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Small businesses vs. 'small businesses'

Regarding this fucking DC Decoder post:

I seriously get pissed off at these kind of condescending, the-plebes-don’t-understand-business defenses of asinine shit that rich people say.

My parents are the epitome of small business, bootstraps-types. All of their friends have small mom-and-pop businesses too. The more successful ones employ some people, but more run their businesses using family as free labor. These are actual small businesses.

To clarify what I mean: These are the kind of people who open stores up in poor and working-class neighborhoods that businessmen like Rep. John Fleming (R-LA) wouldn’t touch with a thousand-foot pole. These people work days and nights, weekends and holidays, just to make enough to support their families. Many of these small businesses would go belly-up if their tax burdens went up by even a small amount.

These are not the kind of ‘small businesses’ that would be touched by President Obama’s tax proposal.

My parents and my parents’ friends would count themselves as blessed to earn a $100K income, let alone having $400K left over to invest in their businesses after living expenses.

Again: FUCK John Fleming and FUCK his defenders.

Remember how we covered that debate last week? Well, imagine us doing it again. CNN’s hosting another debate full of excitement tonight, this one sponsored by Tea Party ExpressDC Decoder’s in, too. Will Wolf Blitzer ask the candidates inane questions that have nothing to do with anything, like John King did? Will CNN tease Twitter at every opportunity, or throw QR codes on the screen? Let’s find out. The debate starts at 8 p.m. EDT.

Join us for tonight’s CNBC GOP presidential debate!

“Your money, your vote”: We’re thrilled to be covering tonight’s GOP presidential debate, coming from Oakland University in Michigan. This one is being presented by CNBC, and is purported to be about jobs, economics, and fiscal issues. (Follow along at our CNBC Debate tag.) However, with one of the two contenders pictured above fighting off a slew of increasingly damaging sexual harassment claims, it’s anybody’s guess what the tone of this debate will be. Especially considering Mitt Romney, the man who stands to retain frontrunner status if Cain falters, has employed a somewhat hands-off approach in prior debates. Smelling some blood in the water, will Mitt attack or hang back?

All of our debate coverage tonight is in collaboration with the fine team over at DC Decoder; we’ll also be participating in some proper, moment-to-moment live-blogging with them, along with InOtherNewsIlya GernerEvilTeaBaggerPantlessProgressive, and The Motley Fool's Morgan Housel. A dynamite panel if ever there was one! Thanks to all for participating, and we hope you’ll join us for what figures to be an engaging Wednesday night debate.

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Crews battle triple 3-alarm fire on Cleveland's east side - newsnet5.com

Crews battle triple 3-alarm fire on Cleveland’s east side – newsnet5.com

Crews battle triple 3-alarm fire on Cleveland’s east side

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ShortFormBlog + DC Decoder = GOP debate fun!

It’s that time again, folks! Tonight we’ll be providing coverage of the GOP presidential debate along with DC Decoder — we’ll also be participating in a livechat of the momentous evening — a CNN joint based in DC and moderated by Wolf “colossal dork” Blitzer — to boot. The stakes are rather high this evening; Newt Gingrich storms into tonight’s debate as the polling frontrunner, despite recent revelations of his high-paid work for Freddie Mac. As these revelations haven’t yet registered in any painful way for Newt, a strong debate performance tonight could vault him even higher in the esteem of the anti-Mitt contingent. Which is not to say he’s the only candidate with a lot on the line; tonight’s debate is on foreign policy, a topic on which Herman Cain has recently floundered (and how). It’s impossible to say what exactly will happen tonight, but we bet it will be damn compelling viewing. And for those of you who want a break from these debates, we promise this is the last one … for roughly three weeks. (Photo by Gage Skidmore)

You can follow our updates, as well as those of DC Decoder, by checking the “DCdebate” tag. Want to watch it live? CNN’s feed is over here.

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thejetsetgirl asked:

I know you tend towards the liberal side of things, but I was wondering if you knew someplace to find relatively objective commentary/list/comparison of the views of the various members of the GOP race. I'm having a tough time finding someplace to really understand their views on policy without too much personal opinion of the writer.. :) Thanks!

» SFB says: We’ve been working quite closely on the debates with DC Decoder, which is run by the Christian Science Monitor. We recommend them for fairly balanced, insidery coverage. — Ernie @ SFB