James’ heart. He wanted to do nothing more than to scoop up his baby girl and hold her close to him. He’d whisper that it was okay to the child, while rocking her and singing his favorite Beatles song.

Unlike Harry, his second child had an unbelievably good taste in music. The Beatles soothed her to sleep at night and hushed her urgent cries.

But Lily had pulled him aside before she’d taken Harry over to his play date with the Weasley children- after introducing Harry to their friend’s from the order, the little boy had taken to the large family without an ounce of hesitation- and firmly told him to stop babying his little princess.

But James just couldn’t leave his only daughter there, crying on the rug.

So, just like always, he disobeyed his wife’s orders and picked up Melody. She’d fit perfectly into his arms since birth and had always been his little girl. It was like the moment she was passed over, she’d won his heart in a way only a small, bundle wrapped in pink blankets could.

The little girl continued to sniffle as he pressed his forehead to hers, blowing gently on her face to make her laugh. Usually, it worked or Melody would accidently sneeze on him. Either way, he was willing to risk being snotted on- because as a parent, that definitely want the worst thing that could happen- for his baby.

When that didn’t work, he held her like he used to when he’d needed to burp her as a fragile infant, rocking slightly from foot to foot as he sung to her. Everyone knew that James Potter couldn’t sing to save his life- nor could he carry a tune- but Melody didn’t seem to mind.

Instantly, the song calmed her down and she just rested her head on his shoulder, her little thumb pushed into her mouth as they spent time together like only a father and daughter can.