❛ i can’t believe i reached a hundered !! i’m so bad with time and all i know is that i’ve already been here for almost a month and i can honestly say that it’s been on the of the best roleplay experience i’ve had like no exaggeration and whatsoever. going on here is definitely not a chore to me, it’s part of my daily routine now. having to meet all of you was definitely one of the best things that’s happened at the beginning of 2015. thank you for dealing with me and my mood swings, as well as my muses, you’re all hella rad and i love you so much, please pass me a tissue because you’re all so quality and admire you so much ❜

you guys are the best and i treasure our friendship so much and 
thank you for waking me in wee hours of the night to check our 
threads or even on kik or aim or our capslocked conversations on 
the tags like no sarcasm i don't mind i love you for that

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you guys are hella amazing and i would love to do things with 
you whether we have a thread or not i see you on my dash all 
the time and i think you're amazing and quality and i find myself 
sitting on the corner weeping because perfection

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one month and counting

❛ i love you guys so much and you are all very special to me. thank you so much for everything. pretty sure i’ve a few people to include so i apologize in advance, i’m just not in the best shape right now. i love you and if you ever need a friend or just someone to talk to, i’m here for you ❜ 
( &&. the banners sucks bc i just threw in things and was like fuck it )

dcvah asked:

hey lovely could you recommend me any blogs that might post history/art history/ mythology or that kind of thing? i'm a history major and i'd love to embrace that on tumblr. thank you!

no problem! there are so many wonderful blogs like that that i follow, but off the top of my head i can think of mytholgy, mythaelogy, penthesilia, hcspera, francisabernthy and pretty much everyone in the aesthetic gods network (here). 

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dear future me! <3

An anon sent me this so I’ll just do it in this post ok? ^-^

Dear Future Me,

          You got a long road ahead of you, girl. 3-4 more years and you’re already going to be headed off to college. I know how pressured you’re feeling right now with everyone stressing you out about what major you’re gonna pick, what college you want to go to, saving up money, getting good grades etc. but you can do it! I know you can! You have great, supporting friends that will be there to experience high school with you and hopefully you guys will be going to the same college (doubt it, though). I know you’re busy right now with all your extracurricular activities but even with everything going on, have fun! Take a break once in a while, chill in bed, play piano, do whatever!! Try to be more organized and make good use of your time. You can do it ;-D

Love: Emily ♡♡

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