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favorite people on here?

I literally have so many and I know I know I’m gonna forget people. so I’m sorry if I do but there people and so many more are my favorites: 

composeds , brillicntclarity , dominxnt , dcvastated , dvlighted , parclyzed , lvghtweightt , lxttlegames , mconlight , and so many other people i don’t remember off the top of my head I’m sorry :(



"N-No, stop," he breathed, he ran up to the door, blocking the others exit. "I should have told you." His breathing was getting heavier now, and he knew exactly what was happening. The one day he decided that he didn’t need his medicine, his anxiety kicks in. He finally mustered up the courage to tell his current significant other that he cheated on them one drunken night, and it had turned into something bigger than imagine. His body began to shake, and tears were pouring down his face. "D-Don’t do this to me," he cried, practically gasping for air. All he wanted to do was rip things down, destroy everything in sight. His body was beginning to shake, his vision blurring. He put his hands on their chest, fisting their shirt so he had something to cling on to.


❝ I really dig the idea, but I don’t see myself joining in tonight.
I’ve got an audition, I can’t miss that. ❞ The good thing is that
Chase here is all about compromise. He had to admit, it felt a
bit shitty to leave the other behind, so working something out
could certainly be an option. ❝ When does this shindig end? ❞

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pls !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • who wears the ugly christmas sweaters — jules but then she forces calvin to wear them with her
  • who picks out the holiday movies and who makes the hot cocoa — calvin picks out the holiday movies and jules makes the hot cocoa
  • who starts the snowball fight — calvin duh
  • who drags the other under the mistletoe — they both do
  • who decorates the house — jules but she makes him help her
  • who hangs up the ornaments on the tree — both of them !! except calvin has to hang the ones higher up bc jules is too short pls
  • who cooks christmas dinner — they do it together but jules prob does most of the work bc calvin is too busy trying to get her to fuck on the kitchen counter
  • who invites the other to sing a christmas duet — calvin pls
  • if they have any holiday traditions — prob to just fuck under the tree or some shit like that
  • who would start a food fight during baking — calvin!!
  • who would get drunk off of eggnog — both of them tbh pls