I think a bucket of spit is more interesting than Hal Jordan.

Guess who said that?

a) a fanbrat who likes another Earth Lantern more

b) a troll who likes getting a raise out of people  

c) a certain feminist site on tumblr that pretends to be a semi-professional source of news and criticism 

My Wild Year in Comics

I just finished watching Comic Book Heroes and I’m in the middle of introducing the comic book world to three different friends.

You guys, I think I like comics.

I bring up that obvious point because a year ago, I did not read comics. After just one year, my life has astronomically changed for the better because of comics. 

In fact, in one year I:

  • Interviewed Dan DiDio in my first foray into comics journalism.
  • Started the ComiQuad, my own dorky comics column at my school magazine.
  • Reached 26 installments of the CQ.
  • Had at least two articles noticed and promoted by the awesome and gracious Gail Simone.
  • Was quoted in Newsarama (I was incoherent for days).
  • Got linked to by Comic Book Resources.
  • Fell into the press lists of 3 different companies. Thank you BOOM!, IDW, and Dark Horse!
  • Volunteered at my LCS to help at Anime Boston and at the actually store where I…
  • Screwed up the comics order of Marjorie Liu and didn’t realize it was her until after the fact.
  • Mustered up the courage to email Jill Pantozzi for convention advice (trust me, it’s a big deal).
  • Got a press pass to Boston Comic Con where I interviewed Cliff Chiang, Joe Prado, Ivan Reis, Agnes Garbowska, Renae De Liz, Jill Thompson, Stephanie Buscema, Kevin Maguire, and Skottie Young.
  • Stopped ComicsAlliance fashion columnist Betty Felon for a photo of her Black Bat cosplay at BCC AND DIDN’T REALIZE IT WAS HER UNTIL AFTER.
  • Pulled together a guest post on my favorite tumblr blog, DCWomenKickingAss, that managed to hit 90 comments. YES CONTROVERSY.

Thank you to everyone who has made those bullet points real. I am grateful each and every day for these opportunities that have brought so much positivity and purpose into my life. Even if Internet trolls and DC editorial manage to find new ways to raise my blood pressure all the time.

The scariest part of all that? It has only been one year. And I am already planning out all of my pieces for the upcoming school year.

…I love being terrified of the future. 

DCWKA unless they are from the Green Lantern franchise that is

If the only thing that you have to say about Carol Ferris is wondering whether her boobs fall out in one version of her costume (one that she’s had for a few years out of more than 50 of her existence) I think you fail at feminism pretty damn badly. (Okay there was also that “well she was in that Green Lantern movie but don’t really watch it because eww Hal Jordan) 

Actually when half of the handful of posts under the Green Lantern tag of your feminist blog are about a few seconds of CGI underboob in a blink and miss cameo, I think you should just put a disclaimer:

”Thoughts, pictures, reviews and other stuff about the women of DC Comics, and occasionally Marvel and other places, who kick ass. Unless they are Green Lanterns, Star Sapphires, Sinestro Corps members, Red Lanterns, Blue Lanterns, etc, etc or in any way associated with the Green Lantern franchise. Also ewww those Green Lantern men.“   

anonymous asked:

dcwka's grossness re gal as diana? can u link or clarify? I stopped following after she was a butthead abt helena wayne.

I didn’t save links or anything, but I used to follow her and when they announced the casting she was super against it, which is fine, but was really sexist in the way she discussed Gadot and her credentials, which is not.