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ok so i know we talk about blue stars 2010 a lot but can we talk about SCV 2010 for a second. not only is this show using one of my favorite composer’s music, but they pull it off so fuckin well. and that guard is KILLIN it damn you go. 

tbh this is my favorite show from 2010 lol oops 

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This kid is 12!!!!!!1 He’s fucking great! He could get into any corp he wants… ON A FULL RIDE! He’s going to get so many bitches, I can already tell

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1. Where did you march?

I marched Bluecoats 2013 and Troopers 2010

8. What section were you in? I

was a Euph 1 at Bluecoats and Baritone at Troopers

9.What section would you be in if you had to choose a different section?

I would probably choose to be in the contra line because they’re all badasses and Bluecoats contras are sexayyy. 

29. Best drum corps story-

A classic story from my first tour with Troopers-  We were staying at a housing site in Texas and that morning started really well. We did PT and ran around the parking lot, added some circle drill in there and then out of nowhere,as if it was placed by God, a HUGE storm rolled over our ensemble rehearsal. We were learning the body for the end of the show, rolling on the ground and rain started pouring. The beaten up field got extremely muddy extremely fast, but the staff started a full run because there was no lightening. Rain was ricocheting off of my horn and into my eyes, people were slipping and sliding, we were all yelling counts and laughing, cursing and trying to keep everything together. As I approached a set near the 50, I slipped on a patch of mud, and lost my shoe. I wasn’t the only one to lose a shoe out there either. After finishing the opener, lightening struck and we all scrambled to pick up as much as we could and ran inside. I had a back up pair of shoes, but we didn’t have much time left in the day, so we ended rehearsal early.  The next morning my friends and I  headed out to the field to see what we had to deal with and we all started laughing. I could most definitely see my shoe along with a few others that were left over night, dried into the mud, our shoes were sticking up through the ground like little land glaciers.

30. Why did you march where you marched? 

THERE ARE SO MANY REASONS, but i’ll give you a few. 

I marched Bluecoats because I’ve never been disappointed by one of their shows, I love the music choices and the amazing brass sound that they have as well. When I went to my first drum corps show (Finals in 2008) they were the first corps that really wow-ed me and inspired e to want to take the field. I loved the Bluecoats and I can’t imagine not being a part of such an amazing organization and great group of people. 

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I never realized how impressive the cavies 2010 opener pit book was until now and damn.