My DCBB 2013 art!

Fic Title: El Tango de Amor
Author: Literaryoblivion
Artist: Brightfallenstars
Summary: Every Tuesday and Thursday, Dean leaves, is gone for two to three hours, and comes home sweaty and exhausted to the apartment he and his brother Sam share. Sam had asked him where he went once, and Dean had said he was working out, which technically wasn’t a lie. What he was doing was definitely giving him a workout, just not in the traditional sense. In all actuality though, Dean was leaving every Tuesday and Thursday for a dance class. A dance class taught by a one Castiel Novak.

Masterpost // Fic (AO3) // Art Masterpost (LJ)

Artists note: The fic also goes with a very sexy video that inspired the dance style of the fic. The video contains spoilers for the fic! You can watch it here!

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Title: Safe Spaces
Author: dustlines / dustline
Artist:  kenupntr/ everkings
Fandom: SPN
Rating: PG-13
Words: 22,800
Pairing: Dean/Cas
Genre: hurt/comfort, with gratuitous comfort

Summary: The angels have fallen, and Castiel is collapsing under the weight of what he’s done. Nothing is as it was before, and Dean struggles to find Cas before it’s too late to save him. The road, though, is full of many new and unpredictable obstacles, as fallen angels and the spread of untempered Grace are creating havoc all over the world. In this newly-ravaged, volatile climate of fear, Dean and Cas must rediscover how to rely on each other if they are to survive the wars both inside and outside of their own heads. Canon-divergent from 8.23.

Fic Masterpost


To my first love, and my last, Dean Winchester. These are the things I want to tell you: the human body is 60% water. The number of neurons in one person is the rough equivalent of the number of stars in a small galaxy. There is 0.2 milligrams of gold in your blood. The heart is an elaborate engine. I love you. [Written by: Nhixxie, Art by: Cloud]

The First Children written by unholyseraphs & illustrated by carrionofmywaywardson 

The year is 1945, the stage is set, and the pieces are being crafted by a horrific hand. In a world where sideshows are starting to die, Abaddon and Eve team up together with the help of Dr. Alastair Mauvais to create their very own unique freak show. Castiel Novak is a teen who is sold by his parents into the sideshow business, while Dean Winchester is kidnapped against his will. They are both transformed into creatures unrecognizable, facing horrors that are unimaginable. Together, they will try to escape and return to a normal life, but nothing is certain in this upside down world.

Arriving October 3, 2014

Bright Green Eyes and a Big Blue Box || DCBB 2014

written by supernaturallyartistic, illustrated by dahliasheng

Coming November 3

Castiel was traveling alone, rocketing around through time and space, when he decided to land on Earth. Earth, United States, Kansas, Lawrence, to be precise. Shortly after arriving he finds an oddity, and a friend. He strives to help his new friend and his brother, and in return, he ends up with more than he expected.

Seeking Solace by thewinchesterlifestyle

Castiel is known by many names. The Great One. The Phoenix God. The Fire God. The Burning One. None of them are his true name but he answers to all. He is only one of the gods who rule over the humans remaining after the war of the gods. Castiel’s humans freely offer him their love and devotion. It comes as a surprise when he meets a human that appears to stand out, Dean Winchester, who finds comfort in the calm swell of the ocean. With each passing day that draws closer to the summer solstice, to the offerings of virgin sacrifices from his cities, Castiel finds himself becoming further enamored with the green eyed human who longs for freedom.

Coming November 18, 2014

Art by: petercapaldish


Pies & Prejudice

A modern day adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic novel, featuring: Lizzy!Dean, Darcy!Castiel, and a side order of pie!

written by LinoResearch, and illustrated by Casdasgay

as part of the Dean/Castiel Big Bang, 2013. 

Coming soon!


“Why are you here?”

Dean blinked, considering lying but seeing no point in it. “I’m supposed to be slaying the dragon that lives here.”

“Ah. Well, go ahead then, I won’t stop you.”

“Well—where is it?”

The guy just looked at him, eyebrows raised.

Okay, try again. “Who are you?” And there’s the question of the hour. Clearly, seeing as the man finally gave Dean his full attention, standing up suddenly and stepping forward so that Dean found himself face to face with the guy, mere inches away. He couldn’t make himself step away, back down, break eye contact, even blink.

“My name is Castiel,” he began. “You probably only know me as the dragon.”

(Dean/Castiel fairy tale AU in which Dean is a prince who goes to slay a dragon, and Castiel is cursed to turn into a dragon every night.)

Awake My Soul | written by houseofharvelle | art by TBD

“So the hot guy is -”

“An angel.”

“And he’s from -”

“A parallel universe.”

“And he wants you to -”

“Kill the devil.”

At first Cas is just the hot stranger at the Roadhouse while Dean is working one night. What begins as harmless flirting turns into a multi-verse of death and destruction and a Bobby who doesn’t like him, where Dean is the only one who can do the most important job around - kill the devil. And people, people like Cas who matter more than they should, are keeping secrets from him. Important secrets. Soul-crushing secrets.

Coming to AO3 October 27th | Part of the 2014 DCBB | Rating: Mature
et florum magica: (And the Magic of Flowers) 

 When Castiel Novak moves to the tiny town of Fox Hollow, he’s looking for a fresh start. Only his past seems to be–quite literally–haunting him, and even through his best efforts of making new friends and settling into a new life, there’s a darkness lurking in the shadows that he can’t seem to shake. Everything gets that much more strange when he meets an seemingly otherworldly being named Dean during a walk through the forest, and what started as a simple friendship becomes increasingly complicated for both parties. But like it’s residents, Fox Hollow has secrets, and things quickly become life-or-death when one of these secrets finally steps out of the shadows and into the light.

  “What can you do?”

This question leaves Dean looking rather smug. He moves forward and Cas startles, unused to seeing a being move the way he does. His eyes are immediately drawn to the ground, where mayflowers spring from the earth where Dean’s hooves had been. He raises his hand and a swarm of hummingbirds appear from seemingly nowhere, buzzing about his face before settling on his antlers like birds on a telephone wire.

Then he grins and drops his arm and they fly away in a hurry, leaving just Dean, not a single hair out of place.

“So you grow flowers and… summon birds?”

Dean’s smile drops. 

COMING NOVEMBER 20th, 2014. 


Castiel Novak suffers from the aftermath of a loss that traumatically changed his life when he comes in contact with Dean Winchester - an old acquaintance. That moment begins their story; a story built by tragedy, old coffee shops and empty playgrounds, held together by I Love You’s and each other’s warmth during cold nights, and eventually, torn apart by a notebook and a crushed dream for a long lost sister. It’s the story where pushing each other away is harder than facing what it’s really about, where two broken people always find their way back to each other - where two boys belong to each other, no matter much they feel like they don’t.


now available on livejournal and archiveofourown (+the playlist)


Sleeping Dogs: a DCBB 2014 Elementary AU

In the wake of the modern decoupling of monstrosity from appearance, the monster can be anyone and anywhere, and we only know it when it springs upon us or emerges from within us.

Dean Winchester, surgeon turned sober companion, has been assigned his new client - the brilliant, if standoffish, Castiel Novak - for the next six weeks. What he expects is late night searches for needles and booze, playing chaperone to sobriety meetings, maybe the occasional stern talk or two. Instead, he finds himself working with Castiel for the New York Police Department. Feverishly helping to solve the case of the elusive M, an as-good-as-they-get serial killer who seems to be following Castiel around the globe, Dean and Castiel find themselves trapped in a cat and mouse game where the consequence of not being quick enough could be deadly.

coming soon


broken things [art masterpost]

fic summary: When one is a Winchester or, by default, associated with the Winchester’s in any way fathomable, nothing is ever simple.

Castiel disobeys Heaven, and he should be dead, but instead he’s condemned to a slow fall, three months of ever fading purity until he is completely and utterly human. Dean, too, is broken, and may never be whole again, Castiel is becoming more shattered with each passing day and Sam is paving the way to his own doom with bricks of good intentions.
As the months continue to tick by and the world continues to turn, through the eternal and crushing darkness there is a pinprick of light, a brief solace that comes in the form of whispered words and trembling hands, but when the universe is seemingly against them, finger on the trigger and ready to fire, it’s only a matter of time before that too is broken, and then Dean and Castiel are left fumbling through the dark, nothing to hold to but each other.

art i did for fandomsandcake’s dcbb, broken things

i loved reading it and drawing for it, and i’m really honored to have gotten a chance to work with jade ;;

(aO3 link) (lj art master post)


Here’s my artwork for this year’s DCBB… Alexandria, by Tikistitch!

Summary: Fantasy AU. Castiel De Angelus is a bladesmith finishing his apprenticeship in a sleepy seaside town and caring for his two younger brothers. But when he runs afoul of the new territorial governor, Metatron, he finds himself shanghaied and forced to serve at a remote desert fortification run by the boisterous Winchester family. This ancient outpost, carved out of a mountain by the legendary Men of Letters, is part of mankind’s last line of defense against the mysterious desert-dwelling monsters known only as the Enemy. But the real enemy might just be the Winchesters’s scheming rival, Lucifer. This one is pure Saturday afternoon serial: think Indy Jones meets Dune with just a splash of Kitchen Nightmares.

Fic Masterlist, AO3, Art Masterlist with some commentary and a small page of design sketches.

Mortgage on my Body, Lien on my Soul

Author: ceeainthereforthat
Artist: defilerwyrm
Fandom/Genre: Supernatural/Horror, Casefic
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: ~22,500
Warnings: minor character death by suicide, self-harm, cutting, domestic violence, stalking

About the author: J. Lee Harrison grew up in Port Orchard, WA. He lives in New Mexico and enjoys traveling throughout the US. His novel Haunted won a Bram Stoker award for Best First Novel. You can learn more at

Cas laughs every time he reads his bio. If it were honest, it would say “Castiel Jones is the author of seventeen novels, all written in states he’s visited, published under five different pen names. He lives nowhere in particular — after years on the run from his own real-life horror story, he’s forgotten how to stay in one place.” Although it could be worse, he supposes. He could always be one of the characters in one of his stories.

Some nights, he worries that maybe he is.

When Dean Winchester recognizes him as one of Dean’s favorite horror authors, he should be packing up to leave Minnesota. But the handsome, mysterious bad boy who loves books, lives on the road, and tells lies for a living feels real and solid, in contrast to the nightmare that follows his life no matter how far he runs.


story by bravehunters / art by lula-bee

'Would you get hip to this kindly tip?
And go take that California trip,
Get your kicks on Route 66…’

Castiel is little more than twenty-four hours from a potentially life-changing interview at a prestigious California university, and he’s in trouble. Stranded in Texas after a string of unfortunate events, it looks like he’ll need some kind of miracle to make it there on time. Enter Dean, an eighteen-year-old aspiring rock star, en route to Los Angeles in hope of landing a record deal. Surely it’s just a crazy coincidence – right? Neither one believes in destiny, but the chemistry between them is undeniable, and Dean ends up with a hell of a lot more than he bargained for after offering Cas a ride. Together, they embark on a whirlwind journey of self-discovery; it’s one that is dark at times, colourful at others, as the two learn a number of invaluable lessons about life and love along the way.

coming to livejournal and AO3 in october!

only you can be the aching in my heart
my enemy; the only animal I couldn’t fight
you hold me in the dark when storms arrive
only you

author: almaasi // artist: steviecass
posting date: November 24th

One by one, people disappear into the forest. Dean is employed to bring them back, and remove the threat while he’s at it – but what he doesn’t know is that the forest is only trying to protect the townsfolk, as is Castiel, the forest’s resident deity: a glowing, shapeshifting stag, imbued with the power of a thunderstorm. Thinking Castiel is the monster he’s been sent to kill, Dean falls prey to the forest’s magical defence and is transformed into a deer. While he’s resting up in Castiel’s witch-hut (stuck as a half-deer, no less), other people embark on their own quests to save friends and family – Missouri, Dean’s surrogate mother; the young American Indian schoolteacher, Elsie; Dean’s own brother, Sam, alongside Charlie, Elsie’s lady love. One by one, people disappear into the forest. What is taking them? And will they ever come back out?