yeah, we owned the night., a small country town lilo fanmix, inspired by this conversation with abandofbabes. [listen here]

"Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love. […] Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another." - John 4:8 and 4:11

"I didn’t know you played."

Liam’s fingers crash down on the organ keys as his body seizes, creating a cacophony that makes both of them wince before he whips around, eyes going wide at the sight of Louis, who’s looking like he rode his bike across town as fast as his legs could pedal. They just look for a minute, and Liam turns to really look at Louis, and then looks over at the meals on wheels sign up sheet that’s tacked up to the right of Louis’s head. 

"There’s a lot you don’t know about me, Louis," he says finally, and it wasn’t meant to have a double meaning or feel pointed, but Louis looks pained anyway, biting the corner of his mouth before continuing. 

"I just came by to say sorry," he says, and Liam turns right back around again, his shoulders hunching a little. 

"What’re you sorry for?" He mutters, his forehead scrunching a little as his index and middle fingers trace the sharps on the top row, scratching a nail against a stain that’s been there since before his father starting preaching. "You’re not the one who’s gone and. Who lost his head and." He can’t make himself go any further, can’t make himself say it. But he also can’t keep himself from sucking his bottom lip into his mouth, like there’ll still be a taste of Louis there.

"Who lost his head and what?" 

Louis has suddenly grown the ability to walk silently, because he’s so much closer, Bad Idea close with his lips right up next to Liam’s ear. But Liam’s frozen, he can’t make himself move away, his body won’t let him. He shakes his head, very slowly. 

"Who lost his head and what?" Louis repeats insistently, nudging his forehead against Liam’s temple, just barely gentle. Liam closes his eyes, and draws a ragged breath, wondering when this got so hard, when being so near Louis started making him feel like he’s running a race. "Tell me to stop," Louis says, his voice low and fierce, but his next movement is the most gentle motion in the world, his lips touching down next to the corner of Liam’s mouth as slow and careful as a watchmaker snugging minuscule gears up next to each other.

It doesn’t take a second before Liam’s turning his head, like he’s magnetized and he can’t even stop himself, meeting Louis’s lips clumsily. Muffling a surprised noise that’s coming out of him as Liam grabs onto his shoulder, Louis only pauses a second before kissing him good, leaning him back a little as he rests one knee on the piano bench, and when he threads his fingers into the neatly combed hair on the back of Liam’s head and moves his lips softly, it feels more perfect, more right than anything Liam’s ever felt in his life.

Block B DC fancam compilation

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30 Days of DC - Day 3
Favorite Bromance - Young Just Us

I mentioned before that friendships are second only to familial bonds in my favorite relationships to analyze, discuss, and just generally have my feels for. So it took me the longest to answer this question as opposed to any other on this meme. Eventually, I decided on the original “Young, Just Us” trio for the simple fact that they are the most real and touching to me.

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