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I'm sorry to bother you, but I'm new to tumblr and I was wondering what's all this dcbb? I know people write destiel fanfic but I'm wondering if there's a certain time and deadline to write? does it have to be finished when published?

Ooooh, Anon, let me educate you!

So DCBB stands for Dean Cas Big Bang. Essentially, it’s a fun writing and art challenge that can be found one livejournal. Basically what happens is that you sign up during the allotted time frame, and then write a 20k story. There are different rules regarding the pairings in your story and stuff, but the gist of it is that you write 20k for a deadline. You can enter a story you’ve been working on since before the sign up date as well, but it can’t be published anywhere. 

Then, once everyone submits their stories and summaries and everything, the artists (who have signed up earlier), get to pick a fic. From the summaries. So, an artist picks a fic, then has to do two pieces of art for that story. They can do more, but two is required. 

If you don’t finish your story, you can’t participate. If you don’t make the wordcount, you can’t, either.

There’s also something called a Mini Bang, which is the same challenge but with 10k words. The artist is then required to do one piece.

And there’s the Reverse Bang, which is when a writer chooses or is given a piece of art, and then has to write a fic for it! 

Hope this answered all of your questions :)

I put down about 2,000 words in the last two days.

I’m pretty excited. Nothing quite in order, but it’s something. Anyone else want to chat about it?

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